Imagine: The List
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Author's Chapter Notes:

Ok, I will admit this isn't much of a chapter. The big thing in this chapter is the introduction of a new character and some clues on what to come. Sorry but basically it's a filler chapter.

That night everyone at SGC who able to was busy trying to discover who Xander Harris was, his past, where he was currently and how he gained his knowledge about Colonel O'Neill and the StarGate.

Twelve hours had passed since Jack O'Neill found an intruder in his house when General Hammond called for a meeting.

"What do we have?" General Hammond demanded as he walked into the briefing room. His anger over the situation was visible to anyone who knew the man.

"Not much, sir," Carter replied as she typed on the keyboard. The picture that appeared on the screen looked like it had been taken from a high school yearbook. "Alexander LaVelle Harris."

"LaVelle?" Jack said with a slight snicker.

Carter barely spared the Colonel a look before continuing on. "Alexander LaVelle Harris of Sunnydale California. Age 17. Parents are Anthony and Jessica Harris. The father is a plant worker and mother is a cashier. He recently graduated high school with a C-average. However when an IQ was done on him, he ranked at near genius level. There is some suspected criminal and gang activity but no concrete evidence. No military or intelligence connections."

"Sunnydale," Daniel said thoughtfully. "Where have I heard that before?"

Carter tapped a few keys and a news article that was dated only a few weeks ago replaced the picture of Harris. The article was about a gas explosion that occurred during the graduation ceremony in the town of Sunnydale.

"The local ATF has reported that it was caused by a natural gas leak combined with an undiscovered methane leak from the sewers," Carter stated. "You probably read it in the paper or saw it on the news, Daniel."

"The local ATF must be really good to have filed a report on the explosion so quickly," Jack commented as he studied the article on the screen. "Or they were told what to say."

Hammond nodded his head as he too studied the image on the screen. "But is it connected? And what is more important is how did Harris learn about SGC and the Colonel's past?"

"I might have an answer to some of that, sir," Carter replied as she typed on the keyboard. "Willow Rosenburg, know associate to Mr. Harris. The FBI suspect that Ms Rosenburg is a hacker who goes by the name of Red_tree however they haven't been able to confirm this. What we do know is that Red_tree has hacked a number of private and government computer systems, including the Pentagon."

"And you suspect that girl is the source of Mr. Harris's information?" Hammond asked.

"That one possibility, sir," Carter answered. "At least for some of the information Harris has about the Colonel's past but not for all of it."

"It wouldn't be hard to find out about my childhood. I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find someone who wouldn't love to tell stories about how I was growing up," Jack supplied. "The fact that the kid had information about SGC concerns me more."

However before anyone could comment there was a knock on the door before it opened and an Airman entered the room. Saluting the General the Airman said, "Sir, there is a Colonel Pierce at the front gate asking to see you, sir. He said to tell you it's concerning Xander Harris, sir."

Hammond and O'Neill looked at each other for a moment. "Have him shown to my office, Airman."

"Sir. Yes, sir," the Airman replied with a salute before exiting the room.

"I think we should meet with Colonel Pierce and find our what he know about our Mr. Harris, don't you Colonel," Hammond rose from his chair.

"Couldn't agree with you more, sir."




After knocking on the door Sgt. Walter Davis stepped into the room, "Sir, Colonel Pierce is here to see you," he said.

"Send him in," Hammond said briskly.

"Yes, sir," Davis replied as he turned to face the Colonel. "The General will see you now, Colonel."

"Thank you, Sergeant," replied a man with a deep voice.

Davis stepped aside as the man with silver eagle insignias on his Marine uniform entered General Hammond's office and snapped off a salute. Davis closed the door.

"Colonel Pierce," Hammond said as he returned the salute. "Have a seat, Colonel. Allow me to introduce you to Colonel Jack O'Neill, second in command."

"Colonel," Pierce said with a nod of his head as he sat down.

"So what brings you to my base, Colonel Pierce?" Hammond asked, his Texan drawl thicker than normal as he portrayed more of his 'good old boy' personality.

"Someone on your base has been making inquires about one Alexander Harris," Pierce stated. "And I was sent here to find out why."

"So they sent you out here?" Jack asked. "Wouldn't a phone call be faster?"

"When those in charge says jump, you don't ask why, just how high," Pierce replied with a chuckle.

"Colonel Pierce, I find it very interesting that within twelve hours of someone on my base starting a background check on Mr. Harris, I have a Marine Corp Colonel at my door," Hammond stated. "It makes one wonder what exactly makes Mr. Harris so interesting to the Marines."

Pierce took a breath and slowly exhaled. "Sir, do you know who is looking into Mr. Harris and reasons behind it?"

Hammond nodded his head. "I do, Colonel and you haven't answered my question."

Pierce doesn’t respond immediately. "While I'm not permitted to go into details…" he said as he carefully choose his words, "I can say that Harris has… become involved with a matter that… has it's roots in our fight against the Third Reich during World War 2."

Both General Hammond and Colonel O'Neill were stunned at the unexpected answer.

"The kid is involved with Nazis?" Jack’s voice betrayed his confusion and disgust.

"Colonel Pierce," General Hammond said, "Would I be correct in assuming this matter has to deal with explosion at Harris' high school and why the ATF agents are claiming it was a gas explosion and why Harris is trying to blackmail one of my men."

Pierce blinked a couple of times. "Excuse me. Could you repeat that last bit, sir?"

"Which part?" Jack asked. "The gas explosion that never was or that the kid is trying to blackmail me."

"The blackmail," Pierce replied. "Sir, are we talking about the same Xander Harris?"

Hammond opened up a folder that was on his desk and handed Pierce a photo.

Pierce looked at the photo before handing it back. "And he's trying to blackmail you. May I ask with what?"

"With information about Colonel O'Neill past including his former and present military duties," Hammond answered. "Now what exactly is Harris involved in?"

"I'm sorry sir but I'm not at liberty to tell you," Pierce replied.

"Son, you do realize I could pick up this phone and have the President order you to tell me," Hammond threatened.

"There is no need for that, sir," Pierce answered. "I know exactly what the President would say on this matter."

"And how do you know that?" O'Neill asked.

"Because before I arrived here I was ordered by the President not to divulge any information about the matter unless directed to by the Knight," Pierce answered.

"And who is the Knight, Colonel or are you not at liberty to say," Hammond growled.

"That's correct, sir," Pierce replied with a grimace. "Unfortunately the Knight vanished about three weeks ago from Sunnydale. Harris's appearance may be our first chance to locate him."

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