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Reviews For Fragile Souls
Reviewer: WmGeorge (Signed) · Date: 2015.01.07 03:07 pm · On: Spencer Joins the Family

I've been tracking this story for a while, and waiting oh so hopefully for another chapter.  So, with kindness and hope, I ask ... will there be more?

Author's Response: Yes. Eventually I will come back to this, after revamping it... a lot. One of the reasons its been on hiatus is that the story depressed me a bit, and I wanted to focus on happier stories. Even "Unexpected" is a lot happier than this because I didn't have to write about kids being in bad situations. It will eventually be redone- after some other projects I want to finish first.

Reviewer: irinamarenco (Signed) · Date: 2014.11.15 06:59 pm · On: Spencer Joins the Family

Fantastic. I really hope you're going to continue this story someday.

Reviewer: Cat (Signed) · Date: 2011.08.03 04:12 am · On: Spencer Joins the Family

Glad to see more of this story:)

Reviewer: mick25 (Signed) · Date: 2011.02.20 12:30 pm · On: Prologue

Love it hope to see more soon.

Reviewer: spurious (Signed) · Date: 2010.09.25 09:22 pm · On: Prologue

Interesting. Looking forward to more. Please continue.

The title would depend on where you go with the plot. Based upon the teaser .. Family Made, The Genius House, The Smart Family ;)  , Brotherhood, ... That's all that comes to mind at the moment.

Reviewer: Cat (Signed) · Date: 2010.09.25 06:50 pm · On: Prologue

Ditto with all the others...looking forward to reading more:)

Reviewer: danu40k (Signed) · Date: 2010.09.24 12:30 pm · On: Prologue

Loved this and hope to see more


Reviewer: jwhitcher1976 (Signed) · Date: 2010.09.23 11:01 pm · On: Prologue

Great Start. I am looking forward to the next part.

Author's Response: Thanks! It will be a while, I want to write the whole thing out first.

Reviewer: Neverwill (Signed) · Date: 2010.09.23 07:11 pm · On: Prologue

Wow, this looks good.  Can't wait to see how it goes.  This change will not only affect these kids, but people like Willow, Cordelia & Buffy who won't have Xander as a friend/foil growing up.

Author's Response: Ripples in a pond... And Thanks!

Reviewer: DennSedai (Signed) · Date: 2010.09.23 02:39 pm · On: Prologue

More please *smiles* Yep life is full of tragedy and pain, sometimes we're blessed enough to find a break.

Author's Response: Yeah, that's kind of the point of this whole story :D That sometimes awful, horrible things happen, and they can happen to anyone, but good things can too. And when the good things come along, you need to grab hold of those opportunities with both hands, and hold on tight before it can slip away! That's what the boys did in this story, and they'll all go on to help others try to find those chances too. Because life is pain and happiness, all swirled up into one big mess, and you can't let either consume you. Too much dwelling on the pain leads to a person either trying to "share their pain" with others or end others "pain" (i.e. murderers), or trying to end their own pain (i.e. suicide). Too much happiness is just as debilitating as too much pain, because when that "perfect happiness" is shattered, the only thing left is an empty shell (Stepford Wives), or insanity. Too much happiness, is due to too much control, and when that control breaks you end up with Willow, trying to keep everything in stasis, and then losing her mind when her dream of a perfect life is shattered. Everything in moderation, as my mom says. Don't let any one thing consume you entirely.

Reviewer: voracity (Signed) · Date: 2010.09.23 02:27 pm · On: Prologue

good start. the paragraph that starts "Don had grown up with a wonderful set of loving parents" is a bit of restating. i know that's something i've gotten called on before by readers, but it works well enough. it wasn't overly descriptive, which was a good thing with this subject matter, but i would like to see more interaction between the boys and how they're helping each other heal. though i figure you're probably going to do that in later chapters somewhat. but overall, a good first start, Ali. thank you. vo

Author's Response: Thanks. Yeah I know it's rough, and quite a bit will be fixed up and rearranged. Trust me on this- there is a lot of interaction between the boys, this is just a rough sketch of some of the first few pages. I purposely made this part very non descriptive, because I wanted readers to know what the boys went through in the most bland terms possible before I have the boys actually discussing their experiences with one another, in detail. That way if they don't want to read the descriptive part, they at least know the basic back story of each of the boys. Because, honestly, not too many people want to read about the detailed, graphic torture Danny's dad made him watch before finally killing his victims, and then making his ten year old help clean up and dispose of the bodies afterward. Or the sexual enslavement of a six year old (Xander), or any of the other stuff too.

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