Imagine: The List
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Reviewer: Cat (Signed) · Date: 2017.09.26 07:48 pm · On: Part 1

Enjoyed this a lot. tfs

Author's Response: You're welcome. Glad you liked it.

Reviewer: EM1 (Signed) · Date: 2017.09.15 02:23 am · On: Part 1

Another enjoyable read. Hope your Muses decide to be nice to you sooner rather than later. Continued good luck and energy with your writing

Author's Response: thank you. i'd like them to finish some things too.

Reviewer: Lady FoxFire (Signed) · Date: 2017.09.09 04:12 pm · On: Part 1

Ok so you need a new conflict for Xander to deal with which isn't a demon, or you need to return to finish the conflict with CSI. Seems that you end the CSI too quickly and too easily. It was like you want 'see demon? ohhh ok, problem solved'. It just doesn't feel finished.

And then you had mention in passing the StarGate. So you can have a new conflict with them or alien invader.

Or you can mix in CPS. 13 young girls live with a man who isn't their father.... Or you can try a religious group. I won't go with a Christian group since it's over done. Maybe a 'peaceful' pagan group who things the Slayers are wrong since they fight. Or maybe go with PETA, some of them are odd enough to protect Slayers

Author's Response: I know and the csi stuff isn't done with. I'm pretty sure catherine is going to be a pressure point against him raising all those girls actually. But peta..? Who knows what may happen. Thanks for the help, Lady Foxfire.

Reviewer: erik (Signed) · Date: 2017.09.09 04:07 pm · On: Part 1

Another great piece of writing.

Well done and thank you.

Author's Response: Welcome. Glad you liked it

Reviewer: connerjw (Signed) · Date: 2017.09.09 07:05 am · On: Part 1

An excellent story.  This most definitely needs to be expanded some more.

Author's Response: It's not done yet, it's got a good ways to go probably. Glad you liked it.

Reviewer: ladyholder (Signed) · Date: 2017.09.09 05:59 am · On: Part 1

Very interesting!

Author's Response: thank you.

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