Imagine: The List
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Reviewer: ladyholder (Signed) · Date: 2012.04.10 01:17 pm · On: part 1

Okay, I am reviewing again...


I like this. I like how Xander is getting a chance to be more than the semi-educated muscle that he was. And I am wondering who the Higher is that has his marks all over his soul, what protections he has laid on him and who did them. Because Willow would likely fuck those up and from the respect that the marks got, I can only assume that they are real and potent.

How soon can we have more of this? Because it rocks and I think my computer is really tired of me rereading it.

Thank you.


Author's Response: sometime soon and yeah, o'neill and mcgarrett will make sure he gets a decent education this time. danny's already discovered that he's a hands-on learning sort so they can prep teachers with that. as for the higher demon, not totally sure yet. his minions keep popping up though. vo.

Reviewer: DennSedai (Signed) · Date: 2012.04.10 03:00 am · On: part 1

*stares in absolute horror* Oh f-ing hell... that's so beyond Xander'ed as to be beyond belief.

Author's Response: just wait. because there's more! ::said in cheezy gameshow host voice:: including winning a trip to talk to NSA agents!

Reviewer: kirallie (Signed) · Date: 2012.04.10 02:55 am · On: part 1

Okay so it's Jensen from the Losers, O'Neil from SG-1 or that Steve guy to take Xander? Oh boy. Interesting start

Author's Response: yeah, and steve's from h5-0. they're going to share a xander.

Reviewer: Charmille (Signed) · Date: 2012.04.09 03:39 am · On: part 1

Ooh this is fun can just see the trouble brewing as none agree to what he needs to know. Lol can just see him falling for the snake stuck in tums as a pet as it hisses as nicely as the bomb does. Lol and the shocked looks as it loves him back.

Like this a lot and look forward to more soon please.

Author's Response: i haven't gotten to where jack takes custody of him yet, but that may happen. thanks for the idea. vo

Reviewer: Lady FoxFire (Signed) · Date: 2012.04.08 03:04 pm · On: part 1

Thank you! I really did need this and it hit the spot. You could call this story 'The Crawling Terror of Doom' becasue that is exactly what Xander is

Author's Response: you're welcome and i will. thanks. i always need naming help.

Reviewer: Wind Wolf (Signed) · Date: 2012.04.08 12:08 pm · On: part 1

I love it!  Thank you and I hope there is much more to come.  Maybe a mystical way to play pass the baby?  That way they don't have to worry about expences and travel time, especially when there is an emergency.  Thanks again, WW.

Author's Response: the house they'll end up in will move itself. and yeah, so far they've agreed to play pass the baby. for now.

Reviewer: legekg2002 (Signed) · Date: 2012.04.08 09:03 am · On: part 1



Author's Response: there is more. i'm working on it. they get to decide custody next. with just a hint of what's to come.

Reviewer: Faramir (Signed) · Date: 2012.04.08 07:24 am · On: part 1

*cackles in glee and feeds the force*

Author's Response: thanks, faramir. they could use the good feeding. i've been ignoring them somewhat for the last few reading smut. vo

Reviewer: ladyholder (Signed) · Date: 2012.04.08 06:49 am · On: part 1

Oh. :: Whinper :: More please?


Thank you!


Author's Response: yes, there is! after all, they have to decide custody.

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