Welcome to the JD convention, hope you survive the next three days by josette grover

I put the blame for this story squarely on the imaginings listmembers, you know the ones laughing at me. Somebody mentioned Speed's mother was a social worker, what if she was Halfrek.

That discussion turned into who in our favorite fandoms would make good justice demons. The bunny appeared fullgrown and latched onto me, demanding I write.

I'm posting this as a non buffy/angel crossover because while the concept of vengeance demons come from the show, none of the characters actually make an appearance,  they're only mentioned.

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Chapter 1 by josette grover
“Welcome to the 101st annual Criminal Justice Demon convention.” Tru says aloud in disbelief, staring at the sheet of paper in front of her. “A big welcome to our newest members, Tru Davies and Dean Winchester. For those of you in the medical community, we have enclosed a list of lectures and demonstrations in your packet.”

“Cool, I don't have one of those.” A male voice says behind her. She turns around. “Dean Winchester, and since you've got the same stunned look I had earlier, I'd say you're Tru Davies.”

“Yes.” Tru finally stammers, taking the outstretched hand. “I'm half demon on my father's side, you?”

“Got the attention of a demon when I sold my soul to save my brother's life.” Dean shrugs. “I'm a freelance demon hunter, you?”

“I work in a morgue where people who have died talk to me, I then start the day over again and try to save their lives.” Tru says, blinking.

“Cool, I know there's a few here who work in morgues, probably that's one of the topics you'll be listening to. Like I said I'm freelance, so I don't have to attend any lectures instead I get to check out all the cool toys.” Dean chuckles. “Though I think that after this year there's going to be lectures for freelancers/vigilantes to try to keep us out of trouble.”

Tru looks over at where an older gentleman is kissing the hand of a black female. “Let's get you introduced to some people, that's Ducky and Alexx. Alexx is a ME in Miami, Ducky works for NCIS out of DC.” Dean calls to them waving and pulling Tru along.

“Ducky?” Tru blinks, allowing herself to be pulled along. This has got to be some strange dream. She pinches herself, nope.

“His last name is Mallard, everybody calls him Ducky. Watch, that's the first thing he'll tell you.” Dean says. He swerves around groups of people catching up on events or in some case screaming 'why didn't you tell me you were a JD, dammit' and finally joins them. “Hey Ducky, Alexx, this is Tru she works in a morgue so I think she's going to be joining you today.”

“Hello sugar, glad you could join us.” Alexx says, pulling Tru into her arms for a hug before blinking. “Excuse me for a second, I need to go smack the hell out of my son.” Tru watches her stalk off, a male voice yelping in surprise a second later. “Yow.”

“Speedy, why the hell didn't you tell me you were a demon too?” she demands.

“I didn't know until I got shot, Alexx, I swear. I'm half demonic, my real mom is Halfrek.” Speed rubs the back of his head. “Why aren't you hitting H, he's here too?” he whines as he sees the other man smirking over Alexx's shoulder.

“I already knew he was a Justice Demon.” Alexx snorts, turning and walking back to where Tru is standing stunned. Ducky smiles calmly. “Sorry about that dear.” Alexx pats Tru's hand. “Since we got some time before our first session, why don't we get something to drink. I know since you're new to all this, you've got a few questions and I'd like to hear how you became a JD.” Alexx pulls Tru off in the direction of the restaurant, a smiling Ducky following behind them. Horatio and Speed watch them leave. “We won't see her until we get back to Miami, she's got a new chick to protect.” H says, turning around and watching the others over his sunglasses before reaching out and smacking Speed.

“Oww, what was that for?” Speed yelps. H had gotten him in the same spot as Alexx.

“For getting yourself shot.” he says, turning to walk away. “Stella.” he calls to a new arrival. She turns around to see who had called her and blinks. “Horatio Caine? You're the last person I would have expected for a JD. Newbie?” she asks hopefully.

“No, I'm actually one of the oldest here.” Horatio smiles. “There's supposed to be an older one coming, but I haven't heard who he or she may be.”

“Hodges? You're the other Justice Demon in Vegas?” Warrick asks, seeing a familiar face in the crowd milling around. “I thought it might be Sidle.”

Hodges snorts. “Please, not even we want anything to do with Sara. Even though her 'my job is everything' would make her a perfect candidate. We want somebody who actually has a life so they bring 'humanity' to the job.”

Warrick snorts. “Then why are you a JD?”

Hodges sighs. “Both my parents were demons, so I come by it honestly. I wouldn't have figured you for one though, maybe Nick after he was buried alive, Doc Robbins since there's a lot of ME's in the field, or even somebody like Grissom.”

Warrick shudders. “Grissom would analyze everything to death.”

“When did you become a JD?” Hodges asks after taking a sip of coffee.

“Remember the shooting in my old neighborhood? My friend's daughter was killed?” Hodges nods. “Then. You?”

“I got called to deflect the shit Ecklie and the Sheriff do, that way crime victims still get justice.” he says quietly.

