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Wild Bunny that seems to have stalled. Xander and the others get revenge on Buffy and Willow. They are joined by scoobies new and old as well as their ex's. Was posted elsewhere's reposted here

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Published: 2012.06.16 Updated: 2012.06.16
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I don't own so don't sue,they belong to their creators I'm just playing with them and will put them back when I'm done

1. The Great Race Part 1 (Xander and Spike) by Starshinedogs [Reviews - 0] (1395 words)

2. The Great Race Part 2 (Wes and Gunn) by Starshinedogs [Reviews - 0] (737 words)

3. The Great Race Part 3 (Cordy Dennis Doyle) by Starshinedogs [Reviews - 0] Liked (1196 words)