Neville's story by josette grover

Neville travels back in time to make some changes in his family.

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Chapter 1 by josette grover

Neville opens his eyes and looks around. This is his old room back at Longbottom Manor. It looks like the plan to go back in time and yank the wind from Dumbledore's sail worked. Getting up he scowls at his image in the mirror and grabs dark clothes before getting a quick shower. After that he sets off to find a few 'innocent' items to deal with his great-uncle Augie. Miserable old bastard. He'd already looked and Trevor is in his cage so he's good to go.

A few hours later August Longbottom is woke up to a frantic house elf. Getting up and pulling on a robe she hurries out to find her brother-in-law lying on the floor. A bottle of firewhisky is next to him, it looks like he fell either coming up or going down the stairs after a night of drinking. Calling the Ministry she sends off a house elf to check on Neville, the house elf returning to tell her he's sleeping soundly.

A couple of days later Neville looks at her across the breakfast table and Augusta gulps, this is not her grandson, this is a grown man.

"We need to talk Gran."

"Are you Neville?" She fingers her wand.

"I am. . .from over twenty-five years in the future."

"Did you kill your uncle Augie?"

"No, the old fool's drinking killed him. I'd planned on it for all the misery he and the rest of the family put me through, but I didn't. Let me put this to you straight, I lived through a war. I will not hesitate to kill. Not after everything we lived through. But first, we're going to St. Mungo's. My magic is blocked thanks to that old bastard Dumbledore's manipulations. It's fucking lucky I wasn't killed thanks to the rest of the family trying to find out one way or the other if I was magical." Augusta moans. "And I'm *not* happy that you didn't put a stop to any of their nonsense."

"Then your bouncing?"

"Was only because my magic broke through the blocks enough to save my fucking life thank you very much. . .Gran." He snarls. "No, I'm not a happy boy. I've had enough of people trying to kill me. If it wasn't the damn family trying to make sure I was magical it was Dumbledore and his damn manipulations. If it wasn't Dumbledore it was the Death Eaters." She winces. "Yes, that miserable fool came back and the so-called 'victims' of the Imperius showed their true colors again." He grins. Coming back in time means he can *deal* with Bellatrix and the LeStrange's again. . .especially since taking them out early will keep Sirius from falling through the veil. "After we go to St. Mungos we're heading out of Britain so I can get my *own* wand, I don't care how much you think I'm just like my father I'm not Ron Weasley and I'm not making do with a hand-me-down wand when we have the money to buy one that fits *me*. And speaking of Mum and Dad, I know how to bring them back."

"Dumbledore. . ." she gasps.

"Dumbledore has been playing games for years. He's keeping my magic bound and he's keeping Mum and Dad in that hospital ward."

"Why?" she sobs.

"Because of that damn prophecy." He snarls. He says the prophecy and Augusta whines. "Yeah Gran, I was the spare. Dumbledore plans on touting me out as the *real* boy who lived in case something happens to Harry." He sends off a patronus to Harry in case he's back and puts his father's wand back in his oversized wrist carrier. "If I grew up with my parents they would have taken in Harry and we'd have grown up together as brothers, Mum and Dad would have raised us both to be strong wizards and he couldn't have that."

"Do you know where Harry is?"

"That bastard placed him with his muggle aunt and Uncle, and they're the *worst* type of muggle. Petunia's jealous because her sister was magical and she wasn't. They had a son a little older than Harry who'd just as abusive and a bully and blamed all their boy's stuff on their nephew. He didn't know he was a wizard growing up, he .. ." a silver stag patronus bounds into the room. "Neville, you're awake. I'm at the ministry."

Neville sends off another message and smiles. A few seconds later an otter floats into the room. "That's Hermione's patronus." He sends off a message to both saying he was going to St. Mungos to have his magic inspected for blockages and to see what could be done for his parents. A few seconds later the floo springs to life.

"Awww Neville, you look . ..pudgy." Harry grins.

"And you're back to being a scrawny shrimp. Did the scar get looked at?"

"Yeah, the healers were not happy. My healer is waiting for you at St Mungoes with Madam Bones."

"She's not the head of the DMLE yet." Neville frowns.

"Nope, but she was on the list of people who were to take me in if Sirius or your parents couldn't and she's *furious* at the old fool's manipulations."

Neville and his grandmother head off, Augusta's face growing hard as the blockages on Neville's magic are found. He talks to the healer and Madam Bones about his parents and they quickly scurry off, the door of Neville's room opening a few minutes later and a young boy and girl quickly walk in.

"Hermione, I wasn't expecting you this early. Your parents?"

Hermione's eyes grow dark. "The Grangers aren't my biological parents, they're my Dad's brother and sister-in-law, they took me in as a baby. My Dad was special forces and died in combat while my Mum died of injuries from a car accident. I was born by emergency caesarian." It sounds so strange to hear a grown woman's voice coming from a child's face but none of them are really children, not after living through the war. "My parents are special forces and with me in protective custody and living with Harry and his guardians, they were called back into service."

"They know about magic then?"

"Yes, they're some of the non-magical government forces that come in and clean up conflicts."

"Then when you made your parents forget you."

Hermione snorts. "They weren't oblivated, they went off on an assignment and when they got the all clear they returned to their 'normal' lives. I talk to them whenever they can floo me, usually every couple of nights." Hermione sighs. "I miss high-speed internet and cell phones."

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