“I'd wondered why you were a JD and still in the lab, I would have figured if anybody was a lab tech JD it would be a crime scene tech or somebody like Greggy who left the lab.”

“Okay,” a voice says from the direction of the podium as Horatio enters the room. “For those of you who are police officers or CSI, what kind of problems do you have?”

“Soft-headed judges who let perps go with a slap on the wrist.” a voice in the crowd rumbles. “Then they get upset when the perps get into trouble as soon as they're released and wonder why we couldn't stop them.”

“As one of those 'soft-headed judges' I should probably be upset.” another voice says. The first person turns around. “Judge Marshall, what are you doing here?” Kermit Griffin asks, blinking.

Judge Marshall looks at him. “I'm a judge by day, vigilante by night.” he shrugs.

“You're the last person I expected to be a JD, but then you do give fair sentences.” Peter says.

“Caine, what are you doing here? I know you're not a JD, your father would throw a fit.”

“I'm Kermit's guest.” Peter says. “When did you become a JD?”

“When my wife and daughter were killed in a bomb meant for me.” Judge Nick Marshall says softly. “I first called for vengeance, then after it was handled and I started working as a vigilante, I became both vengeance and Justice.”

“Can you do that?” Warrick asks.

“Yes, usually when a family member is killed in something that was intended for them. I can think of two others right offhand,” the speaker says. “Chris Larabee called for vengeance when his wife and son was killed, when Ella Gaines was dealt with he started working for Justice. Jethro Gibbs called for vengeance when his wife and young daughter were killed, when he got vengeance he started working for Justice as well. Dual demons are very, very rare and you have to be very strong to deal with both aspects.”

“I've met both Larabee and Gibbs, and they are very strong, very determined, very driven individuals.” Horatio says.

“Horatio Caine?” a voice from the shadows says as Benton Fraser walks forward. “It is a pleasure to meet you again.”

“Constable Fraser, good to see you again.” Horatio shakes the hand of the Mountie who'd worked with the team on a crossover case. “You are the last person I would have expected to find here.”

Benton flushes, looking away nervously. “I became a Justice Demon when I brought my father's killer to justice.” he says softly.

“How are you doing?” Horatio asks. “I heard that there was a problem with the Detective you work with in Chicago?”

“Detective Vecchio went undercover for the FBI, we currently have another detective pretending to be him at the station. He is a . . . rather unorthodox fellow.”
Chapter 2 by josette grover

In the Medical Justice Demons meeting room


“Hah, pay up you owe me five bucks.” A male voice crows in delight. “I told you House was demonic.” Gregory House looks over to see James Wilson almost dancing in delight around a disgusted looking Lisa Cuddy.


“What the hell are you two doing here?” House snorts as he walks over towards them. “I can see Jimmy as a JD because he deals with cancer patients, but what justice is there from being a hospital administrator?”


“Making you do clinic hours?” Wilson smirks as Cuddy grudgingly hands over a folded bill. “Lisa's my guest.”


“You're doing clinic hours without a fuss from now on or I'm going to scream you're a demon from the top of the hospital.” Cuddy threatens.


House smirks at her. “Go right ahead, everybody already thinks I'm demonic anyway. . . But nice try.” he pats her on the top of the head and walks away.


“Dammit, and he's right too.” Cuddy mutters as she takes a seat.


“Hello, I see a couple of new faces.” Quincy says as he stands in front of the podium. “One of you has to be Tru Davies.” Tru nods. “Don't be shy dear, we're all friendly here. . . except for Gregory of course and he doesn't bite that hard.” House smirks at him.


“Unless you have to work with him.” Cuddy mutters.


“Ahhh, you must be Lisa Cuddy then,” Quincy says, “James told me he was going to bring you as a guest today. Tru, care to tell us what you do?”


“I'm working my way through med school by working in a morgue. Dead people talk to me, telling me how they died. I then start the day over again and try to keep them from dying. Most of the time I make it, but there are some times. . .”


“Why didn't you apply for a scholarship?” Quincy asks. “As a Justice Demon, you'd get money for school and other expenses.”


“I just found out I was a JD.” Tru says. “I'm still getting used to everything.”


“See me after the discussion, I'll help you fill out the paperwork. You should have a check by the end of the convention.”


“Fascinating my dear,” Ducky says, patting her hand as she sits back down. “Most of us talk to our new arrivals, but none of them ever talk back to us.”


“You said you don't always succeed, that means that it was their time to die anyway sugar. Don't take it so hard.” Alexx pats her other hand.


“It's not that, there was a time when three frat boys were killed. I saved them, but they ended up arrested for attempted murder. It was such a waste.” Tru shakes her head.


“Today, we're going to talk about hiding and still being able to work efficiently.” Quincy nods at the door opening and a couple late arrivals slide into the room. “Johnny, Brice, I wasn't sure you were going to make it.”


