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Summary: AU for both. SamDawn. What if Sam's college girlfriend was a certain ex-Key? Dawn left Sunnydale for Stanford wanting a fresh start. Will she be dragged back into her old life?
Rated: FRT
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Genres: Action/Adventure, AU, Romance
Warnings: Het
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Published: 2010.03.11 Updated: 2010.06.10
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1. Chapter 1 by kirallie [Reviews - 0] (2896 words)
Looks like this is one of my few non slash fics. Wow. Main pairing SamDawn. Au. Mentions of main character death

2. Chapter 2 by kirallie [Reviews - 0] (2960 words)

3. Chapter 3 by kirallie [Reviews - 0] (1845 words)

4. Chapter 4 by kirallie [Reviews - 0] (1200 words)
Link to picture of Dawn's wedding dress:
the three pictures at the bottom

5. Chapter 5 by kirallie [Reviews - 0] (1455 words)

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