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Reviewer: draconia (Signed) · Date: 2010.09.01 06:16 am · On: Chapter 5

Brilliant, I like that Grahan is Xander's consort, Xan/Graham stories are rare and always a good read. Thanks for putting this up for me.  I can't wait for more.


Author's Response: Yep, I love Graham and Xander stories, especially as they're so rare. I have a huge amount of back story that is still in the notes and early rough drafts stage dealing with not only how and when Xander was turned, but dealing with some hot and heavy Xander/Dracula slash, but also a whole story focused on Xander and Graham, dating, romance, etc. Unfortunately this evil bunny of Dean as an exotic dancer that I shared with the list, bit me and refuses to let go. So it's going to have Xander/Graham, obviously lol, Dean and Tor, plus combinations of those four together. Kyle....well I like him, but he's got a rough patch ahead as Xander is going to have to in some ways break him, before he can regain his place and part of that is going to be painful for him, well for both of them as Xander doesn't like to hurt folks. But once it's done, Kyle will get the chance to heal and start on the right path again. Then...well who knows. I've got some vague ideas of adding in crossover with both Charmed and Poltergiest as well, probably just gen for Charmed, and for the Legacy crew...I'm leaning towards Nick/Philip.

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