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Xander/StarGate SG-1 - After a rough day battling false Gods Colonel O'Neill returns home to find someone waiting for him and this person knows everything about him including things his teammates don't know and Jack really wished they never learn about.

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Genres: Action/Adventure, Mystery/Thriller
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Series: Blackmail Is Such A Dirty Word
Chapters: 5 Completed: Yes
Word count: 10709 Read: 100021
Published: 2009.09.27 Updated: 2009.10.11
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Setting: Buffy - post Graduation Day/ Stargate SG-1 - beginning of Season 3


1. Blackmail Is Such A Dirty Word - ch 1/5 by Lady FoxFire [Reviews - 1] (1496 words)

My Muse like to write unusual twists into her work so if Xander appears to be out of character in this fic or you're thinking that 'he would never' I simply ask to wait until as see what she has planned.

2. Blackmail Is Such A Dirty Word - ch 2/5 by Lady FoxFire [Reviews - 1] (1242 words)

Ok, I will admit this isn't much of a chapter. The big thing in this chapter is the introduction of a new character and some clues on what to come. Sorry but basically it's a filler chapter.

3. Blackmail Is Such A Dirty Word - ch 3/5 by Lady FoxFire [Reviews - 1] (5395 words)

OK, when I started this chapter I gave my Muse free range to do whatever she wanted and this is the result. And if I tried to edit it or refine it she more or less b*tch slapped me and told me to leave it alone. So this chapter is a bit… different than my usual stuff.

4. Blackmail Is Such A Dirty Word - ch 4/5 by Lady FoxFire [Reviews - 3] (1595 words)

Damn I realize what a shit storm chapter 3 would be. I mean I know the Buffy and Willow lovers would jump to their defense but I think I was more surprised by how unreasonable they were. Of course I did have an equal number of people who defended my fic from the attack. By the end of Sunday night I was heartsick from it all to the point that I hate Buffy and Willow, something I never did before, and wish nothing more than to write the most vile fanfic I could about them. Of course I soon realize that I shouldn't waste me time of those… spoiled brats but it would still be nice to see Joyce paddle both of them until they couldn't sit down.

Edit - Oct 4, 2009 - removed Back-story because I can do better. The story is now in the form I had original written. Enjoy!


5. Blackmail Is Such A Dirty Word - ch 5/5 by Lady FoxFire [Reviews - 5] Liked (981 words)

And here we are at the end of the story and yes, I've already started a sequel. And yes, I'm working on my sequel to the God of Chaos.