I'm stuck: Lost Son by voracity
Summary: Written around the same time as Sibling Rivalry and Grandson of War. Ares and Joxers first born child Alexander is kidnaped and hidden by Dahok.
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I'm stuck: Lost Son by voracity
The challenge:

Ares and Joxers first born child Alexander is kidnaped and hidden by Dahok. Many years later Dahok meets his final defeat at the hands of Buffy and Friends. The powers that kept Xander hidden, powerless, without memory and in the worng time fail. He is pulled back to where he belongs. How will he deal with the truth, his new life, his real family and his rightful place among the greek gods? Xander/Jett ?????????


Xander looked up as another man walked into the club he was working in. Granted, he didn't want to be working here. He hated working here. It was a vampire bar and he was the bartender. It was open all hours and he was the dayshift guy at least, but there were all sorts of dangerous creatures in here, and if the man who walked through the door was any indication it housed human dangerous people too. He nodded cordially as the man sat near him. "Need something? We've got beer, whiskey, other stuff that I doubt you want since you appear to still be living."

"Beer," he said quietly, staring the boy over. He could tell this was the one. The first child of Ares and his brother. Interesting. He didn't look like a warrior, but then again looks could be deceiving. Or he guessed the kid could take after the other father. He slowly sipped his beer, staring the kid down. Xander gave him a 'get real' look before going back to his stocking. "You're him."


"The lost son of Ares." He took another sip, trying to look calm and non-threatening when the boy stood up to look at him.

"I just barely found out, but yeah. Dad said he'd be sending someone named Joxer down to talk to me, tell me what's going on. Are you him?"

Jett shook his head. "Nope, that's my brother. I'm Jett. Your uncle." He smirked. "Not that things like that matter on Olympus most of the time. Ares only sent me with a message. Joxer's running a bit behind. Seems he got tangled up in something in Chicago." He shrugged. "So I thought I'd be helpful and come tell you some stuff I know Joxer won't." He finished his beer and held it out. "Get me another, kid."

"I have a name."

"Which is?"

"Sorry, I thought he would have told you. Xander." He refilled the mug and handed it back, leaning on the bar next to him. "So, you know my father. Are you his?"

Jett smirked. "I'm one of his former head guys for personal annoyance elimination."

"You're an assassin? You don't look like they do in the movies."

"Yeah, well, I'm not Italian either, kid, I'm Greek," he reminded him smartly. "How about you? You a fighter or more like your other father?"

"I try really hard and a I do a lot without ever getting credit." Xander felt it was important to tell this guy the truth. In some way he knew he was being tested. "I've never really been trained. I learned everything watching the bullies beat me up."

"Interesting. Yet you play with a slayer." Xander nodded. "Why?"

"Because it's necessary. She may be so big and strong, but without me she would have died already. The world would have gone to hell at least twice. It's not a pleasure, it's a duty."

"I understand that. I've been there in the past when I had to join an army to help them win. It sucked but it was my duty to help them win." He took a longer drink. "You're not like the others, though you are kinda like Cupid in some ways."

"Only if he's really perverted and only likes to torment people," Xander said dryly. "My love life is not what one would call normal. The demon magnet, not the love magnet. The only human I've ever dated about destroyed my self-esteem. The rest were just as bad to be honest."

"What about now?"

"Now, I've got an Anya," he sighed, shaking his head. "Former demon. She's having trouble adjusting to things as a human. All she really wants is sex and to be spoiled with presents."

"That sucks." Jett took another drink. "You like working here, kid?"

"No, but it's a job which pays the bills."

"Good point." Jett looked around, then at the kid. "I'm surprised there isn't a line up here if you're such a demon magnet."

"There was the first day and then the owner did something so they only come up when they want something to drink. That way I'm not bitten again by one pulling me over the counter. Though, he made a very pretty 'whoosh' as I dusted him. There's a no-attacking policy on the place," he explained.

"That's usually a good thing," Jett agreed, smirking at him. "Someone bit you?" Xander pushed up his left sleeve to show the bite marks. "Huh." He looked at them. "You need to put some salve on that."

"I know, but I'm out. Neosporin works well enough." He pushed his sleeve back down. "I've been bitten before, they heal."

"You hope."

"No, I know," he said with an irritating smirk. "Like I said, not the first time." He ran a hand across his shoulder, wincing a bit when he hit the bruise. He shifted his stance, crossing his feet. "So, you're just here to check me out?"

"Sure am," Jett agreed. "Joxer's got the other stuff to tell you the official things. I'm here to ask and answer limited questions. Do you like fighting?"