“Sorry Quinc,” Johnny Gage says sitting down. “We just got off a double shift so we'd have the whole convention free.” Craig Brice brushes off his clothes and sits down, nodding once at everybody. “As I was saying, we're going to talk about hiding and still being able to work since it's a damn pain to have to erase people's memories if they catch us working and we all don't work with people who know what we are,” Quincy nods at Alexx and Ducky, “. . . or are grumpy bastards who scare everybody away from them.” He smirks at House who nods and smirks back.


“Oh just so you all know, you need to add Dr. Brackett to the list of those who know about Demons and are immune to having their memories wiped.” Johnny says, Brice turns to look at him in stunned disbelief. “He caught me bolstering Roy after an accident. I thought I'd wiped his memories but he caught me at the hospital fire and told me he knew.”


“Fuck! Gage, you get into more damn trouble. . .” Brice mutters. “Fine, I'll go talk to him.”


“No need boys,” a familiar voice says from the front of the room. Brice is stunned to see Drs. Brackett and Morton sitting there smirking back at him. “You must be new Johnny, you would have recognized us as demonic ourselves the first time you met us. We felt it when you changed. Ohh, Joe and Dix know about Demons too. Brice, you're old enough to have felt us though, you must be falling down on the job.”


Brice begins hitting his head on the back of the chair in front of him, muttering fuck over and over. Johnny calmly moves a couple seats down so he doesn't get any blood on him.


Chapter 3 by josette grover

Quincy sighs and waits for Brice to run out of steam before continuing. “And that is a perfect example of what happens when we can't wipe memories. Sometimes it works for the best and you get a partner who helps you out, one who knows that you're right and will back you to the hilt. Which makes it a lot easier when you have to butt heads with your boss or other officials.”


“Hey Quinc, how many times has Astin threatened to fire you?” A voice from the back of the room asks.


“Too damn many times,” Quincy sighs. “That's the other part of what you can expect to deal with, your superiors who do not like having to deal with you. I was only fired once, but when it was proved that I had been right I was quickly reinstated. Though I did consider making them squirm by having a lawyer with me talking about lawsuits when they came to ask me to come back to work.”


“Always knew you were an evil bastard.” House says with a grin. “I'm so proud.” Quincy smirks at him. “Ducky, you and Alexx are in the position that when you get the bodies, you already know it's a homicide, so you don't have to butt heads with the police to prove you're right.”


Alexx sighs. “No, we just have to deal with nosy busybodies who want to get involved in the case, Stetler in my case and the Agency's director for Ducky. I've lost track of how many times I've had to wipe Stetler's memory, any more and he's going to end up rocking in a corner talking to himself. Sad thing is, that would probably be an improvement.”


“Indeed, luckily, our director seems more inclined to try to take over Jethro's investigations than to come bother me in the morgue.” Ducky smirks. “It seems she is a bit squeamish, though that does leave me to deal with Palmer and Abby.” Everybody in the room who'd been to the last convention when Ducky had brought her as his guest smile as they remember the young woman.


“How is Abby? I was hoping you'd bring her again.” Quincy says, leaning on the podium.


“Poor dear couldn't get the time off. Unlike Horatio and his crew, Abby is the only tech for our building so she does it all. She's been asking for a lab assistant for a while, but the Director kept telling her one wasn't needed so she . . . managed.” Everybody who had met her when Ducky had brought her remember the goth young woman running around, pigtails bouncing as she follows Ducky sucking on one of her ever present kaf-pows. She'd ended up sneaking in to every lecture she could, even those Ducky wasn't signed up for but her enthusiasm and a few ideas she'd thrown out had endeared her to everybody. Quincy had briefly toyed with the idea of bringing her back to the Los Angeles coroners lab but realized that Astin would kill him. And while it wouldn't be permanent, dying still hurts.


“I've heard horror stories about your new Director,” Alexx says, turning to look at Ducky. “Is she as bad as they say?”


“It's probably worse, I'm sad to say. She put a new team member on Gibbs crew without his permission or approval, young Ziva is trying to fit in but it was a rough few months, her attitude is grating, she always tries to control the investigation taking over Anthony's position as second in command, and the fact that her brother is the one who killed Caitlin does not make in any easier on her. Unfortunately Madam Director,” Ducky's lips twitch despite himself, “did not stop there. She tried to make Abby dress like she does.” Everybody in earshot moan or snicker. “It did not last long, Abby is back to her normal clothes. She also finally gave Abby a lab assistant. Unfortunately, the lab assistant didn't have any credentials and framed Anthony for murder because he'd gotten him fired from a previous job for falsifying results. Abby ended up tying him up in her lab with duct tape. So Abby is back to doing all the building's lab work, but it works for her. Unfortunately, Abby had a stalker earlier, her former boyfriend ended up kidnapping her. Jethro and his team came to her rescue to find Abby standing over him with a taser.” The door opens and Stella comes walking in, pausing by Ducky to whisper in his ear. He looks at her, holding her gently for a minute. “I'm so sorry, my dear.” he says, taking the slip of paper she hands him. “I'm . . . working on it.” she says before walking back out. “Sorry Quincy, I went through something like Abby did earlier this year. I gave Ducky my number if she wanted to talk, sometimes it helps when the other person went through the same thing.”


