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Reviewer: goblin2142000 (Signed) · Date: 2020.09.09 03:39 pm · On: teaser 1

I loved the new chapter and would love to see if Darcy could go to Xander's side and I love the monkeys and can't wait to see what other things come through. I want to see where the other portals lead and who they lead to. And you know if Deadpool found out he would be hopping through them and hunting himself a dinosaur.

Reviewer: EM1 (Signed) · Date: 2020.08.03 01:07 am · On: teaser 1

I always enjoy your take on Darcy. She ends up in the same weird, trippy situations Xander ends up in but it never feels like you're just writing girl Xander. She's her own person and personality. Thanks for being a bit of bright light in such a wtf of a year

Reviewer: goblin2142000 (Signed) · Date: 2020.07.25 02:57 am · On: teaser 1

I love this and can't wait to see where this goes and what all the weirdness on the island is from, you know it is really sad that the old school job has better morals than the federal agents. If this is going to crossover and have a Xander appear I would love to see what he thinks of the island, it would not surprise me if he ran away from buffy and willow and the other players to their because he couldn't be traced to there with magic because of the portals.

Reviewer: Shona Katt (Signed) · Date: 2020.07.24 10:24 am · On: teaser 1

interesting idea and start and the plot could go in any direction as those Portals could lead anywhere including different dimensions or time. 

With that in mind it also means any Sunnydale connection doesn't have to actually be part of that universe but via dimensional portal so you could invent a new Xander or one of the others for the cross or even have a connection to the Xander Convention Realm which would give Darcy and Jane a safe place to retreat to and hide in as an ultimate escape route cum safehouse during an attack plus the GHS Xanders would love a Darcy baking buddy to exchange recipies and defence ideas with and there is the half-sibling series where Darcy is a Xanders big Sister so she would automatically be adopted by the lot of them for that reason alone <snort>

Just think of it over three hundred brothers turning their narrowed overprotective eyes and talents on that world to protect their newfound sister and her Jane from idiots.

Love to see more of this story just to see what you end up doing with it as the possibilities with that teaser set up are endless. 

To me it sounds like a two ended portal that has lost the other end of the connection and the other end of the tunnel is now flailing all over the place finding temporary connections that can't be sustained for long as that end always slips from the temporary anchor and the portal flails again then the sequence repeats again and again.  An example of this was when the Stargate tunnel jumped and O'Neill and Carter ended up coming out the Antarctic Gate as the Portal jumped or when Sg1 ended up in 1969.


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