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Story Notes:

Title: Xander's Rescue

Author: Caliadragon

Fandom: Buffy/CM/Stargate

Warning: Prequel, Kidnapping, Unbeta'd, Gender Switching

Series: Life's Unexpected Changes

Part: 1/1

Disclaimer: None of the characters and fandoms in the fic belongs to me. I have no claim on any of them, though it would be fun if I did.

Feedback: Any feedback would be appreciated. You can reach me at

Archive: Any list I send it to, anyone with prior permission, BC, WWOMB, TTH

Part: 1/1

Spoilers: None, most of the shows are so AU they don't follow canon.

Xander Harris disappeared from LA after arriving on a transcontinental flight.  What happened to him remained a mystery to his friends and family for three months.  Willow and the other members of the Council's magickal force could only say that he was alive, any spell used could not pinpoint his exact location, and this scared many.  Had demons taken Xander? Was he a demon now? They had no idea; the only thing they knew was that he wasn't a vampire. 


Finally, they had to turn to the human authorities and pray that they would be able to find Xander.  Going to the authorities was much easier by the fact that the truth about the Supernatural had come out the year before.   With the awakening of the Slayers, the attack on Los Angeles and the attempted assassination of President Bartlett, no one could deny the existence of the Supernatural any longer.  


At first, no one knew what to make of these new revelations or how they would affect the world's populations.  The first major change was the revelation that there were slayers in the police force and other aspects of government for the entire world.  Africa, China, Japan, the United States, Europe, and India had the highest number of slayers per population.  They ranged from girls of 13 to women of 56.  The only thing the girls had in common was their strength and the fact that they as one felt the need to go to where the Scoobies, as they had become known through the Slayers, were stationed.  


The Council contacted slayers as soon as they were able.   The Council's reputation was cemented in this new awakening as a place that promoted peace, but would fight and die to keep it.  Andrew Wells and a few select people were allowed to give interviews.  They did not keep secret the deeds and reputation that the Old Council carried.  They admitted openly and without shame to the fact that the Old Council worked against the Slayers, they admitted to the kidnapping, buying, and killing of potentials and Slayers.  


The agents and military men that were looking into the kidnapping of Xander Harris had this to contend with when looking at who could have taken him.  The mere fact that the Council made as many enemies as they did allies also worked against the task force assigned to find Xander.


Riley Finn and Graham Miller were a part of the group looking for Xander.   They told the leaders of the taskforce looking for Xander to look for the scientists that worked for the Initiative.  The two men had learned that the Scientists and a group of military were trying to start the Initiative again.   General Jack O'Neill and the Behavioral Analysis Unit, or BAU as they were known, were the leaders of the group investigating Xander's disappearance. 


That was not to say that there were no other governmental agencies looking into what happened to Xander.  Among those searching were elite teams from the ATF, and NCIS.  Police officers from Cascade Washington, New York, Miami, Vegas, and elsewhere were also trying to find any information that they could.  


It wasn't until an undercover air force captain found Xander at the Initiative compound that the investigators were given any hope.  Finding Xander led to shocking revelations and files to dead bodies. No one knew why, but Xander was the only one to survive the experimentation.  


Finding out he was pregnant ended up with emotional scaring of everyone who rescued him.  There were many men who went to get drunk that night and pray that some supernatural force would not hunt them down and turn them into a girl.  


Thankfully, Xander reunited with his family and friends, and had to adapt to being pregnant, female, and a slayer.  With the help of his family, he would make it through the shocking changes heaped upon him and his family.


The End for Now    

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