“Are you okay, honey?” Alexx asks, standing up and wrapping her arms around Stella.


“I'm . . . working on it.” Stella says again. “Like being an alcoholic, you take it day by day.”


Chapter 4 by josette grover

Upstairs in one of the hotel suites the convention had taken over for vendors, Dean drools over a rifle.


“Looks nice, doesn't it?” A voice asks over his shoulder, he looks over to see two older men smirking at him. “Seeley Booth,” he holds out a hand, “this is Ian Edgerton, we both work for the FBI. And you're Dean Winchester, we've heard a lot about you.”


“At least some of it good I hope?” Dean asks with a grin.


“Relax kid, we knew your father, we know exactly what you do. . .” Booth smirks, “or should say did before you joined the club.”


“We worked with your father in the past. Sorry to hear he's gone, he was a good man and a good hunter, one of the few who knew all demons weren't bad and should be destroyed. I'm sorry he never tracked down the bastard who got your mother, there are a lot of people, demons as well as humans, who would have helped him destroy the bastard.”


“Sammy and I are going to get him, for Mom and Dad.” Dean says, “If it's the last thing I do. Since I'm demonic now myself, I have plenty of time to track him down.”


“How is your brother dealing with this?” Ian asks.


“I thought he was going to kill me himself when he found out what I'd done.” Dean rubs the back of his neck ruefully. “Hit me once or twice, called me an asshole, and sulked in his seat for a couple hundred miles before he decided to talk to me again.”


“I did NOT sulk!” A male voice howls in the distance.


“Yes you did,” Dean says with a smirk. “You are such a girl . . . Sammy.”


“Don't call me Sammy.” Sam squawks, coming into the room. “God Dean, you are such a bitch.”


“Jerk.” Dean says fondly, cuffing his little brother on the shoulder. “Come look at this.”


Ian and Seeley watch the two dark heads bent over the rifle with a smile until Ian nudges Seeley with his elbow.


“So how is it working with the Geek Squad at the Jeffersonian?”


“Squints please, I gave them their own name.” Seeley shakes his head. “Now if I could just get a damn translation guide when they go all geek on me.”


“If you come across one, give me a copy for Charlie? He's good most of the time but when he starts talking numbers. . .” Ian shakes his head sadly. He looks over his shoulder at Booth. “So I heard your old girlfriend joined the Jeffersonian?”


“Yeah,” Seeley rubs the the back of his neck with his hand. “Cam and Bones started butting heads immediately.”


“What happened? I thought she worked for the coroners department somewhere?”


“Well, she says that she took the job for the morgue, she's not in a basement, she's got a ventilation system so she doesn't have to smell the bodies, and her equipment doesn't come from home depot, but I know she took the job because I'm the liaison between the FBI and the Jeffersonian, she just couldn't stay away from me.”


Edgerton snorts and rolls his eyes. “Sure . . .”


Meanwhile back in the law enforcement meeting room, Stella takes her seat and looks over at Speed who's sitting beside her. “And why are you over here? Horatio's over there.”


“That's why I'm sitting over here, H and Alexx are a little,” he draws the word out, “upset with me for getting shot.”


Warrick who'd been sitting on his other side snickers. “I bet.”


“Hey, it wasn't my fault.” Speed says, then yelps as Horatio quietly walks over and swats him upside the head again. “That's for complaining.” he says and walks off while everybody in the room snickers. “Thanks for teaching me that move.” he says to Jethro Gibbs standing next to him.


“Okay, where were we?” the new speaker asks.


“You were going to talk about creating cover identities and our symbols of power.” Hodges says, checking his notes.


“Ahh yes, thank you David.” the speaker nods. “While it is true that we don't lose our powers like a vengeance demon when our symbols of power are destroyed, they make us stronger especially the younger ones.”


“You really can lose your powers if they get destroyed?” Warrick asks.


“Plain vengeance demons yes,” Buford T. Justice says, leaning on the podium. “Mostly vengeance demons are destroyed two ways. Their wish can be overturned and it kills them, or their symbols can be destroyed and they die, though I have heard rumors of one who became human when her symbol was destroyed. . .But that's just it, rumors.”


“Actually no it's not, Halfrek told me it happened to a friend of hers. Anyanka's was destroyed, she became human and is now living on the Hellmouth helping the Slayer.” Speed says.


“Really?” Justice asks. Speed nods. “I'll have to talk to her after the conference, I thought it was just a rumor.”


“So our symbols of power can be anything?” Stella asks.


“Ideally it should be something close to you, comfortable to you, and almost a part of you.” Barney Fife says from the back of the room. “It can be a gun though if it's a gun you want it to be your personal firearm not one your police department gave you if you're an officer, a piece of jewelry that you wear constantly if you're a woman. . .”


