Wipeout--Gundam Wing Style by josette grover

One bored pilot and a game show--What could possibly go wrong???


In case anybody had any doubts, this is pure crack

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Did I mention the crack?
Chapter 1 by josette grover

“Up next, we have Duo Maxwell, he's one of our youngest contestants today. Jill spoke to him earlier.”

“Hello Mr. Maxwell.”

“Call me Duo, please.” he smiles at the woman holding them microphone, smirking slightly as he hears Wufei growling.

“Why did you decide to be a contestant on wipeout?

“Because it looks like fun.”

“The horn sounds and we're off, he runs down the ramp and onto the floating platforms. Our first obstacle is the piano keys. The object of this exercise is to get across the keys without falling into the mud. He's halfway across and . . . Oh no, he fell off.”

Quatre winces at the irate screech Duo makes when he hits the muddy water.

“Well John, not all of the keys are stationary. Duo swims through the mud until he reaches the ladder. Now he's got to to through the second set of keys. Remember only the twelve people with the highest times on this round go on to the next.”

Duo scrambles out of the mud, "And he's off to the next obstacle, the big balls.”

Duo pauses at the top of the platform, looking at the five balls in front of him. Unfortunately he didn't look behind him. A giant foam anvil swings down and boots him off the platform. He bounces off the first red ball and into the water. Wufei's lips twitch, Quatre sighs.

“Oh well, at least the water will rinse the mud off.”

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