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Title: The Secret Ingredient
Author: Border.Travis
Fandom: You pick
Summary:  not telling would spoil the story
Type: Gen
Rating: all ages may change
Sylum Fic: NO
Disclaimer: I don't own them. I’m just borrowing them for a while
Author's Notes:  baby zombie bunny that gummed my sneakers
Word count 599

When the zombies started rising he used guns till he ran out of ammo then switched to a machete, which worked okay but meant he had to get a lot closer to the zombies that he wanted to. But it did work on taking out the walking dead.

The break through came when he stopped at a Long John Silver’s, finding the power on and the freezers running. He fried up all he could fit in his coolers in the back of his van. After that he decided to gorge himself on all the fried clams he could hold.

So he was more than a little startled when a baby zombie crawled up, and tried to gum it’s way through his boots. Jumping up he  dumped his tray off the table, right onto the babies head. The full opened bottle of vinegar spilled every where.

In shock he watched as the baby melted like the wicked witch of the west. Using his machete he finished the zombie off, then stood very still holding his breath. Waiting to see if the little zombie’s death howls had attracted  any more zombies, since they will eat each other when they cant get live prey.

After that he switched to a super soaker  and balloons filled with vinegar. It had many benefits one was that it was very quiet. And refills where abundant since it was left behind on the shelves of many stores.

Six months in the isolation started to get to him, in each location he stopped in he scaled a billboard and left a message behind. It was a simple message  saying ~need a friend call 555-465-8986~. For months nothing happened but he kept his phone charged none the less.

For a month nothing happened  then one day the phone rang, startling him so badly he almost drove right into the ditch. He fumbled for the phone and answered in a trembling voice “hello”

For about 10 seconds all her heard was some one breathing then the person answered, with a question “is this friend ?”

“yeah this is friend, who is this ?”

“just someone looking for a friend”

Over time more info was shared from favorite books to food to music, then they compared notes on weapons . Friend had never thought of nor tried vinegar, they then experimented with different types and concentrations. They found cider or malt vinegar worked best and that white vinegar  worked the worst.

The calls could come at any hour on any day, so the phone was always close to hand and kept charged. Now and then a new friend would find one of the messages left by him or his friend.

After 3 years the last of the zombies fell apart or starved to death, so the friends called each other and arranged a gathering. They all agreed the gathering needed to be some where open, and had to be held in the daytime.

So he was loading his van with all the food and vinegar it could hold and heading for the gathering of friends. He had high hopes that he would find someone, even if all he could ask for was a hug. Even that would be worth anything to him so he took off music blaring loudly into the spring air
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