“Some men do wear jewelry,” a voice says from somewhere in the room.


“Yes yes, ignore me I'm old, in my days the only jewelry men wore were watches and wedding rings unless they were dressing up.” Barney waves his hand. “Your symbol of power is something uniquely you.”


Speed looks over at H who looks over his sunglasses at him and smirks.


Chapter 5 by josette grover

“What about us who are halfies? Do we need symbols?”


“No,” the third member of the group giving the lecture, one Roscoe P. Coltrane says, “You were born with your powers, even if most of you didn't realize you had them until you found out about demons.” Roscoe nods at Hodges. “Same for those who are born demons, this only applies to those of us who have become Justice Demons.”


A hand is held up in the room. “Umm, not to sound dumb, but why do Vengeance Demons die when their symbol is destroyed and we aren't?”


“Justice Demons are different than Vengeance Demons. We usually settle down and protect a chosen area, vengeance demons generally travel to answer calls. That's why if one of their calls is overturned, they die. We're stronger, that's why we can settle down and protect our chosen areas.”


“There's some who don't?” another voice asks.


“Yes, usually they're vigilantes,” Roscoe nods at Judge Marshall, “or they travel for their jobs.”


“Travel for their jobs?” the same voice asks.


“Edgerton is a FBI agent, part of a taskforce that goes in and brings people out.” Barney says. “He and Seeley Booth are currently in geek love with Dean Winchester upstairs in the selling areas. Another one of us who's not here is part of the FBI's BAU taskforce, while they're supposedly based in one area, they travel on their cases.”


“Don't forget Jessica.” A voice calls from the back of the room.


“Ohh, I can't possibly forget Jessica.” Roscoe sighs. He looks up at the blank faces of the younger demons. “Jessica is a JD who is only loosely tied to the criminal justice community. Personally, I'd classify her as freelance, she's a mystery writer who ends up solving crimes. You might have heard of her, she writes under the name of JB Fletcher. She'd be here but she's currently on a publicity tour for her latest book.”


“Are there many of us in that type of work?”


“Jessica is one of a kind, thank whoever you want to for small favors. Most other freelancers are usually former law enforcement, have ties to law enforcement, or have had great personal tragedies.”


“What type of ties to law enforcement?”


“The ones that come to mind immediately would be a PI, lawyers, informants, or in a very few, very rare case people who have been wrongly convicted of crimes and were in prison until the truth was found out. And then of course there's Steve's father, who might as well be a Justice Demon.” he snickers.


“Don't remind me,” Steve Sloane moans, shaking his head. “Between my Dad, Jesse, and Amanda, they solve more cases than I do. I'm surprised my Dad didn't become a JD when I was shot, the hospital was bombed, or when Carol died.” His seat mate snickers at the hangdog expression on his face, patting his back in fake sympathy. He turns to scowl at him. “And you could have told me you were demonic too. . . Norman.”


Norman Briggs merely smirks at the younger man.


“Wasn't there a rumor about a couple of priests who were JD?” a hand waves in the audience.


“I'd heard the same rumors.” Roscoe says, walking across the front of the room. “So I decided to look in on them. First, it's highly doubtful that a priest would become a JD, their faith in their Lord would be too strong to even think of becoming demonic and they usually have a support system in place that would help in the type of events that normally bring a person over. So you can understand my surprise when I found not one but two Priests where were Justice Demons.”


“Really?” Barney asks in surprise.


“Yes, one is totally unaware that he's a JD, but one of his nuns is a halfie and she recognized my type when I saw him. She's taking care of him and will help him with a new identity when he realizes what is going on.”


“Who is he so we can keep an eye on him and offer our help?”


“Father Frank Dowling, he's in Chicago. His assistant, the one who's a halfie is Sister Steve.” Benton moans in the back of the room. “I take it you've heard of them?” Roscoe asks with a grin.


“Yes, I will offer my assistance when I get back to the consulate. Diefenbaker, please remind me if I forget?” Dief looks up from his spot next to Fraser's chair and woofs quietly in agreement. “No,” Fraser sighs and rolls his eyes, “you cannot suck up to Detective Vecchio when we get back. Wolves do not eat doughnuts.” Every in earshot snickers at the put upon tone in his voice.


“The other priest is actually one of the humans who fight the supernatural. He's a former member of the Legacy named Philip Callahan, he thought he was tainted until I met and him and told him what had really happened. Luckily one of the Charmed Ones was there and their Whitelighter Leo was able to back up everything I told him.”


Chapter 6 by josette grover


“I'm confused, what are whitelighters and who are the Charmed Ones?” a voice calls from the back of the room.


“Okay, how many of us know about magic and witches, aside from Harry Potter?” Buford T. Justice asks dryly. Only a few hands pop up, mostly the three giving the lecture and a couple of the older JD. “Okay, who knows magic solely from Harry Potter, other books, movies?” Most of the room raises their hands this time.


