I thought this was supposed to be an easy class! by josette grover
Summary: Professor Jayce's class in Drama and Fashion has an unusual final exam.
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Part of my Greta universe, takes place two years after Hogwarts, Meet Greta Logan and Scott Evil, hope you survive the ride.  AU fifth year Harry Potter.
Are we going to be graded on this? by josette grover
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If you recognize the characters, I don't own them. Greta however is mine.
The seventh year students enter the room, talking quietly among themselves. They've never had a final exam like this, all four houses are in attendance, though a few of the more observant students notice that some of their year mates aren't there yet. This is also special in that this final exam will be an all day affair and wasn't graded.

The door across the room opens and a number of young men and woman walk in, carefully sitting on seats across the room. Their ghostly teacher walks into the room after everybody has been seated.
/Okay students, I thought of this from one of the muggle tv shows.  These are some of your fellow students who have been made up to look different.  No magic involved, this is all clothing and make-up.  You have to figure out who they are, whoever is closest to being right will win 50 points for their house/  the students begin whispering and looking at each other in amazement. 
 /Break up into the groups I put you in when class started, and make up a list of questions to ask the students onstage.  They will only be able to respond yes or no, so make sure the questions can be answered with a yes or no response.  Their job is to lie to you and keep you from discovering who they are, your job is to see through their lies and find out who they really are./
/Oh/ Jayce says smirking, /One last problem, not all these students are the sex they appear to be.  There's at least one student up there dressed as someone of the opposite sex.  An extra five points for the team who can correctly identify which student that is. You have one class to think up your questions, you may begin now./ Jayce says,
The students begin to shoot off questions to their teammate who quickly writes them down.

“Professor, may I ask a question?” One of the students asks, raising her hand.

/Yes?/ The ghost asks patiently.

“There's more students over there than there are missing seventh years. Are there students from other years disguised as well?”

/Very good, Miss Johnson. That is correct, not all the students are in your year. That is one of the things you need to find out./ the ghost smiles. /Remember, they can only give you yes or no answers, so instead of asking what year are you, you need to ask 'Are you a seventh year. And remember, they don't have to tell you the truth unless you correctly identify them./

Angelina turns her attention back to the list of questions they've been firing off, then looking around to see what Gryffindor seventh years are missing. “Lee is missing, does anybody think they see him over there?” She asks the others in her group.

“Lee's up in the hospital wing.” one of the Weasley twins say.

“Are you sure?” She asks.

“Yeah, he's got the vanishing sickness. He's been up there for a couple of days now.” the other twin says. “You can't see him, but you can certainly hear him cussing. Madam Pomphrey's been good about not giving him detention, having him in isolation for the next week until he's no longer contagious is punishment enough.”

/Okay class, your hour is up./ Jayce says, /Oh, don't look so upset. You're can't fail this class, unlike your other ones./ He chuckles dryly.

/Okay now,/Jayce drawls, rubbing his hands together. /Who wants to go first?/ He looks at the students and smirks evilly while an invisible Strife howls with laughter in the back of the room. /Come on, it's going to be fun./

“Okay, starting from the left. Student number one,” Angelina looks at a tall dark haired young man. “Are you a seventh year student?”

“No,” he says with a high pitched giggle. A magical floating blackboard appears over their heads and a floating piece of chalk starts writing under the student number one spot. 'Seventh year—No.'

/Okay, next?/ Jayce says. /You can only ask one student one question at a time./

“Can we ask the same student a question or do we have to keep going down the line until all the students have been asked a question, then start over?” A voice from the back of the room asks.

/Very good question,/ Jayce says dryly. /Yes, you may ask the same student more than one question./

Fred Weasley pops up a hand. “Student number two, are you a Gryffindor.” he asks, staring at the student. The student holds up a sign, and the word 'No' is revealed. George, almost reading his twin's mind, speaks next. “Student number Two, are you a seventh year?” The same sign is held up. Above his head, the chalk finishes writing questions and answers, then drops.

“Professor, when you said that we can only ask one student one question at a time. . . “ Angelina says, looking at him. “That didn't mean we couldn't ask another student another question, right?”

/Very good, Miss Johnson./ Jayce says, looking very much like Jett when he smirked. /I was wondering if anybody was going to realize what I had said./

“Your brother is enjoying this way too much.” Ares snorts at Joxer, watching the scene via a viewing mirror in the comfort of Mount Olympus. The mirror is recording everything for the teachers who are still in class.

“Yeah,” Joxer snorts. “Have you figured out which ones are Greta and Scott yet?” He asks his husband.

“Why am I not surprised that those two are involved somehow?” Hestia snorts from her spot on the overstuffed couch.

