i'm stuck: genie by voracity
Summary: Dean finds Sam's former journal and Sam goes over how it got there.
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Unfortunately, stuck yet again.
i'm stuck: genie by voracity
Inspired by this cartoon: http://oglaf.com/simon.html

"I'm hoping like hell this journal thing is something you made up," Dean said when his little brother came out of the bathroom one night. He waved the journal a bit.

"Why are you in that?" he asked, snatching it and tossing it back into his bag. "And where did you get it since I'm pretty sure it burned up in the fire?" He stared at his big brother.

"Someone sent it to me," he said smugly. "As a fantasy, it's not bad porn, Sammy, but a bit kinky. Especially since genies aren't something to be screwed with."

Sam stared at him. "You would know this how?"

"Bobby told me a story when he was drunk a few years back," he said dryly. "So, we wrote that for Jess?" he asked.

"You don't need to know anything about it, Dean."

"Sammy, is this something bad that can come back on us?" he demanded calmly.

Sam stared at him. "Since we've been back together for over a year, don't you think it would have?"

"Point." He stared at his little brother. "So, is there a story behind that?"

"Yup. And no comment." He tucked it into his bag and got ready for bed. He was not going to talk to his brother about that incident. He laid down and watched Dean huff but get into bed as well. Dean ended up sleeping long before Sam did.


Way Back When - Freshman Second Trimester at Stanford


Sam found the old lamp in the antique shop he was going through for books. They had a few older ones he wanted to read cheaply. The oil lamp was older, brass. Sturdy because it only had a few dents and some dust. There weren't any inscriptions or anything but it was cute. It fit in his hand. It was something he could probably store pens or little things in on his desk. He bought it since it was only two dollars. Perfect on a college student's bank account. He brought it back to his room, finding his roommate gone for the night.

"Probably partying," he snorted quietly. His roommate did more partying than some whole colleges he had seen. He put the books on the shelf and sat down on his bed to clean the lamp up. It was a bit dusty and could use polished. To his total horror, steam came out when he blew across the cap. "Usually you have to rub," he told the genie, still not up to thinking perfectly.

The genie stared at him. "I can grant you one wish but it had better be to service me as my harem would," he ordered. "Or else I will kill you."

Sam stared at him. "Um...." He thought really fast. "I have no idea how to do that. I've never touched a guy." The genie glared at him. "How about I wish for a harem and give you half of it? That way you can get all the servicing you want?"

The genie huffed. "That is not good enough."

"But I'd wish for about four or five and give you three," he offered. "I can't handle more than two really." He swallowed hard. He did not want to try gay sex, especially not with a supernatural being. It wasn't really his thing.

The genie scowled. "That still may not be good enough. I can only be freed if my master becomes my slave as I am to them."

"I'd never want to screw you."

"When I was imprisoned, that was normal," he stated firmly.

Sam considered it. "I could definitely do the harem thing." Someone singing loudly came up the hallway. "Crap, it's my roommate." They disappeared and landed in a wooded clearing. He looked around. "Huh." He looked at the genie again. "I don't know if I could, dude. I've never even thought about touching another guy that way. I'd have no idea how to do it. I'd be really horrible at it and then you'd probably want to kill me."

He considered it. "I have one week for my new master to give himself to me."

"Then let's work on that harem. If they're mine then it might be the same thing?"

"Probably not." He considered it but it felt like the curse wouldn't break due to it. "Though they can prepare you for me," he said.

"Even if I did, what price would I have to pay then?" Sam asked quietly, staring at him.

"The curse would not transfer to you. You would not be in the same situation."

"That's good to know." Sam thought again. "I'll gladly do the harem thing but again, I'd be really bad at the rest, dude. Do you have a name?"

"I am Herman thanks to the last one who would rather die than be mounted."

Sam nodded. "I can see why. Some guys do freak out at that. It's not in the male code anymore. Humanity has changed a whole lot since you first got in that lamp." He looked around. The genie pointed at it. "Thanks. My roommate's a bit nosy."

"He's passed out. On your bed."

"I'll kick him onto the floor later," Sam muttered. "What about transferring your curse to someone who might want it?"

