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Summary: Magnificent 7:  One little one's loss is the most unlikely of the seven's gain.
Rated: FRT
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Genres: AU
Warnings: Original Character Death
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Published: 2008.08.02 Updated: 2008.08.04

1. Chapter 1 by Jaderose [Reviews - 0] (3954 words)
Disclaimer:  Mine!  Mine!  All mine!  But I'm willing to share. *cackle* Hey!  What's with the extra long sleeves on the coat?  Ooooo, pretty drugs. *Attendent*: She apologizes for being off her meds.  Magnificent 7 belongs to other people.  The O'Neills belong to her. No money is being made. Thank you for your time.  Nothing more to see here.

2. Chapter 2 by Jaderose [Reviews - 0] (3908 words)