The Secret Ingredient by Starshinedogs
Summary: baby zombie bunny that gummed my sneakers
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1. Chapter 1 by Starshinedogs

2. Beer Bash by Starshinedogs

Chapter 1 by Starshinedogs
Title: The Secret Ingredient
Author: Border.Travis
Fandom: You pick
Summary:  not telling would spoil the story
Type: Gen
Rating: all ages may change
Sylum Fic: NO
Disclaimer: I don't own them. I’m just borrowing them for a while
Author's Notes:  baby zombie bunny that gummed my sneakers
Word count 599

When the zombies started rising he used guns till he ran out of ammo then switched to a machete, which worked okay but meant he had to get a lot closer to the zombies that he wanted to. But it did work on taking out the walking dead.

The break through came when he stopped at a Long John Silver’s, finding the power on and the freezers running. He fried up all he could fit in his coolers in the back of his van. After that he decided to gorge himself on all the fried clams he could hold.

So he was more than a little startled when a baby zombie crawled up, and tried to gum it’s way through his boots. Jumping up he  dumped his tray off the table, right onto the babies head. The full opened bottle of vinegar spilled every where.

In shock he watched as the baby melted like the wicked witch of the west. Using his machete he finished the zombie off, then stood very still holding his breath. Waiting to see if the little zombie’s death howls had attracted  any more zombies, since they will eat each other when they cant get live prey.

After that he switched to a super soaker  and balloons filled with vinegar. It had many benefits one was that it was very quiet. And refills where abundant since it was left behind on the shelves of many stores.

Six months in the isolation started to get to him, in each location he stopped in he scaled a billboard and left a message behind. It was a simple message  saying ~need a friend call 555-465-8986~. For months nothing happened but he kept his phone charged none the less.

For a month nothing happened  then one day the phone rang, startling him so badly he almost drove right into the ditch. He fumbled for the phone and answered in a trembling voice “hello”

For about 10 seconds all her heard was some one breathing then the person answered, with a question “is this friend ?”

“yeah this is friend, who is this ?”

“just someone looking for a friend”

Over time more info was shared from favorite books to food to music, then they compared notes on weapons . Friend had never thought of nor tried vinegar, they then experimented with different types and concentrations. They found cider or malt vinegar worked best and that white vinegar  worked the worst.

The calls could come at any hour on any day, so the phone was always close to hand and kept charged. Now and then a new friend would find one of the messages left by him or his friend.

After 3 years the last of the zombies fell apart or starved to death, so the friends called each other and arranged a gathering. They all agreed the gathering needed to be some where open, and had to be held in the daytime.

So he was loading his van with all the food and vinegar it could hold and heading for the gathering of friends. He had high hopes that he would find someone, even if all he could ask for was a hug. Even that would be worth anything to him so he took off music blaring loudly into the spring air
Beer Bash by Starshinedogs
Author's Notes:
I issued a friendly challenge to kill zombies in different or unusual ways, here is my contribution to the insanity.

Title: Beer Bash

Author: Border.Travis

Fandom: none

Summary: a zombie killing fic that was supposed to be funny

Type: Gen

Rating: Teen for some swearing

Sylum Fic: NO

Disclaimer: I don't own them, i don't know who does

Author's Notes: I issued a friendly challenge to kill zombies in different or unusual ways, here is my contribution to the insanity. P.S i think i did the header and things right, if i messed up don't beat me to bad.

Word count: 1,251

Well another day another town, i thought as i passed the welcome sign for Ohio. Easing my truck to a stop i pulled out my map, i needed to get the lay of the land before i started hunting.

I finally decided to try at OSU's main campus as drunk college kids, would have been the first to probably be attacked by any zombie. I decided since it was 10am on a sunny morning it was safe enough to stop and check for supplies, putting the truck back into gear i scratched at a mosquito bite.

I rolled my windows down and killed the radio, this was the easiest way to discover if it was a voodoo zombie infestation or a Solannm zombie infestation. If it was voodoo zombies i would hear birds maybe see some feral cats and dogs as well as other wild life, if i didn’t hear them it would point more towards a Solannm zombie.

It was rare to see voodoo zombies this far north but not impossible, especially since the area was culturally diverse which raised the chances of seeing them. It was also rare to see the two kinds mixed, but in the last year id been seeing it more and more.