“There's a line of Witches, I won't tell you their last name for their privacy, who always have the most powerful witches in the world, though I have heard stories about a Witch on the Hellmouth that is as, if not more, powerful than them. There's always three of them, and they're always related. The latest group are sisters. All natural witches, those who are born with the ability to do magic who don't choose to go evil, have whitelighters, higher beings whose job is to teach, train, and protect them. They are not supposed to get involved with their charges but one of the charmed ones is married to their whitelighter, while their mother had a child with her whitelighter that was given up for adoption, she found her half-sisters just before the oldest died.”


“Are Whitelighters Angels?” a voice in the group asks.


“Yes and no. Whitelighters have had human lives, after they died they receive their new abilities, training, and charges. They appear to be totally human when they're 'on the job', which is why two of them were able to have children with their charges. But they have a form of teleportation called orbing and can heal their charges and others injured in a fight. They report to somebody or something called the Elders who generally control them. Whether the Elders are Angelic,” Buford shrugs. “Since they don't like their Whitelighters being involved in their charges lives in anything other than a protecting/teaching capacity instead of the family relationship the Charmed Ones have with their Whitelighter, arguments can be made either way.”


In a third room, thankfully the hotel is used to this Convention taking over their entire hotel for the week and they have full run of every size meeting room, including a few hotel rooms, a group of Justice Demons sit around drinking beers.


“What have you been up to lately, Geoffrey, I hear you're working with a civilian consultant?” Charlie Crews asks, looking over at the Justice Demon from the United Kingdom. He hasn't been a Demon all that long himself, when he had been convicted of murdering his old partner and his family. He's an odd duck, even among the various personalities of the Justice Demons, always observing things while everything seems to waft around him.


“Annoying bugger,” 'Geoffrey' snorts. “I'd almost swear he's demonic himself. I've been keeping an eye on him for a few years now, ever since the little bastard picked my pocket. He's got a drug habit, he's keeping clean but he's got a nasty habit of backsliding because he's 'bored'. He can't get along with my investigators, not that I blame him he's an idiot and she's a shrew. Picked himself a partner up a year ago, a doctor cashiered from the Army after he got shot in Afghanistan, between me, him, and the older brother we keep him from being too bored, but I swear if he pulls something like a couple months ago I'm going to pull him over my lap and tan his little arse until it's black and blue.”


Everybody looks at him. “Did you hear anything about a guy shooting a vest that was filled with explosives and throwing himself and his roommate into a pool before the building they were in blew up?” Everybody blinks at him.


“Wait, Ted was telling me something about that, I was trying to find my partner at the time though.” Charlie says. “That was your friend?”


“Yes, that was the amazing maniac Sherlock Holmes.” Lestrade mutters. “Did you manage to find your partner Charlie?”


“Yes, finally .The same people who had framed me had taken her, they wanted her to turn against me. I still have no clue why I was a target, but when they went after Ted., I. .. “ Charlie takes a deep breath .”I dealt with them.” Charlie lifts his bottle to his lips and takes a delicate sip.


“How is Ted?” Geoffrey asks. “I was going to ask his advice on a few matters, I have to do something about my pension since I'm going to have to retire this identity in a few years.”


“He's okay, I found evidence that the same people who had targeted me had invalidated his parole so I wouldn't have him in my life. I slipped the information to the media and there was a lot of arrests in the news the next few days. Since I was on 'vacation' at the time, none of it came back to me.”


The man currently going by the name of Christopher Chance, but it wasn't the name he'd been given at birth, looks over at Charlie. Once upon a time, he might have been involved in destroying a police officer like Charlie, if he hadn't killed him outright, but that was before he met Guerrero, an unlikely hero. Guerrero had got him out of that life and given him a new purpose. Almost as if he'd read his mind, hell as a Justice Demon he just might be able to, how else could the other man have found out all his secrets, Guerrero salutes him with his beer bottle then gives him 'that' look, the one that usually ends up with him tied naked to the bed, begging as the older man torments him with his touch.



Chapter 7 by josette grover
Fargo is putting folders filled with information on the seats in the meeting room he'd been assigned when a figure comes into view.

“Fargo?” A familiar voice asks.

“Sheriff Carter?” Fargo straightens up, blinking. It can't be. But the figure standing in front of him doesn't change. It's definitely Sheriff Carter, though he's not wearing his uniform.

Carter just continues to blink, Douglas Fargo is the last person he expected to be a Justice Demon.

“You're a Justice Demon also Sheriff Carter?” Fargo asks, handing him a folder. Carter drops into a chair, opening the folder and begins to read, he hadn't been able to get into the special technologies lecture previous conventions, seating is limited and assigned before the convention starts by lottery. He'd been stunned to actually get a seat in this year's lottery.

