Imagine: The List
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“Welcome to the 101st annual Criminal Justice Demon convention.” Tru says aloud in disbelief, staring at the sheet of paper in front of her. “A big welcome to our newest members, Tru Davies and Dean Winchester. For those of you in the medical community, we have enclosed a list of lectures and demonstrations in your packet.”

“Cool, I don't have one of those.” A male voice says behind her. She turns around. “Dean Winchester, and since you've got the same stunned look I had earlier, I'd say you're Tru Davies.”

“Yes.” Tru finally stammers, taking the outstretched hand. “I'm half demon on my father's side, you?”

“Got the attention of a demon when I sold my soul to save my brother's life.” Dean shrugs. “I'm a freelance demon hunter, you?”

“I work in a morgue where people who have died talk to me, I then start the day over again and try to save their lives.” Tru says, blinking.

“Cool, I know there's a few here who work in morgues, probably that's one of the topics you'll be listening to. Like I said I'm freelance, so I don't have to attend any lectures instead I get to check out all the cool toys.” Dean chuckles. “Though I think that after this year there's going to be lectures for freelancers/vigilantes to try to keep us out of trouble.”

Tru looks over at where an older gentleman is kissing the hand of a black female. “Let's get you introduced to some people, that's Ducky and Alexx. Alexx is a ME in Miami, Ducky works for NCIS out of DC.” Dean calls to them waving and pulling Tru along.

“Ducky?” Tru blinks, allowing herself to be pulled along. This has got to be some strange dream. She pinches herself, nope.

“His last name is Mallard, everybody calls him Ducky. Watch, that's the first thing he'll tell you.” Dean says. He swerves around groups of people catching up on events or in some case screaming 'why didn't you tell me you were a JD, dammit' and finally joins them. “Hey Ducky, Alexx, this is Tru she works in a morgue so I think she's going to be joining you today.”

“Hello sugar, glad you could join us.” Alexx says, pulling Tru into her arms for a hug before blinking. “Excuse me for a second, I need to go smack the hell out of my son.” Tru watches her stalk off, a male voice yelping in surprise a second later. “Yow.”

“Speedy, why the hell didn't you tell me you were a demon too?” she demands.

“I didn't know until I got shot, Alexx, I swear. I'm half demonic, my real mom is Halfrek.” Speed rubs the back of his head. “Why aren't you hitting H, he's here too?” he whines as he sees the other man smirking over Alexx's shoulder.

“I already knew he was a Justice Demon.” Alexx snorts, turning and walking back to where Tru is standing stunned. Ducky smiles calmly. “Sorry about that dear.” Alexx pats Tru's hand. “Since we got some time before our first session, why don't we get something to drink. I know since you're new to all this, you've got a few questions and I'd like to hear how you became a JD.” Alexx pulls Tru off in the direction of the restaurant, a smiling Ducky following behind them. Horatio and Speed watch them leave. “We won't see her until we get back to Miami, she's got a new chick to protect.” H says, turning around and watching the others over his sunglasses before reaching out and smacking Speed.

“Oww, what was that for?” Speed yelps. H had gotten him in the same spot as Alexx.

“For getting yourself shot.” he says, turning to walk away. “Stella.” he calls to a new arrival. She turns around to see who had called her and blinks. “Horatio Caine? You're the last person I would have expected for a JD. Newbie?” she asks hopefully.

“No, I'm actually one of the oldest here.” Horatio smiles. “There's supposed to be an older one coming, but I haven't heard who he or she may be.”

“Hodges? You're the other Justice Demon in Vegas?” Warrick asks, seeing a familiar face in the crowd milling around. “I thought it might be Sidle.”

Hodges snorts. “Please, not even we want anything to do with Sara. Even though her 'my job is everything' would make her a perfect candidate. We want somebody who actually has a life so they bring 'humanity' to the job.”

Warrick snorts. “Then why are you a JD?”

Hodges sighs. “Both my parents were demons, so I come by it honestly. I wouldn't have figured you for one though, maybe Nick after he was buried alive, Doc Robbins since there's a lot of ME's in the field, or even somebody like Grissom.”

Warrick shudders. “Grissom would analyze everything to death.”

“When did you become a JD?” Hodges asks after taking a sip of coffee.

“Remember the shooting in my old neighborhood? My friend's daughter was killed?” Hodges nods. “Then. You?”

“I got called to deflect the shit Ecklie and the Sheriff do, that way crime victims still get justice.” he says quietly.

“I'd wondered why you were a JD and still in the lab, I would have figured if anybody was a lab tech JD it would be a crime scene tech or somebody like Greggy who left the lab.”

“Okay,” a voice says from the direction of the podium as Horatio enters the room. “For those of you who are police officers or CSI, what kind of problems do you have?”

“Soft-headed judges who let perps go with a slap on the wrist.” a voice in the crowd rumbles. “Then they get upset when the perps get into trouble as soon as they're released and wonder why we couldn't stop them.”

“As one of those 'soft-headed judges' I should probably be upset.” another voice says. The first person turns around. “Judge Marshall, what are you doing here?” Kermit Griffin asks, blinking.

Judge Marshall looks at him. “I'm a judge by day, vigilante by night.” he shrugs.

“You're the last person I expected to be a JD, but then you do give fair sentences.” Peter says.

“Caine, what are you doing here? I know you're not a JD, your father would throw a fit.”

“I'm Kermit's guest.” Peter says. “When did you become a JD?”

“When my wife and daughter were killed in a bomb meant for me.” Judge Nick Marshall says softly. “I first called for vengeance, then after it was handled and I started working as a vigilante, I became both vengeance and Justice.”

“Can you do that?” Warrick asks.

“Yes, usually when a family member is killed in something that was intended for them. I can think of two others right offhand,” the speaker says. “Chris Larabee called for vengeance when his wife and son was killed, when Ella Gaines was dealt with he started working for Justice. Jethro Gibbs called for vengeance when his wife and young daughter were killed, when he got vengeance he started working for Justice as well. Dual demons are very, very rare and you have to be very strong to deal with both aspects.”

“I've met both Larabee and Gibbs, and they are very strong, very determined, very driven individuals.” Horatio says.

“Horatio Caine?” a voice from the shadows says as Benton Fraser walks forward. “It is a pleasure to meet you again.”

“Constable Fraser, good to see you again.” Horatio shakes the hand of the Mountie who'd worked with the team on a crossover case. “You are the last person I would have expected to find here.”

Benton flushes, looking away nervously. “I became a Justice Demon when I brought my father's killer to justice.” he says softly.

“How are you doing?” Horatio asks. “I heard that there was a problem with the Detective you work with in Chicago?”

“Detective Vecchio went undercover for the FBI, we currently have another detective pretending to be him at the station. He is a . . . rather unorthodox fellow.”
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