Imagine: The List
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Reviewer: YoukoRayah (Signed) · Date: 2013.12.28 06:07 am · On: Creative Collaborations

this is the secon take I've read on Xander ending up in Captian America WW2.  The other on, Xander was summoned by a group of Nazis trying to summon a demon with a cobled together spell.


I rather like this one :)  The point of Steve's matabolism has been touched on by other writers, but none of them wrote on how Steve delt with it in the field in the war.  Your take on it is rather nice.

Reviewer: CaliaDragon (Signed) · Date: 2013.05.18 12:22 pm · On: Informational Exchanges

I'm really enjoying this fic and I love how you have Xander and Steve working together to try to figure things out.  




Reviewer: Starshinedogs (Signed) · Date: 2013.05.18 11:43 am · On: Informational Exchanges

*Poke* it's good want more

Reviewer: grey-shadow-horse (Signed) · Date: 2013.05.09 02:59 pm · On: Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

I liked it :)

Reviewer: CaliaDragon (Signed) · Date: 2013.05.09 09:39 am · On: Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

This looks really cool.   I can't wait to see how Xander impacts things.




Reviewer: DennSedai (Signed) · Date: 2013.05.09 01:04 am · On: Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

*grins* A very, very interesting start. Can't wait for more.

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