"I tried that. She thought it would be better than her life at that point. She's a wonderful genie I'm told but I'm still cursed."

"So it only recruited," he said, adding that to the mental puzzle he was building. "What, exactly, would free you? In deeds?"

"For an entire day, my master would need to be as if my slave. I would treat him as I was once treated by my masters."

"Which doesn't sound pleasant."

"I would be gentle since you know nothing of this." He pushed back his long, red hair. "I'm not mean."

Sam nodded. "That's good to know but I still have not the faintest idea of how to go around that stuff. I've never even watched gay porn." He shifted his weight and thought some more. "Let's see if the harem idea works?" Mentally he was begging for it to work or else he'd be dead. Or on his knees. Neither of those options appealed to him really.

The genie nodded. "I can do that. At the very least they can comfort you and get you ready for that if they must." He waved a hand and five women appeared. Two brunettes, one redhead, one with very black hair, and one blonde.

Sam stared at him. "My mother was a blonde," he said quietly.

"My people cherished them because of their rareness."

"Today you can dye that," Sam told him. "And the hair below." The demon gaped in horror. Sam nodded. "Really." He looked at them. "Why don't you take the blonde and two others?"

"She is going to be a prized concubine," he offered.

"Yes but I'm still.... My mother died when I was a baby."

"I see."

"Killed by a demon."

"Ooh," he said with a wince. "That is bad."

"Exactly. Which is why I'm mentally swearing."

"I can hear those," he said with a smug look. "I'll take the three on this side. You take the dark haired one and the blonde. Those are Amani and Jessica." He disappeared with his. If this worked, he'd kiss the boy anyway.

Sam shrugged. "I have no idea how we're going to get home." They were sent back to the dorm room. His roommate got tossed into the hallway, snoring loudly, covered in vomit, and smelling like stale rum. So apparently it had been a good party for him. The girls settled around him to make him calm down and give him what he needed to be a relaxed, calm, generous master. Starting with a full-body massage.

The floor's Residence Advisor knocked then opened the door, leaning in. "Sam, why did you throw him in the hallway?" He stared at the two women. His grin got very wide, bright, and a bit teasing. "Okay, no need to answer that, dude. Let me throw him in the shower. Clearly those Pi boys were evil again tonight." He shut the door and dragged the poor roomie off. He understood perfectly why Sam had thrown him in the hall after meeting those two hotties. He hadn't thought Sam had it in him.

Sam groaned, putting his face into his pillow. Amani, the black haired one, cooed at him and went back to her foot massage. Sam moaned, liking that. Jessica's hands on his back were making him think wicked thoughts. Which he shouldn't because he needed to study.

Jessica leaned down. "I can read the lessons to you," she offered quietly.

He beamed. "I might like that. Thank you, Jessica."

"You're welcome, Master." She got what she needed and sat beside his head, opening the first book to his first lesson. Amani kept him calm, soothed, and ready to pounce. Sam was a very happy boy.


Sam's roommate, finally sober, came back to the room about midnight that night. He stared at the two women on Sam's bed and him on the really nasty recliner they had imported. "You're letting them sleep alone?" he asked when the door woke his roommate. "That's not very cool."

"There's not enough room for all of us," he said quietly.

"They can sleep on top of you." He stared. "Are they students?"


"How do you know they won't steal our stuff, man?"

"What? Your Heineken mirrors?"

"Fine, whatever, but if they steal my stuff, you're replacing it. And those mirrors hold sentimental value, Sam."

"I'm sure they won't be stealing them. If they do, I'll go to a fair and win you some more." He grumbled but nodded, getting into his own bed. Sam stayed up, thinking about his current predicament. Yeah, this could suck badly pretty soon if he couldn't find a way around that curse.


Sam snapped awake in the morning to the feeling of a blow job. Which he suddenly adored. He looked down, smiling at Jessica. "Hey."

"Good morning," she said, going back to her duties. "Amina went to get us breakfast."

"That's fine." He stroked over her hair, checking his roommate. He was gone. She smiled and got back to work on him.
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