"No. I'd rather be unbruised for a hobby. Or a job for that matter." He rubbed his thigh. "Some of them like to pinch."

"Well, you are cute in a geeky way," he agreed. He smirked at the young man, he was quite a lot stronger than he had imagined. Not the least bit like Joxer really. "Want to blow off today so we can talk?"

"I can't. There's no replacement and the boss won't be up until sundown. I can't call off to anyone but him."

"Fine. I can follow you around later if you want." Xander shrugged. "You sure?"

"I don't care. I'm not doing much drink selling today. You can stay. You're dangerous enough to be in here." He grinned before walking down to get the vampire leaning on the other end of the bar a refill. "Blood?"

"Sure, make it something special. A neg." She smiled at him. "You could blow off the human and come dance with us," she offered, running a nail over his cheek.

"Nope, I don't dance," he said, pouring her a new glass of blood and putting a lid and a straw on it, then handed it off with a wink, taking her cash. "There, so you don't waste it by spilling it on yourself."

"That's not such a bad idea," she agreed with a grin. "Too bad you wouldn't lick it off."

"I hate blood," he reminded her as he gave back her change. "I'm not one of you. I'm a simple little guy who pours drinks and gets panted over." She laughed and went back to the crowd. Fortunately there was a partial wall between the dance floor and the bar so they weren't blasted with the music. He came back to where his uncle was sitting, shrugging at his amused look. "It keeps her from attacking me."

"If she did, she'd be dusted automatically." He took another drink of his beer. Xander shook his head. "She will be now. Since your protections were taken off, whatever tries to kill you would be dusted. Those things that were hiding you from your father were keeping it asleep in your blood, but the power's now singing along. It will automatically kill them if they bite you and try to kill you."

"What if they're not trying to kill me?"

"Then that's kinky sex and Ares really doesn't say much about that, kid." He smirked at him. "You're like that?"

"No, but occasionally I'm called upon to donate to a worthy cause of our vampire helpers. We lost one and just got another one. He's chipped."


"Very, but he didn't dust when he had some last night."

"No, he wouldn't if you gave it willingly and didn't nearly die from it. Have you manifested yet? Usually it doesn't take that long."

"No, not yet," Xander said, leaning on the bar again. "Am I supposed to?" Jett nodded. "Are we sure?"

"Yup, sure am. Even your other father manifested within a few days of being given ambrosia." He finished that beer and looked Xander over again. "Well, you need wardrobe help too. We should do that tonight."

"I saw Dad's outfit. I'm thinking I'm not dressing like a vamp for him." Jett snickered at that, shaking his head. "He does. Around here leather means vamp. Or biker and I'm not one of those either."

"No, you're not, but you could be. You'd look hot on the back of a hog."

"So not me," Xander told him, smirking at him. "You're testing me."

"Sure am," he agreed happily. The kid caught on fast. "I failed Joxer when he was very young, and Jace not long after it." He saw the confused look. "We're triplets. Jace is a drag queen." Xander's mouth fell open and he got this 'I know him' look. "Yeah, he's been around here recently searching for you, kid. Sorry if he scared you. Jace needs a leash and someone to hold it firmly. He's not being held tightly enough by his pretty little boys."

"I'd give him to Giles, but that would be torture and that's bad," Xander said dryly. "Unless you think a vampire? We've got a few Masters around here."

"Jace would make a horrible vampire. He'd be queen in a heartbeat." He looked the kid over again. "I think we can work on your training, Xander. It's not that hard. I've taught others. Even some of my other nephews and nieces."

"Okay, so are you related to Ares too?"

"No, kid, Joxer's your other father," he said dryly. Xander shuddered. "No one ever told you about that part?"

"No. Maybe because I'm firmly in the girl-loving mode, but no; Dad told me Joxer was someone special that I had to meet and he'd tell me everything I needed to know."

"Yeah, well, he's dealing with something in Chicago, something alien I think. Can't be too sure about Joxer sometimes." He smirked. "Beer me again, kid."

"Sure, am I starting you a tab?"

"Nah, I'm good about paying," he offered, pulling some cash out of his jeans pocket and tossing it to him. Xander caught all but one bill and that was easily retrieved from the floor. "Yeah, training you won't be too hard. You've got some of the basics down by now." He took his new beer, smiling at the better quality. "Thanks, kid."

"Eh, you're family." He leaned on the bar again, handing over the change. "When were you thinking about doing this training stuff?"

"How about starting tonight?"

"Can't. We've got a meeting and a new problem arising," Xander offered. "I could call to see if I can bring you with me to the meeting."