I had started to head for the lane ave exit, but changed my mind when I spotted the sign for Woody Hayes drive as i vaguely remembered that it ran by the softball/baseball diamonds. And if i did have voodoo zombies i could lure them here and lull them to sleep, while i called in the houngan support team. They would potentially be able to return them to normal depending on how long they had been zombies, if it had been to long they would try to identify them and depending if they had family or not. Or possibly a living will that specified what they wanted done in the event they could no longer make medical decisions. They would then be humanely euthanized depending on the family and/or will and buried in the correct consecrated ground for their religion.

My job was to determine what kind and what class.

Class one's usually showed up in third world countries or first world rural areas, and only had 1 to 20 zombies involved. Lasted for 24hrs to 14 days. Usually those where handled by the local communities.

Class two's occurred in urban or highly populated rural areas, and had 20 to 100 zombies involved. they could be as short as the class one's but could be longer due to the number of zombies. And these usually needed help from the local, state, even federal law enforcement. Mostly to get people out of the area and contain the zombies till someone like me could come and evaluate the situation.

Class three's can only occur in highly populated area, and can have a zombie threat numbering in the thousands, And can take weeks or months to clear up and usually require military assistance. And usually involved martial law being declared

Class four's well if you've ever seen zombie world, that would be a class four. i always wondered why Tallahassee didn't drag Cleveland off and shag him senseless. Would have made a better movie in my opinion, but it seemed hollywierd didn’t agree with me. Mores the pity.

From what my sources could tell me it started right after the fans started arriving, for the big game which was OSU vs. Michigan. I had my fingers crossed that it was voodoo zombies, if so i knew a easy way to separate the two teams. Set up the OSU rally inside the shoe and the Michigan rally at the baseball field, and then raid the Budweiser plant for beer and Walmart for other supplies.

Unfortunately for me my luck didn’t hold, as I got closer to campus I started seeing less and less animal sign. And more and more destruction, crap looks like Solannm zombies this time. Looks like I needed to find a pumper truck and then head for the Budweiser plant, no one had ever figured out why but Solannm zombies melted like the wicked witch of the west. When we sprayed them with domestic beer, if it didn’t kill them it acted like poison and broke them down slower. I mean I used to use it to kill slugs when I was a kid.. But zombies are not slugs or are they?, maybe I'd ask the geeks when I was done.

Turning around I headed for the Budweiser plant, I used a blanket to get me over the barbed wire and into the plant. locating a tanker took only a few minutes, but as it was getting late so I decided to sleep in the deserted plant and start hunting in the morning. it took me forever to figure out how to attach the tow straps from my truck to the tanker. I made 6 round trips creating a giant circle then in the middle of the shoe and I set up some mannequins half in OSU's Scarlet and Grey the other half in the Blue and Maize of Michigan.

Then wired the trucks up with c4, I wanted the spray to go high and wide if I could get most of them this way. Well it would be a lot easier to mop up the stragglers, after this thought I had to stop and snicker mop up the stragglers. Geez I really needed a vacation if I thought that was funny, back to work. looking at my watch I noticed it was getting late I hurried to finish up and headed for the main av hub locating the room, I turned everything on till I head the buckeye battle cry start blaring from the speakers.

Next stop the security room located far away from everything and deep underground, watching the security cameras I waited as hundreds upon hundreds of zombies shambled their way into the shoe. Finally it was SRO on the zombie front, I mean if somebody was crazy enough they probably could have walked across the shoe. by stepping from zombie head to zombie head.

Right then I saw the fireworks go off I knew things had entered the final count down as I’d tied them into the circuit, with a ker thud all the trucks went off throwing the beer high into the air. If the shrapnel didn’t get them then the rain of beer did, at that time I turned off the security cameras and waited.

I even managed to fall asleep some how, rubbing my eyes I turned the camera's back on. Cycling through them I didn’t see one zombie. I did see lots of piles that I tried not look to closely at, but no zombies any where. Unlocking the door I kept my super soaker primed, but it was deserted totally. Sliding into my truck I pulled out my cell phone, and hit speed dial one listening to the rings as my call made it's way across the state.

"Report" a voice growled out

I gave the phone a evil grin "Ah did I wake you up.......,so sorry boss. just thought I should let you know I'm done and I’m going on vacation. kiss kiss bye bye". I hit end on my phone then pulled the battery out. Vacation here I come !

Sometimes i loved being a federally licensed zombie hunter, turning my truck on i cranked the radio up loudly and hit the freeway.

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