“Yes,” he says absently. “I became a JD after a bad case with the Marshals, I'm 'retired' to Eureka except for dealing with Evil Thorne, but I'm on call in case I'm needed. You're demonic?”

“Yes, I'm permanently assigned to Global Dynamics to keep lab experiments from going out of control.” He chuckles at Carter's 'you've got to be fucking kidding me' look. “If I wasn't there, things would be a lot worse, instead of daily explosions it would be hourly explosions, and they'd do a lot more damage. I routinely deny a lot of requests because things would quickly get out of control.”

“So are we the only two JD's in Eureka?”

“No, there's one other.” Fargo says, his lips twitching as a familiar figure walks into the room. Nathan Stark had allowed Fargo to set up the lecture today since he'd been running late 'talking' with the DoD about recent events in Eureka. He dislikes having to appear 'dead' in Eureka, he's sure that things are going to be going to hell without his fingers on the pulse of the town. Evil's actions after his 'death' just proved his point, he thought quite nicely, during his meeting.

Stark stops and blinks as he sees a familiar back seated by Fargo, who should have finished putting everything out by now.

“Fargo.” A familiar voice says from the doorway and Carter turns pale before slowly turning in his seat. It can't be. ..



Fargo chuckles at the stunned stupid look on the two men and finishes putting out the paperwork as the others file into the room.

After the meeting Stark gives Carter a 'stay here' glare, Carter can't believe he's missed Stark's glowers at him, but he has. It's almost like old times at Global Dynamics, Stark glaring at him across the room while Fargo ducks his head and tries to get everybody to ignore him. Now that Carter knows he's demonic, he can see the 'ignore me' spell on the other man. Stark calmly reaches over and swats him on the back of the head, breaking the spell.

“Carter,” Stark glowers.

“Stark,” Carter glares right back at him.

“Oh for God's Sake,” Fargo finally snaps. The two men turn to look at him. “Will you two kiss already and make up? Stark, Sheriff Carter didn't tell you he's demonic because he didn't know you're demonic. Sheriff Carter, Dr. Stark didn't tell you he was still alive for the same reason. Now kiss each other, take yourselves up to your hotel room Sheriff Carter since Dr. Stark's sharing my room, and go screw each other through the mattress until you're no longer upset. Don't make me call Dr. Blake.” With that last threat Douglas Fargo storms out of the room, muttering under his breath about annoying men who keep pussyfooting around each other. Alexx is passing outside the room on her way to meeting Ducky, Tru, and Quincy to go over Tru's application for a scholarship and she just looks at him.

“Sorry about that Dr.Woods, I've just snapped at two brilliant but fucking clueless men.”

“Dancing around each other?” Alexx asks with a grin, thinking of Horatio and Speed.

“Yes,” Fargo sighs. “Dr Stark is. . .or rather was, head of Global Dynamics. We just found out today that Sheriff Carter is also demonic.”

Alexx blinks, having heard Nathan complain about the annoying Sheriff during the last couple of conventions. “Sooo. . .” she smirks.

“I told them to kiss and make up already, they didn't tell each other they were demonic because they didn't know the other was demonic and to go up to Sheriff Carter's room to 'work out their differences'.” His lips twitch.

“Wild hot monkey sex?” Alexx snickers.

“Basically yes.” Fargo sighs. “Dr Stark is sharing my room, so I'd rather not have to deal with the 'problems' that might cause.”

“Walking in on them?” Ducky asks with a quiet smile.

“Indeed.” Fargo sniffs.

“They could always ask you to join them.” Alexx smirks.

Fargo makes an eeping noise, blushing and quickly hurrying away. Alexx smirks at Ducky before they walk to the hotel restaurant, finding Tru waiting at a table. She looks up at them as they drop into seats on either side of her, taking the menus from the plates and beginning to read as Quincy hurries into the restaurant, looking around until he sees Ducky's familiar head of white hair.

“Sorry I'm late.” he drops into the vacant seat, pulling a large folder out of his briefcase he drops between his and Alexx's seat. “It took me a while to contact the council representatives and have them deliver the paperwork for your scholarship since it's been a while since we've had a JD young enough to be in school, most of our members are older and get a different set of paperwork because they're changing identities. Alexx, Ducky, you two want to act as Tru's sponsors?”

“Of course.” the two say nearly in unison.


“We ask that young demons have sponsors their first few years, this way if they have questions they have somebody they can call. They also have somebody to contact in case of emergencies. This way we can keep things from getting out of hand in case a newbie loses control of their powers. In our line of work, you'll also have somebody to talk to about classes and if you don't want to stay at your present job for your internship, you'll have spots in either Ducky or Alexx's morgue.”

Pulling out the first piece of paper, Tru takes the pen and begins filling it out, looking over when Ducky and Alexx start filling out paperwork of their own. Everybody is done at nearly the same time and hand the folder to Quincy, who whistles quietly. An imp appears and takes the three folders, disappearing from the room. Tru can't help it, she squeaks.