/Before anybody decides to let just these three question the students./ Jayce says, /Everybody must ask at least ten questions, so please give the others a chance to ask a question./ Fred closes his mouth as one of the Slytherin students opens his mouth.

“Student number Two were you lying when you were asked if you were a seventh year?” He asks.

A sign is held up, this time saying yes. The chalk writes this down. “Student number two, when you were asked if you had lied when you were asked if you were a seventh year,” one of the Ravenclaws asks, “Was your answer that you had lied the truth?” The student in question blinks as snickers can be heard from various students. The no sign is held up with a smirk.

Strife howls from the rush student number two is giving him. Jayce takes pity on the chalk buzzing like a bumblebee and rephrases the Ravenclaw's question, allowing the chalk to write down the question and response.

“Student number two,: another Ravenclaw asks, “has any of your responses been the truth?”

The sign is held up, 'yes.'

“Stiudent number one, are you a ravenclaw?” “No” They say with a high-pitched giggle.

“Student number two, are you a slytherin?” A hufflepuff asks while the rest of the class cracks up. A smug looking student holds up the sign that says no. “It was worth a try.” she mumbles. “Student number five,” she asks the blonde female whose breasts the Weasley twins have been drooling over for the last few minutes.”Are you a Gryffindor?” The sign in her lap is held up, 'yes'

“Student number five, will you go out on a date with me and my twin when class is over?” Fred asks, waggling his eyebrows. The student on the podium shifts and smirks, the sign saying no is held up. Angelina reaches over and smacks him on the back of the head.

/Mr. Weasley, this is a class not the Dating Game./ Jayce says with a smile. /Any other pertinent questions?/

The group of five girls and seven boys on the podium shift in their chairs, waiting for the next question from their schoolmates across the room. Three boys on the end, then two girls, then boy, girl,boy, girl, boy, girl, boy.

“Student number four, are you a Slytherin?” Another Slytherin student asks from the back of the room.

“No.” she answers in a voice that is strangely familiar to most of the room.

The questions continue to be asked until everybody has asked their required ten questions and a list of facts that may or may not be the truth hover over their heads. The one with the most questions is number two, who seems to be having the most fun stumping the other students.

Angelina stares at student number two, who grins back at her. She abruptly turns and smacks the twins on the back of the head. “Student number two, are you Lee Jordan?” She asks.

“You got me, Angelina.” Lee says, standing up at Jayce's nod and walking across the room to join his year mates at their table. “Close your mouths, you'll catch flies.” He calmly tells the staring twins. “We thought .that . . ..” one of the twins begins to say

“You were in the infirmary?” the other twin finishes.

“That was the idea, that way you'd know I was supposed to be somewhere else.” Lee smirks. “What gave it away, Angelina.”

“That smirk of yours when you think nobody else is looking.” Angelina says, “You gave us the same smirk when the twits here kept leering after student number five.”

“You know who she really is, don't you?” He whispers in her ear. She smirks back at him, nodding vigorously.

“Well announce it then,” the twins whine, “so we can get the 50 house points.”

“And spoil the fun?” She smirks evilly as the bell for lunch rings. The others students file out to use the bathrooms and wash up for lunch as the disguised students go back into the other room where their lunch is being spread out for them by house elves. Angelina pauses by the teacher, whispering in his ear. Jayce nods and smiles at her.

“Very good, Miss Johnson, you've correctly identified every student up there. May I ask why you're not yelling out the answers so your house can get the fifty points?”

“Because it's too much fun to watch the others try to figure it out for themselves.” she grins, heading for the bathroom.

“Five points to Gryffindor for not spoiling my fun.” Jayce calls after her. “Don't forget, you're going to be returning here for lunch in case some of the others try to figure out who is missing from the other tables.” He calls after her.

“I don't think the Slytherins would pay that much attention to students in other houses to tell who is missing from their tables.” She calls over her shoulder.

“Okay, does anybody think anybody besides Angelina has figured out who's who?” a familiar male voice asks from the soundproofed back room as Luna Lovegood sits across from Harry and Ron.

“Nope.” Ginny Weasley giggles, dropping onto the seat next to her as Scott and Greta drop into seats at the table. “Pass the salt, Weasley.” A tall, dark haired young man dressed in muggle jeans and a muscle t-shirt says. Ron smirks and hands it across to Draco. “Anybody from your house tumbled to the fact that the golden boy Draco Malfoy is the tall, dark haired brooding young man who looks like the son of Professors 'Res and 'Dite and sounds like Professor Jayce's love child?” He snickers as Malfoy, aka student number one preens.

