Imagine: The List
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Dean stumbled back to the road and the Impala, one hand clenching his torn shirt tightly against his wound. He knew he needed a hospital, despite how much he hated them. He could only hope his fake insurance was still good. He staggered as he reached the car, collapsing into the driver’s seat and reaching painfully for his first aid kit. He managed to better staunch the blood and then started the engine, driving back to town. He pulled in at his motel, knowing too many questions would be asked if they got a look at the Impala, so he got out, heading for the front desk to ask them to call an ambulance. The last thing he saw was a set of startled hazel eyes as strong arms wrapped around him.

Sam stared down at the hunter in his arms, alarmed by the amount of blood he could smell and see. He could survive it easily, but a human? He got Dean into his car and took off for the hospital, running inside with Dean cradled to his chest. He was immediately swarmed by the staff who took Dean from him and rolled him away. Sam slumped against the wall, trying not to let the smells of the hospital get to him, sometimes enhanced senses really sucked. He fought the urge to pace or even snarl at some of the watching people, knowing that he couldn’t afford the attention. He wanted to know if Dean was okay. He hadn’t seen the other hunter in nearly a year and yet….he wanted him to be safe. He shook his head, thinking like that would get him killed. He couldn’t afford to let himself get close to anyone lest they learn his secret. And yet….something about Dean called to both sides of his nature. The human part longed for companionship and the beast…it wanted someone to share in the hunt.

“Excuse me?” A voice called and Sam fought the urge to growl as he focused on the young woman beside him.
“You brought the young man with the side wound in, correct?”

“Yes.” He answered and she nodded.

“I need some details please.”

“His name is Dean West; he’s twenty three and my brother.” He answered lying through his teeth, but he figured Dean would need an alias and he wanted to be kept informed so he said they were brothers.

“And the cause of his injuries?”

“I don’t know. He was out last night, I found him like that.” Sam said.
“Will he be okay?”

“The doctors have taken him for surgery but they seemed fairly sure he would live. Don’t worry; they know what they’re doing.”

“Thank you.” Sam said and she smiled before walking away.

Dean moaned as the light pierced his eyes but then it was muted, much to his relief.

“It’s okay Dean, you’re safe in the hospital. You’ve been here for a week, are you finally waking up properly?” A teasing voice called and Dean struggled to open his eyes. That wasn’t his Dad or Bobby but the voice did tug at his memory.
“Maybe I should start charging you for rescues.” It said and it clicked, Sam. He finally forced his eyes open to see the shaggy brown hair and hazel eyes of the younger hunter.

“S…” He croaked and a cup of ice chips was held up to his mouth. He sighed in relief as the moisture soaked into his throat.

“Take it easy, it was touch and go for a while, they nearly lost you.” Sam told him and Dean stared at him, where had Sam come from.
“You collapsed in my arms at the motel. Wasn’t exactly what I was expecting when I recognised your car in the lot. I’m guessing you got the Wendigo but it got you too?” Sam asked and Dean nodded lethargically.
“Oh, and according to your medical records your name is Dean West and you’re my big brother. Had to come up with it on the fly but I didn’t want you waking up alone.” Sam told him and Dean stared at him in surprise, he was used to waking up alone.

“Thanks.” He croaked out and Sam smiled.

“No problem. I uh, cleaned your car out too so no one would see the blood and I moved your stuff to my room so don’t worry about the motel bill. Figured you didn’t want them asking awkward questions if they went in to gather your things.” Sam continued and Dean nodded again.
“Well I’ll go let the doctors know you’re awake so they can check you over. Visiting hours are over anyway. I’ll be back tomorrow.” Sam stood up and Dean reached out, just brushing his arm.

“Thanks.” He whispered and Sam smiled, flashing dimples.

“No problem.” With that the younger hunter was gone. Dean mentally groaned as several medical staff swarmed in a few seconds later, he’d prefer Sam’s company.

It was another week before Dean was released, with firm orders to take it easy and to finish his antibiotics, and he was surprised that Sam had stuck around the whole time and sure enough the taller man was waiting for him outside the hospital as he was released. Sam opened the passenger door of his car and Dean eased himself down into it.

“How does it feel to be free?” Sam asked with a grin and Dean laughed.

“Great.” He relaxed back into the seat as Sam drove them back to the motel. Sam walked beside him as they walked to the room, ready to intercede if Dean needed help but allowing Dean to walk unaided which he appreciated. Sam opened the door to reveal a Spartan room with two beds in it, Dean’s bag on the one farthest from the door. He noticed all the subtle protections and was impressed even as he made his way over to the bed. He gingerly lowered himself and relaxed as the mattress took his weight.

“How are you feeling?” Sam asked and Dean shrugged.
“Need anything?”

“Normal food?” Dean asked and Sam laughed but nodded.

“Be back in a bit then. Your knife’s under the pillow.” Sam told him before leaving to get them lunch. Dean sighed and checked his knife before rolling to stare at the ceiling. Sam confused him. He’d seemed pretty eager to get rid of Dean the first time they’d meat, once he’d been sure that Dean was okay at least, but now he was hanging around, eager to help. It just didn’t make any sense.

Sam watched the Impala vanish from even his enhanced vision and tried to ignore the feeling of loneliness it caused. He forced himself to go back into the room, trying to ignore the lingering scent of Dean as he packed his own things. With Dean recovered and back on the road there was no reason for him to stay. His laptop beeped and he moved it so he could see the screen, smiling slightly when he saw who the email was from. He typed a quick reply before shutting the laptop off and putting it into its bag. It always made him happy to hear from his Dad, even if the older hunter just thought he was another hunter. Maybe one day he could tell him the truth, on his death bed or something and for that second have his only remaining family recognise him, even if his Dad hated what he was.

Sam shook those thoughts aside as he turned his room key in and then left, heading the opposite way on the main road to the Impala. He wondered if, when he’d see or hear from Dean again. He laughed as he opened the inexpertly wrapped package Dean had left for him, seeing the cassettes it held. He put one in and grinned as Black Sabbath began to play, sure it wasn’t his usual thing but he could listen to a gift and enjoy it. He was off on the hunt his Dad had emailed him and honestly he couldn’t really be happier…..unless Dean had been with him.

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