“An imp, the High Council uses them as messengers. I should hear back from them later tonight or tomorrow morning about the scholarship, and I'll have a check for you by the end of the convention. Now let's order?” The waitress comes over at Quincy's signal and they all order, it's going to be a while until the banquet later that night.

After the last of the scheduled meetings that afternoon, people start heading up to their rooms to shower and dress for the dinner that night. Unlike the lectures earlier, this is a formal event and not open to the Justice Demon's guests. Nathan is standing in front of the mirror, whistling softly as he straightens his tie as Fargo enters the room. He glares at Fargo's reflection in the mirror, Fargo just rolls his eyes and walks into the bathroom to shower and change.

In Charlie's room he straightens the lines of his suit jacket, brushing it off before sliding it over his shoulders. He missed having Ted there to help, but the other man was still on parole and couldn't get permission to leave for a convention that he wasn't involved in. Tucking a handkerchief into his pocket and tugging until it is exactly so, he walks from his room to the elevator.

The room next to the elevator opens and the two men from his earlier meeting come out, the younger one fidgeting with the jacket he's wearing while the smaller man isn't dressed any differently than how he had earlier that day. Guerrero smirks at both Chance and Charlie's look and punches the button for the elevator. On the ground floor Guerrero takes Chance's head in his hands, kissing him on the forehead before pushing him in the direction of the hotel's restaurant while he heads down the hall to the banquet room.

Going into the large room, he hands over his ticket, the woman behind the podium at the door taking it and checking his name off on the list, telling him which table he's seated at. Charlie and Guerrero are seated at the same table, along with Fargo, a demon who introduces himself as Nathan Ford, an independent consultant, a demon named Peter Burke who alternately glares at his watch and the doorway, and a young man named Neal Caffrey who takes the last seat just before the doors close. Guerrero had been sniggering for some reason when Ford had introduced himself to the others, it turns out that they've known each other for a few years now. There had been some small talk at the table after the meal had been served but before the speakers begin to speak.

Peter had glared at Neal when he'd took his seat, it's obvious to everybody at the table they know each other. “Relax Peter, you had a call from Elizabeth after you left, that's what took me so long.” Peter stops glaring at the younger man. “How is she?”

“Good, she's got a new client so she's not missing you, though Satchmo is sulking.” Neal sniggers. “I called June while I was upstairs, June's taking her and Mozzie to dinner tonight.”

“Oh god,” Peter moans. Neal snickers. Peter hushes him as the head of the convention stands, tapping his glass to get everybody's attention.

Later that night a man steps to the front of the room, looking at the few demons in the audience. This meeting wasn't scheduled in the handouts, instead only a select few got messages to come at this time, when no other meetings were scheduled to keep from a conflict on other panels. For you see, these are special demons, these demons have taken semi-permanent human partners.

Alexx is there in the front row, she's one of the few demons who not only have children but are actually involved in raising them. Most, like Halfrek, if they become involved with a human, arrange for their human partner to raise the child or put them with foster parents. Sitting next to her is Guerrero, he'd left Christopher upstairs with a 'suggestion' to sleep. Charlie Crews is there also, putting away his phone after talking to Ted. There's only a few others who quietly enter the room, Peter Burke among them..

“I don't know if we all know each other, but we all have something in common. We've all become involved, seriously involved, with humans. I've been doing some research and I have found out something about our human partners.”

“We're not hurting them, are we?” Charlie asks, stunned.

“No, indeed the opposite. Our energies, usually transmitted to them during sex, retards the aging process to a degree and for those of you in dangerous situations, helps them heal faster if they're injured.” Guerrero nods, remembering patching up Chance both before and after they became lovers. What he'd thought, hell what he knew were severe if not life-threatening injuries at the time were far less dangerous when he's finally been able to patch the younger man up. At the time he'd thought he'd just been imagining things or fearing the worst, now he knows that Chance had been that badly injured but was healing faster than normal.

“That explains a few things.” Charlie says quietly. “Ted recently cut his hand, by the time I got to him with the bandages, it was nearly healed.”

“The closer you are to your partner, the faster the healing and the younger they stay. You understand why this information is being kept top secret, only those of us in the room knows it.”

“Yes,” Charlie says. “Not the Justice Demons, but I can see vengeance demons creating a 'harem' as it were of humans, promising them eternal youth.”

“Or unscrupulous humans seeking out Vengeance Demons for their gifts.” Guerrero sighs. “Continued sexual contact keeps humans young and speeds healing?”

The man at the front of the room nods. “Continued contact helps, for those of you who have human associates who are not lovers. .. or families, but sexual contact is stronger.”

Guerrero smirks. “Then Dr. Guerrero is going to go upstairs, wake his 'patient', and give him his 'injection'.” Nodding at the others, he leaves the room. The meeting breaks up soon afterwards, everybody thinking about what had been said as the wards protecting the room from eavesdroppers are removed and the presenter goes to the elevator to meet with his own 'patient' for their 'inoculation'.

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