“Of course not, I am a Malfoy after all. We are taught from the time we can speak that appearance is everything. A Malfoy would never stoop too low as to make himself appear somebody he's not. Has anybody said if we're going to continue this charade through supper?” he asks, gently salting his meat before taking a bite.

“I think the Professor's going to have a special table set up for supper in the great hall. We're going to eat there, then announce who we really are after the meal.” Luna says, smiling at the house elf as she brings in a new pitcher of milk. “Since more people than the twelve of us aren't going to be there tonight, nobody should see who's missing and figure it out too soon.”

“Especially considering Vinnie, Draco, and I are supposed to be at the Ministry talking to the aurors about our parents estates.” Greg says, dropping into a seat across from Draco as Vinnie takes his usual spot on Draco's other side. They may not be his bodyguards after all since the more dangerous students have been removed from the school, but old habits die hard.

The topic of conversation turns to other things as the house elves clean up the serving platters set out on another table and refill glasses before leaving again. The students are given a chance to freshen up after the meal in a secluded bathroom before heading back to the room off the classroom where they wait for the others to finish eating. Jayce comes in, checking over everybody and nods for them to follow him back out.

Just before they open the door to join the others, Greta snickers. “Hey Ron, you going to torment the twins over this?” she asks.

“Oh hell yes, I'm going to run to Mum,” Ron snickers, smoothing down his dress. “I can't wait until Mum finds out the twins asked me out on a date.” Ron Weasley, aka student number five walks through the door and takes his place with the others.

/Hey unk,/ Strife chortles, finally catchng his breath. /Think I can have Ron as well as his brothers for my new Priests? Today's proved he's just as big a mischief maker as the twins./ He smirks as he counts off the seconds on his fingers until Ares can start swearing.

/Oh Hell no,/ Ares scowls. /I saw Ron first, you can't steal him. Though, I will let him work with you if he wants, as well as work under me./

The next few hours past slowly for the students trying to figure out the identities of those on the stage, but amazingly fast for those on the stage. Angelina is the only student enjoying herself, smirking at the twins who are at the 'tearing my hair out' stage.

/Class dismissed./ Jayce says five minutes before the bell is scheduled to ring for dinner. /Gryffindor, since you were the only House to correctly identify even one student, you will get the fifty points. But I will also give Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff 20 points for proving the point I made the first day of this class, that without magic, you can change your look and mannerisms so much that nobody can recognize you unless they want you to./ Jayce smirks as the students walk out of the room as the others wash up before walking to the Great Hall, settling at the special table set up by the teachers after everybody has settled in their seats.

“You did good work, Jayce.” McGonagall says, looking over at the students. “I don't recognize them, did any of the students recognize any of them besides Mr. Jordan?”

/Yes,/ Jayce smirks,/Miss Johnson recognized all of them, as she proved when she told me who was who when she left for lunch. /I gave her an additional five points for not spoiling my fun and giving the others a chance to see if they could do so as well./

The rest of the meal passes slowly for everybody, especially for those students who are still trying to figure out who's missing at the other tables.

Headmistress McGonagall stands up, tapping her glass with a knife at the end of the meal. Everybody turns to look at her, and she smiles.

“As most of the students know, the seventh year students who took Professor Jayce's Drama and Fashion Class this term had a special final exam today in which some of your fellow students were asked to disguise themselves so that his students might try to identify them. At this time, we will ask the disguised students to stand up and identify themselves. I have been told by Professor Jayce that their identities will be a surprise to some of you.”

/Okay students, let's do this by numbers shall we?/ Professor Jayce says, coming over to the table. /Student number one, will you please stand up and tell everybody who you really are?/ He smirks.

The tall dark haired young man calmly wipes his face and hands on the napkin and pushes his chair back, standing up and looking over the crowd of waiting students before smirking. “Hello everybody,” he smirks, grinning as the Great Hall goes silent for a minute.

“Malfoy?” a chorus of voices say at once while Professor Snape chokes on his glass of water, glaring at his preening student. “Mr. Malfoy, please remove that awful makeup immediately.” he says through clenched teeth. “Yes Professor Snape,” Draco says with a smirk..”and see me after curfew for a little 'talk' “ he says, resisting the urge to howl with laughter at the prank his son has pulled on the entire school. Oh gods, the look on Minerva's face is priceless.

/Student number two has already been identified as Lee Jordan,/ Professor Jayce says as Lee Jordan stands up and takes a bow. /Student number three?/

Scott Evil stands up, smirking at the class. “My name is Scott Evil, and I'm a third year Gryffindor.” He announces before sitting back down.

