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"I can believe they would say something like that to me " where the first words out of Xander's mouth as he stormed in to the apartment, slamming the door behind him.

"Xan pet, what's got you knickers in a twist?" Spike called softly, wiping his hands off on a dishtowel as he walked out of their kitchen. Watching as Xander paced back and forth across the living room.
"No Xander you can't sign up for the race it's too dangerous you might get hurt " mimicked Xander in an eerie impression of Buffy's voice. Flinching as Xander flung his hard hat at the wall "Buffy's right, Xander you could get hurt." came next in willow's voice, followed by another thud as his tool belt impacted the wall.

Sighing as he stepped out of the kitchen, Spike reached out and stopped Xander. Forcing the brunette to meet his eyes, Spike leaned in and kissed him. Waiting till he felt some of the anger leeching out of Xander's body, "Now pet let's start at the beginning of the story for me hmmm." wrapping his arms tightly around Spikes waist, Xander laid his head on Spike's shoulder.

To some seeing the scene from outside the pairing would have seemed horribly mismatched, but to the pair it made perfect sense. Those that should have loved them had abused them both, Spike by Darla, Drucilla, and the Master after Angel was cursed with his soul. And no longer able to protect his favorite child. Xander first by his parents and uncle, then by his friends. Who never noticed that it was Xander who repaired and replaced the damaged weapons.
Two damaged men who between themselves where starting the process of remaking them selves, into strong confident men. Needing only each other to be complete.

Things had been becoming more and more strained since the trio's graduation from high school; Xander's summer road trip had been an excellent chance for Xander and Spike, to cement their relationship. After their return the two had found a large apartment in a demon controlled building. Trading their skills in carpentry and oddly enough in spikes case bookkeeping, which has caused a raised eyebrow and a snicker from Xander when Spike had admitted it.

Which Spike had promptly removed by kissing the brunette silly, throwing him over his shoulder and later screwing him through the couch, the mattress and the shower wall before the two had run out of steam. Xander had returned the favor a week later on Spike's death day.

Slowly Spike moved them towards the bedroom, he had found over time that Xander would talk best in the quiet dimness of their bedroom. Pulling Xander down next to him on the bed Spike started purring very softly, running his hands up and down Xander's back. Waiting till he felt all the tension melt out of his mate's body "better love?

Softly he heard Xander whisper "yes". "Now why don’t you tell me what's got you so mad, and what it's got to do with Slutty and Whitchy". Taking a deep breath " You remember that show where the teams race around the world and the first team across the finish line wins, well we where having our Friday night pizza and movie party for Dawnie. And they had this ad on saying they where looking for teams for the next one, any way Dawnie and I where joking about signing up for it and that's when Buffy told Dawnie that she to young which is true.

Then they started saying I was too clumsy and stupid to enter the race, let alone, make it past the first test." Taking a deep breath Xander continued "It just made me so mad, I mean they never even noticed that once you had me get my eyes checked and I had got my glasses and contacts my clumsiness got better."
Shifting back so that he could see Spike's face "That and the lessons from Master Lee" smiling at him "Thank you for those lessons"
"Anyway they totally ignored Dawnie and I after that, Buffy and Willow started saying that they where going to enter that race and win it. That for them it was going to be too easy, that with Buffy's strength and speed and Willow' brains and magic nobody else would have a shot at the prize. It just made me so angry I had to leave before I said something realy to them"
"But driving home I just kept getting madder and madder, just once Spike I want to win to make Willow and Buffy see. To make them realize that I am just as good as them, just once, does that make me a bad person Spike?” All through the story Xander's voice had been getting quieter and quieter.

Taking a breath Spike looked him in the eyes "No pet it makes you human, something that Slutty and Whitchy seem to forget regularly. Now here's what I think we should do, We are going to enter that Race and we are going to out last Slutty and Whitchy. And if that's all we do then we have achieved our goal, but if we win that's extra icing on the cake. Wonder if we can get Peaches and some of his team to enter, maybe Ripper and his mate Ethan as well. You do have email address for them don't you?"

"Yeah I do, Cody and the others email me and each other all the time. So that we can stay up to date on the latest Big Bad's. But what does that have to do with Buffy and Willow?"
"Well Xan luv, why don't we see how many of their former friends would like chance to kick their butts on public TV?" spike asked with barely concealed look of malicious glee of his face.

A stunned look on his face Xander just lay there for a few minutes, before he put it all together " Oh my god, Spike that is so crazy it just might work. Do you think we can really talk Angel and the others into doing it?”

"Pet after the way Slutty and Whitchy have treated their ex's, they'll probably say yes before you can explain what you want. Now you go email everybody while I get dinner on the table". Brushing a kiss across Xander's lips Spike rolled out of bed, as he left the room he called out "Xan the faster you email them and we eat the quicker I shag you to senseless "

Rolling out of bed Xander pelted the other way down the hall, sliding into his computer chair. He opened up his email program, and clicked on compose.


RE: dealing with Buffy and Willow

Buffy and Willow have put Dawn and I down for the last time. The final straw was when Dawn and I where joking about entering the great race. Buffy in the most insulting and obnoxious manner pointed out that Dawn was too young. And then informed me that I was to stupid and clumsy to enter the race, which we all know is not true closely echoed by willow. So Spike and I are going to enter the race and we where hoping that some of you will enter along side us. I will include the link below.
If you choose not to enter please do not tell willow and Buffy.
And Giles could you please talk to the lawyer about neglect and abandonment rulings, I think it is time that Dawn came to live with Spike and I.

Please write me soon

Hitting send Xander logged on to the website to fill out the form. After completing the form with both his and Spike’s contact information, Xander took a deep breath and clicked submit. “Well Spike we should know in a couple of days, if we made it” Xander announced to the looming form of his mate
“Alright Xan time to eat, I have steaks, garlic mashed potatoes, and salad’s all on the table. So let’s eat. I’m starving! And if you’re a very good boy I made chocolate mouse for dessert”. With that last statement Spike leered at Xander from the doorway. With a smile Xander followed Spike towards the kitchen, knowing very well that the chocolate mouse was not going to be eaten at the table.
“Spike just please remember to use the old sheets, when you practice you painting. Alright?”

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