"You've got a group going?"

"Yeah, we've got me, the slayer, her watcher, her witch, her witch's new girlfriend, her boyfriend just left recently, and the stupid vampire bastard."

Jett shook his head and took a longer drink. "That's an odd occurrence."

"But it works for us, Jett. We're all needed. Even if they don't see me."

"Do they know about you?" Xander shook his head. "Why not?"

"Because I can't do anything with it." He looked at him. "They're not of the caring sort at the moment," he said honestly. "I'd be shouting it from the roofs if I thought someone would care."

"They're your friends?" He nodded. "Then why don't they care?"

"First semester at college stuff," he said honestly. "I'm not in their little club."

"Hmm. Skip tonight, see what happens."

"Unfortunately I need to bring some fixed weapons with me. Someone had to fix her crossbow again."

"Shit." Jett shook his head. "I'm going to talk to the Watcher. Where's the stuff? I can give it for you." He saw the instant negation. "Your training takes precedent, Xander. It has to. You're dangerous without it." Xander nodded, hanging his head. He pulled out a sealed envelope and handed it over. "From your father. Wear it always." He got up and headed out, going out to his car and heading for the Watcher's. It's a good thing he had scouted and watched the boy for the last two days. He knew the weapons would have to be in his place. He snuck in once the boy's adopted mother went back up the stairs, gathering the weapons, but stopping to look at the vampire in the chair. "Is that comfy?"

"No. Who're you?"

"Running an errand for Xander. He asked that I take the weapons back to the Watcher. Need a ride?"

"I'd burn, mate. Let's get real here. Who're you?"

"I'm Jett." The vampire shuddered, only one person went by that name and he had a long reputation. "I'm the boy's uncle." Spike blinked up at him. "Need a ride, Spike?"

"No, I'm good. Don't want to be around the cheerful pillocks today. 'Specially if you're gonna do them for being so bad to him. I'd get blamed by King Hair Gel in LA. Bring me some of their blood if you can."

"The boy works in a demon club, Spike."

"I'm an outcast."

"Point. Don't bite the boy. You won't like it." He took the last weapon and Spike nodded behind him so he got the bag of stakes too, heading back to his car. The Watcher's wasn't that far away. He parked and got out, hefting the two sacks down to the door, knocking gently. Giles opened it and stared at him, looking curious. "I'm running an errand for Xander while he's at work. He said to bring these. Spike said which ones to bring." Giles got out of the way, letting him inside. Jett handed over the bags, taking the first crossbow to look at it. "Not the best patch but I can work on that with him."

"Who're you?" Giles demanded. "How do you know Xander?"

"I'm a relative. I'm also an assassin," he said, staring down Giles until he got the point he was a potential target at the moment. "As such, I'm taking Xander's training into hand. Need him tonight?"

"Yes, we do. We'll need the whole group to get around the newest problem. I doubt he needs that sort of training."

"You mean in learning how to defend himself?" Jett countered smoothly. "The boy still has some awkwardness. If you had really wanted him as a part of the group, you would have helped him while training your Slayer, maybe even using his training to train your girl." Giles started to open his mouth. "Don't start, mortal. You won't like the end result. Now, are you sure you need Xander tonight?"

"Yes, we do. There's a major demon on the rise. We need his help to defeat it. It's got minions and we'll need more people than just Buffy tonight."

"Fine. The next night, he's mine." He stepped closer. "The next time you see me, it'll either be to take Xander for good, or in case there's a major emergency, like the boy's missing." He pulled out a simple business card with a number printed on it. "Call me if he disappears. Remember, I'm here for *him*." He walked out, heading back to the bar. He found Xander being pouted at by a few demons so took his stool back and waited. They got their blood and left, going back to the dance floor. "DJ break?" He nodded. "Good job patching, but there's an easier way to do that. I'll show you that tonight on the one I left because it wasn't restrung."

"Thanks. You know about crossbows?"

"We used them for centuries, Xander. I've had to use a few in the past." He accepted his beer and took a drink. "You do have to go tonight, and I'll be trailing you. I warned Giles to call me if you disappeared and warned him that I'd be taking you more often for training. He's not very impressive as a Watcher."

"No, but he did good. He got fired for caring too much."

"Which can suck, but was probably needed. Be careful with him, he seemed a bit vindictive underneath that proper exterior he's using at the moment." He sipped his beer as his nephew looked disgusted. "It's clear it's not his natural personality. That's okay, once you're fully trained and manifested, you won't have to stay here."

