Imagine: The List
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In the Medical Justice Demons meeting room


“Hah, pay up you owe me five bucks.” A male voice crows in delight. “I told you House was demonic.” Gregory House looks over to see James Wilson almost dancing in delight around a disgusted looking Lisa Cuddy.


“What the hell are you two doing here?” House snorts as he walks over towards them. “I can see Jimmy as a JD because he deals with cancer patients, but what justice is there from being a hospital administrator?”


“Making you do clinic hours?” Wilson smirks as Cuddy grudgingly hands over a folded bill. “Lisa's my guest.”


“You're doing clinic hours without a fuss from now on or I'm going to scream you're a demon from the top of the hospital.” Cuddy threatens.


House smirks at her. “Go right ahead, everybody already thinks I'm demonic anyway. . . But nice try.” he pats her on the top of the head and walks away.


“Dammit, and he's right too.” Cuddy mutters as she takes a seat.


“Hello, I see a couple of new faces.” Quincy says as he stands in front of the podium. “One of you has to be Tru Davies.” Tru nods. “Don't be shy dear, we're all friendly here. . . except for Gregory of course and he doesn't bite that hard.” House smirks at him.


“Unless you have to work with him.” Cuddy mutters.


“Ahhh, you must be Lisa Cuddy then,” Quincy says, “James told me he was going to bring you as a guest today. Tru, care to tell us what you do?”


“I'm working my way through med school by working in a morgue. Dead people talk to me, telling me how they died. I then start the day over again and try to keep them from dying. Most of the time I make it, but there are some times. . .”


“Why didn't you apply for a scholarship?” Quincy asks. “As a Justice Demon, you'd get money for school and other expenses.”


“I just found out I was a JD.” Tru says. “I'm still getting used to everything.”


“See me after the discussion, I'll help you fill out the paperwork. You should have a check by the end of the convention.”


“Fascinating my dear,” Ducky says, patting her hand as she sits back down. “Most of us talk to our new arrivals, but none of them ever talk back to us.”


“You said you don't always succeed, that means that it was their time to die anyway sugar. Don't take it so hard.” Alexx pats her other hand.


“It's not that, there was a time when three frat boys were killed. I saved them, but they ended up arrested for attempted murder. It was such a waste.” Tru shakes her head.


“Today, we're going to talk about hiding and still being able to work efficiently.” Quincy nods at the door opening and a couple late arrivals slide into the room. “Johnny, Brice, I wasn't sure you were going to make it.”


“Sorry Quinc,” Johnny Gage says sitting down. “We just got off a double shift so we'd have the whole convention free.” Craig Brice brushes off his clothes and sits down, nodding once at everybody. “As I was saying, we're going to talk about hiding and still being able to work since it's a damn pain to have to erase people's memories if they catch us working and we all don't work with people who know what we are,” Quincy nods at Alexx and Ducky, “. . . or are grumpy bastards who scare everybody away from them.” He smirks at House who nods and smirks back.


“Oh just so you all know, you need to add Dr. Brackett to the list of those who know about Demons and are immune to having their memories wiped.” Johnny says, Brice turns to look at him in stunned disbelief. “He caught me bolstering Roy after an accident. I thought I'd wiped his memories but he caught me at the hospital fire and told me he knew.”


“Fuck! Gage, you get into more damn trouble. . .” Brice mutters. “Fine, I'll go talk to him.”


“No need boys,” a familiar voice says from the front of the room. Brice is stunned to see Drs. Brackett and Morton sitting there smirking back at him. “You must be new Johnny, you would have recognized us as demonic ourselves the first time you met us. We felt it when you changed. Ohh, Joe and Dix know about Demons too. Brice, you're old enough to have felt us though, you must be falling down on the job.”


Brice begins hitting his head on the back of the chair in front of him, muttering fuck over and over. Johnny calmly moves a couple seats down so he doesn't get any blood on him.


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