New Gods by Trix
Summary: When Willow goes to extremes to protect Xander she set in motion something very unexpected and may well have saved the world. Huh, go figure.
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Story Notes:

Ok I'm posting this to see if anyone can kick my bunnies into gear, and it's going to be mostly a collection of snippets. If you have ANY ideas for how to make it work or where to go or if ANYTHING just pops out at you. Let me know. Thanks.

Chapter 1 by Trix
Author's Notes:
This is the first chapter and the only bit with something resembling cohesion. I changed the end let me know if it was an improvement or not.
Willow screamed in panic as she saw her best and oldest friend fall and be carried off by the demons. The battle ended soon after that but the demons and Xander was gone. Willow and Buffy were standing alone on the battlefield. They turned to each other looking lost and frantic, both thinking the same thing. What do they want with Xander? Both girls were well aware that Xander was the weakest of the scoobies, with no supernatural boost what so ever Xander seemed to get by mostly on luck and courage. The demons seemed to know this too and consequently attacked Xander every chance they got. It scared both Buffy and Willow and lately they had been trying to keep him out of harms way. They knew it hurt him when they pushed him away, and Willow almost cried ever time she saw the look in his eyes when he caught her in a lie. But it was for the best. It was to keep him safe. And now the demons had him anyway, despite the pain they had gone through to keep him out of the fight. It was unacceptable!

"Come on Buffy. We have work to do." Willow said determinedly. "I'm going to cast a spell that will keep Xander safe. For ever."


Xander woke slowly, he was cold and in pain and at first had a problem figuring out what had happened. As his memory returned he turned his attention to his current situation and how to get out of it. He was laying in a corner with his face in a sticky puddle of blood. He could see demons around him, some chanting around an altar, some attending to their defences and some flat out drunk laying around. 'Looks like I'm about to be sacrificed again.' He moved carefully and bit back a scream as pain shot through him. 'OK I'm about to be sacrificed and I have a few broken bones. Better hope the girls show up in time to rescue me.'


Willow gathered the ingredients she would need for the spell. It was going to be complicated and Giles was going to be upset that she used his stuff, but this was important. She was sure he'd understand when she explained. Now for the actual spell, she wanted Xander safe, protected from all harm, permanently. A small pendant gave off a glimmer of power just as she turned and she added it to her supplies, one can never have too much power after all.


Just as Xander was beginning to worry about the large knife positioned right above his heart he was enveloped in the familiar feeling of Willow's magic and disappeared in a flash of brilliant light.


Xander blinked surprised to find himself, not in the magic box or Willow's bedroom where he'd expected the spell to take him, but in a bright place with marble columns and that curiously dead feeling places get when they are abandoned for a long time. It wasn't hot or cold, the air had that odd temperature where it doesn't feel like anything at all. The exact temperature of his own body. Xander wished it would be a bit warmer and the temperature immediately changed. 'Huh that's odd. Looks like Willow sent me someplace weird. Wonder what she was trying to do?' Quickly deciding that while there seemed to be no enemies or immediate threats nearby it was best to proceed with caution, Xander set out to explore his odd surroundings.

Wandering around the oddly palatial place he had found himself he began to feel a pull, not strong, not forceful, just a gentle invitation. Xander frowned, but followed none the less  after all he had to find the way out of here sooner or later or he'd starve to death. No sooner had he finished the thought then a bowl of apples appeared.

"Alright so whatever is going on here is reading my mind and waiting on me, which is a bit creepy." Passing on the apples, he continued on more set than ever on getting out of wherever he was.

Eventually his steps led him to a large open space with pedestals at regular intervals from each other. On each pedestal was an item, there was a lightning bolt, several sets of bows and arrows, a sword, a shield, a statue of a lion, a pair of winged sandals, one of the pedestals seemed to be surrounded by mist or smoke, there were several statues of animals and flowers, but the one that drew Xander had an eye, a perfectly clear crystal orb with a dark brown iris. Xander looked at it for a while, before reaching out and taking it. As soon as he touched it knowledge and memories started flooding his mind, while power flowed into and over him until he felt he would burst if just one more drop was added. He squirmed in discomfort as he was changed and the new God of Oracles was born.

Xander looked down on himself, his clothes were dirty and bloodstained, his hair was matted with dirt and blood, much of it his own, his body was bruised and his skin was cut and abraded. This would not do, a small application of power and he was much more suitably attired, his hair was clean and neat and his body was in pristine condition. Now he needed to figure out what happened. He had felt Willows magic before he had ended up here, it was logical to assume she had goofed an attempt to protect him. That did not answer the question of how a completely ordinary carpenter was now the God of Oracles. Unless it went on the "he had need of a new eye" method of picking new Gods. And he KNEW it didn't. After a few moments of caregul thinking he decided to go back home and see if the scooby gang had any answers for him.
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