"Yeah, I do. She'll still need me."

"I'm thinking your dad's got plans to help her," he admitted. "He's got some warriors who could use the training to be honest. That way they can do that while you come up for advanced training and stuff." He sipped his beer, smirking at the boy, who was shaking his head. "It'll be necessary. You won't want to learn to create things here, Xander. It'll warp it. This way you'll get to learn in peace and quiet."

"Fine." Xander went to get a refill for a vampire, then came back. "You're serious?" Jett nodded. "I've really got powers?"

"Sure do, kid. Hold your hand out flat." Xander put it on top of the bar, holding it open. "Now, picture a small flame in the center of it. Just enough to light something." Xander closed his eyes, picturing the ball of light. Jett smirked when it came out so large. "Open your eyes, kid. I don't think you're going to have a problem with it." Xander looked at it, staring in awe at he ball of pretty blue and green lights. "Now, pick it up with your other hand. It should stay a ball." He took another sip of beer while Xander did that, smirking at the boy's happy giggles. "Now, play with it. Get used to doing that. They can be offensive, defensive, or just plain annoying depending on what you're using them for. For some, they can even be party decorations." He smirked before taking another sip. "I'll be following you around tonight, then I'm starting you off tomorrow. Before then, I'm going to talk to your father about sending some of those warriors down. They need the training," he reminded the boy when Xander looked at him. "Practice making those and banishing them by drawing the *energy* back into your hand, not the ball. You'll get nasty sores if you pull in the whole ball."

"Thanks," he said quietly, staring at the ball he was playing with. "This is really neat," he said with a grin, looking over at him, but he was gone. "Wow. This is really real," he said in awe. "It's not some practical joke done by Willow and Buffy." He leaned on the bar to play with the ball some more, smiling as his boss stomped past to complain about something. "See what I learned how to do?" he said happily, holding up the ball of energy.

"How do you do that, kid?" the owner asked, slowly backing away from him.

"I don't know yet. One of my uncles just showed me how. Jett's really cool."

"Good for you, Xander. Just don't burn the place down, okay?" He hurried on, going to hide in his office. He wouldn't say anything about the beer sitting out on the bar or the boy not doing his job. He wasn't going to take that risk.


Jett landed in front of Ares and bowed. "Yo, he needs some help in that town. He's *helping* the Slayer as backup, without training." Ares groaned, rubbing his forehead. "You've got some warriors who need some personalized training. They've got combat situations. That way I can work on the kid's training. He's had *none*."

"Fuck," Ares said quietly. "Fine, agreeable. Did you give him the pendant and letter?" Jett nodded. "He hasn't put it on yet."

"I showed him how to manifest a ball of energy. He was happily playing with it," Jett assured him smugly. "By the way, he's not a warrior, he's not a lover. He's a lot like Strife when you think about it."

"Fine. Whatever. Joxer can't get down there for a few more days. He fell and broke his leg and he still needs time to fully heal. What's on for tonight?"

"Some fighting, then he goes home. Tomorrow I steal him from the Watcher to train him. He was repairing their weapons for them too. Not too bad, obviously not trained, but very well improvised."

"Interesting. Love life?"

"Disaster. Demons. Will. Make. Cupid. Cry. "

Ares moaned again. "Fine. I'll have someone look into that, see what's going on there too."

"You'll also want to watch out for the Slayer, her Watcher, her witch, her witch's girlfriend, who is new, and the vampire Spike, who was tied to a chair in his apartment. Also, the boy needs better digs and clothes."

"I noticed the clothing issues," Ares admitted dryly.

"He said he's not wearing leather. He doesn't want to look like a vamp or a biker for you. Nearly a direct quote," Jett said with a small smirk for him. "It was promising that he had a vampire tied up in his apartment though. Even a helpless one."

"Hmm, then he takes after the kinkier side of the family," Ares agreed dryly. "Fine. Train him the best you can, Jett. We need to find a spot for him."

"Strife's," Jett said patiently. "Or something very similar. The demons all pant after him. The boy is oozing chaos abilities. His first fireball was blue and green with gold flecks."

"Fine. We'll see what we can do," Ares agreed, waving him off so he could nurse his new headache in peace. He had no idea that finding a lost son, taken and hidden from him and Joxer, would be so stressful.


Xander bounced into Giles' apartment, grinning at the people staring at him. "Look what I can do," he said proudly, manifesting an energy ball. Willow shrieked and backed away from him. "What? It's what I am," he complained. "I only learned today." He concentrated, uncreating the ball part and sucking back in the energy. "There," he said proudly. "I'm good!"

