Imagine: The List
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Story Notes:

Might possibly cross into other fandoms later, but right now, only Buffy.

Author's Chapter Notes:

This part is short since my muse didn't want to work on the beginning of the story.  *glares at muse* 

Xander stared across the bomb at O'Toole, waiting. He hadn't been lying when he said he didn't mind the silence. Being pushed out and away by his friends, Cordy leaving him, it all add up to a silence he was beginning to enjoy. There was no need to find words to fill up the empty spaces. No need for jokes to break the tension. Just him alone in his mind, something he hadn't had the chance to experience since Jesse died.

He waited, arms crossed and eyes narrowed as the silence filled the room. The zombie teen darted forward and stopped the timer. Nodding, Xander let his gaze drift to the bomb before settling back on Jack. He could see the fear in Jack's eyes, the realization that it had nearly been the true end for the zombie and he grinned.


"Go," he said quietly. "And Jack, don't let me see you here again."


Stepping aside, he let the the other teen bolt out the door, nearly sagging to the floor in relief. While he hadn't been quite bluffing, it was still nice to be alive. He glared at the bomb and started to dismantle it. There was no way he was leaving it as it was in the basement. Some idiot could come along and start it back up and any time that way. As he worked a startled scream sounded and abruptly cut off. He glanced at he closed door and shook his head. With whatever was going on with the Hellmouth, who knew what was crawling around the school. When finished, he pocketed the more important pieces, like the trigger mechanism, and headed back upstairs.


Outside the room the smell of fur and musk reached him and he looked around for Oz. He figured they must have stashed the werewolf down here to be safe. No seeing any sign of his friend, he continued on. It didn't matter much anyway. He and the wolf had settled their differences, the wolf understanding that despite the remnants of the hyena rattling around in his mind, Xander wasn't dominate and wasn't looking to take any of Oz's pack from him. It was more like he was lone, odd wolf that was sometimes included.


Walking up the stairs he stifled a laugh. It was pathetic that he had more understanding from a feral creature than his own friends.



"Xander! What are you doing here!" Buffy yelled. "I thought I told you we didn't need your help tonight."


Xander turned to look at the crew limping tiredly from the library, sighing silently at the glares Willow and Buffy were shooting at him. "I wasn't here to help you, Buffy. I was here stopping a zombie from setting off a bomb in the basement."


"That's not funny, Xander," Willow chided.


Shaking his head, Xander tossed some of the bits from his pocket at Angel, knowing the vampire would see them for what they were. Shocked eyes met his and he nodded once.


"He's telling the truth," the vampire conceded.


"Zombie?" Giles asked, stepping further out of the library.


"Jack O'Toole," Xander said with a shrug. "His grandfather did it. He raised some friends but the Sister got them." He paused and glanced at Willow. "I think Oz ate him though."


The redhead paled then turned a sickly green. "He's so brushing and gargling for the next week," she said faintly.


"You good, Boy Toy?" Faith asked.


"Five by five."


"You know that ain't gonna happen again, right?"


"I figured that," Xander said with a smile. "Rather be friends anyway."


The darker Slayer blinked and nodded. "Sounds good to me."


"What are you talking about?" Willow asked, her eyes bouncing between the two of them.


"Nothing," Xander said, waving her off. "I'm heading home. See you guys tomorrow."


As he walked away, Xander could hear the whispered debate but ignored it. He would stick with the because he wanted too, but he had proven he didn't need them.

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