/Student number four?/ Jayce asks. /If you would be so kind?/

The student gets up, straightening her dress with a hand before beginning to speak. “My name is Harry . . .”

“Potter?” Snape asks, stunned, follow seconds later by the twin gasps of 'Harry' from Professors Lupin and Black, who look at stunned disbelief at their godson. “Damn,” Sirius breaths, “You look so much like Lily.” The seventh year students hiss and complain softly. /I did tell you that some of your fellow students would be dressed as members of the opposite sex./ Jayce says scathingly. /Student number five?/

Fred and George stare at the blonde, waiting to finally find out who she really is while, behind their backs, Angelina and Lee snicker.

“Heya Prats.” Ron says, standing up. The twins stare in stunned horror at their brother as he continues to speak. “For everybody who hasn't figured it out yet, My name is Ron Weasley and, like Harry, I'm a 5th year Gryffindor. For those who haven't gotten the joke, my idiot brothers asked me out on a date earlier today, not knowing who I really was. Hey Angelina, Lee, one of you swat my idiot brothers, will ya?”

“Gladly,” the other two say, reaching over and swatting the twins. Blinking, the two close their mouths.

“Mum is going to shit a hippogriff.” one of the twins says. “Wait until we tell her we caught you wearing a dress.” He cackles, trying to put the blame back on his brother.

“Mr. Weasley, please do not use that kind of language in my presence again.” Professor McGonagall says dryly. “I do not need the mental images.”

“Why don't we find out after dinner?” Ron smirks at his brothers before sitting down and nudging the person next to him. “Your turn.” He says smugly.

“Heya prats,” Ginny says, standing up and waving at her brothers, who are making fish out of water faces again. “For anybody who hasn't figured it out yet, I'm Ginny Weasley, 4th year Gryffindor and younger sister of the idiots over there. Lee, you mind smacking them again?” she calmly asks, sitting down.

A yelp from the Gryffindor table is her reply. Smirking, Ginny taps the next person on the shoulder. She gets up, brushing her skirt down. “Luna Lovegood, 4th year Ravenclaw.” she sits down as Jayce moves on to the next student.

Student number 8 stands up. “Neville Longbottom, 5th year Gryffindor.” He says proudly before sitting down agan. The next student stands up, smirking at the teachers. “Greta Logan, 3rd year student. As most of you know, I wasn't sorted into a house when I first arrived at Hogwarts.” she says calmly.

Student number ten stands up, smirking.”Greg Goyle, 5th year Slytherin.” He sits back down. The next student stands up, brushing her skirt down. “Padma Patil, 5th year Ravenclaw.” she says, looking over at the Gryffindor table and catching her sister's eye.

“Vincent Crabbe, 5th year Slytherin.” Vinnie says, sitting back down as the rest of the students begin talking excitedly as they leave the Great Hall.

“The burrow, Molly Weasley.” Ron says, throwing a pinch of floo powder in the fire as Ginny and the twins come up behind him.

“Hello Mum,” Ron says as their mother's face comes up in the fire. Molly blinks.

“Ron dear, was there something you wanted to tell me? Ginny, is that you?” she asks as the young man behind her son waves his hand. “Dear, what's going on?”

“Professor Jayce asked our help in the final exam for his fashion and Drama class.” Ron says dropping onto a couch and adjusting his dress. “He asked Ginny, me, Harry, and some of the others to dress up and have the others try to identify us.”

“Hello Mrs. Weasley,” Harry says, walking past the fire on the way to his dorm room.

“Hello Harry dear, you look just like your mother in that dress.” Molly says, smiling at the young man who's blossomed in the last two years since Voldemort's defeat and moving in with his godfathers.

“Thanks Mrs. Weasley,” Harry says, “Uncle Remus and Sirius said the same thing. Has Ron told you what the twins did yet?”

“No, what did my sons do this time?” Molly asks, looking at her children. “Fred, George. . ., I'm waiting.” she says calmly.

“The twits asked me out on a date.” Ron snickers.

“Boys,” Molly says, pinching the bridge of her nose. “What am I going to do with you two.?”

'We didn't know it was Ron, mum.” one of the twins begins to whine. “We thought he was just a cute blonde.”

“Professor Jayce did tell you that some of us were dressed up as members of the opposite sex.” Ginny says, rolling her eyes at her brothers. “Mum, I'm going to go get a shower and put my own clothes on.” she says, getting up and heading for the stairs. “The professor took pictures of us when our makeup was done if you want copies.” she calls over her shoulder.

“Ron, why don't you go change too.” Molly asks calmly. “I think I need to have a little 'talk' with your brothers.”

the end.

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