"You are, you're also in trouble," Buffy complained. "Who was that leather guy and why did he threaten my watcher?"

"That was my uncle Jett, he's an assassin, and he probably threatened him in case I get dead, Buffy." She snorted. "Fine, whatever. What sort of demon, where, and how long before I can go home again?"

"Go now, that way you're not risked," Buffy said snidely.

"Buffy!" Giles snapped.

"What? He's so worried about it? We can take Spike instead."

"Buffy, shut up," Jett said as he walked in, slamming the door behind him. "Small issue. If you're going after those things with the head ridges, they're dead. Something ate them." He looked at Xander, patting him on the back. "Put on the pendant."

"Oops. I got it wet," Xander said, pulling it out of his pocket. He put the pendant on, making Giles back away from him. "What? It's my family's crest or whatever."

"It's Ares' mark, some people flinch at that," Jett said with a shrug. "Ares, he got it wet," he called. The letter repaired itself. "Joxer's running late, he broke his leg. So it'll be a few days." He patted him on the back. "Yo, dumb twats." Two warriors walked in and knelt behind him. "Watcher, yours, to take Xander's place while we work on him. Ares sent them personally, they need combat experience but already have training. You can let them spar with your slayer but don't let her kill them. Xander?"

"Coming," he sighed, following him out. "You were mean to them, Uncle Jett."

"Maybe, but shit stinks when you stand in it, kid, and they all smelled really bad." He clapped the boy on the back again. "I've got a new place in town. We can practice there. Okay?"

"Sure. They weren't even happy when I showed them one of those energy balls. Willow shrieked and pointed like I was a bad guy. Buffy sneered. Giles just freaked. Why me?"

"Sometimes it happens when you blow their notions, kid. Sometimes people can't handle it when others change. Like how you probably still see Willow as that little girl you used to know now and then."

"Yeah, I guess," he sighed, following his uncle to the warehouses. "You know this is prime demon real estate, right?"

"Yeah, but what better way to be of help," he said with a smirk. "In, kid."

"Going, unc." He walked in and dropped his bag, looking around. "What's that?" he asked, pointing at a marble table. It had two candles and a plate. "Dinner?"

"Altar. One's to Ares, one's to Strife. You won't be meeting him, he's kinda dead." He pointed. "Sit, let's talk about what you do know."

"I've never been good with books," he offered.

"Not that sort of know, Xander, this isn't exactly something you can learn in the classroom." He sat down beside him, giving him a hug. "It'll be fine. They'll accept you again soon enough."


"I know they will. At the very least, they'll see how helpful you are to them." Xander nodded and leaned back, making Jett move his arm really fast. "How many physical fights have you been in? Roughly."


"Okay, that was pretty exactly. Are you counting real brawls or just being beaten up?"

"Just being beaten up. I like weapons, I like to be behind weapons. Weapons good," Xander assured him. "I suck at fighting."

"We can fix that too, Xander," Jett promised patiently. "That's why I'm here."

"I'm hoping things don't get worse for me with them," he complained, looking at his uncle. "They're my only friends."

"Then they'll come around. If they don't, they're not friends." Xander nodded at that, slumping a bit. "Come on, we'll try a few moves, see where your need to start."

"Sure. I should warn you I don't like forward attacks."

"Good to know." He got him set up and started slowly, working on what he nephew did know. Because he was going on instinct. Instinct would get you dead in a battle.


Willow paced while Buffy cleaned her nails. "What was he thinking?"

"That's his uncle, who sent us better fighters than Xander ever will be," she said patiently, for the tenth time. "Why his uncle knows warriors like that and gave Xander a mark of Ares or whatever I'm not sure." She looked up and stopped Willow. "Maybe we should research his uncle."

"I tried, it came up classified and I can't break it," she said with a pout. "Giles got a call and told me to stop it." She went back to pacing. "He's got to be in trouble. He was using powers today. Magical powers. Xander doesn't do magic!"

"Maybe the mark or whatever helped him." She shrugged. "I still say we find Jett and interrogate him."

"Buffy, he's a trained assassin," she complained.

"Yeah, and? I'm the slayer, Willow."

She rolled her eyes. "This person slays people, Buffy, in many ways." She flopped down, looking at her, looking really pitiful. "He's taking Xander from us."

"He's not. Xander wouldn't ever want to be like him. He doesn't like killing. Except for the staking vampires thing I guess." She shrugged. "Besides, maybe he'll help him so he won't trip."

"Maybe," she complained, leaning backward on her dorm bed.
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