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Xander helped the witch power the spell and waved at someone on the other side. He showed her a picture. "Daniel is yours?" She nodded once. "He accidentally got sent to our realm. He's mostly still out of it but he's showing signs of waking up and we need to get him home. Right now, this is communication only. Is there something we can give you to help you find us easier?"

"Yes," she said. "I need a resonance reading."

"Would a power-imbued crystal work?" the witch asked. "I have no idea how that works on your realm."

The woman nodded. "It's a good place to start. If not, we'll definitely know what we need instead." Xander manifested one and powered it then tossed it through. It came out slightly melted but still powerful. "I'll get with them."

"We can do this again in two weeks," the witch told her. "Our time." The thing crashed and she panted. Xander patted her, helping her calm down. She smiled at him. "Thank you, Xander."

"Welcome and thank you for helping him. I doubt he'd be happy here. There's not the same sort of science stuff Castiel said he dealt with." She beamed and walked off, letting her watching husband drive them home. Xander flashed home but he was tired. He yawned, laying down on the couch.

Bobby was still there so he glanced at the boy, smiling as he dropped a blanket over him. It was good for the boy to finally sleep. He didn't do enough of that sometimes. He went to check on Daniel, who was still apparently asleep. Though it was nice he wasn't having nightmares anymore. Bobby decided to make a grocery run and headed out.

Daniel blinked, looking up at the unfamiliar ceiling again. "Where am I?" he muttered. He got up and went to the top of the stairs, listening around the house. Nothing moving but he heard someone snoring. He snuck down the stairs. The young man sleeping on the couch looked like the guy he saw in his nightmares. He looked outside then back at him, seeing him blinking at him. "Um, where am I?"

Xander sat up, looking at him. "We found you in a hell dimension, Daniel. I rescued you from there. You're at my house right now while you heal. You've still got some infected cuts." Daniel looked down the neck of the shirt he was wearing, grimacing some. Xander grinned. "I came out with worse when I escaped." Daniel stared at him oddly. "Long story, dude. By the way, we've contacted your home realm. They know you're safe. They're trying to figure out how to get here to bring you home."

"That's good. I was wondering about that." He sat down. "I was in hell?"

"Yeah, apparently wherever you got descended from or whatever you call it, ended up with you in a hell dimension. I found you when I was rescuing some others."

"Huh," he said, considering that. "I... I know my name."

"Castiel said it looked like they had whammied your mind. We can work on that later," he assured him with a smile. Daniel relaxed. "We're going to try to call your people back in two weeks. When the witch has more energy."

"Magic works?"

"Yeah." He smirked. "It works real well around here." Daniel just nodded at that. "If you want to catch a shower, it's the room across from your bedroom."

"Thanks.... Um, can I borrow another set of pajamas or something?"

"Sure. I put some on your dresser in case we had to do another bed bath." He grinned and Daniel grinned back. "Don't worry. For right now, just heal. We'll work on getting you home." Daniel nodded and went to take a shower. Xander laid back down and closed his eyes. He was still tired. Something about Daniel sucked at his energy. He wasn't sure what. He'd have to figure that out later he guessed. Xander yawned and went back to sleep. Instinctively he changed into a mouse while asleep because he felt someone pull into the driveway. Someone he hadn't marked as a friend.

Daniel heard the knocking and came down, putting on his shirt since he hadn't been able to start his shower yet. "Yes, Miss? Does the owner know you?"

"Isn't this Xander's house?" she asked. She looked behind her as another car pulled in. "Maybe I do have the wrong address."

Bobby got out of the car. "Good of you to get up, Daniel. Miss, Xander's probably hiding from you."

She smiled. "I thought this was Xander's house. Is he okay?"

"I'm sure he's fine." Bobby walked closer. "Who're you?"

"I'm Syndy. I'm going to be the slayer attached out here and Buffy had me bring him a letter." She held it up.

"I'll put it next to where he's sleeping," Bobby assured her. He took it with a grin. "I'll let him know that there's one here now. It'll ease some of the problems he's seen."

"Thanks. Who're you anyway?"

"Bobby. I'm a hunter."

"Oh!" She nodded. "We heard stories that there's guys like you." She wrote down her cellphone number. "That's mine if you need me, Bobby. Like I said, I'll be in this area."

"That's good." He smiled. "Go get settled in." She beamed and jogged back to her car, driving off. Bobby put the number into his phone and put his phone away. "Boy up?"

"He was laying on the couch. I think he went back to sleep but the couch looks empty." Daniel helped him carry in the groceries. "How long before we think the infections will heal?"

"We've given you some pretty strong antibiotics when you first showed up but infections from poisoned instruments and mystical ones can take half of forever to heal," Bobby said. "Sam said Xander's took three weeks before his infection broke and another two months before they fully healed." Daniel winced. "Boy got sent against his will," he said quietly.

"No, I get that. I didn't figure he was the sort who went of his own free will since he was rescuing others." He shifted. "How long since I got rescued?"

"About a week."

"Okay, that's good to know. Any idea why I have mental gaps?"

"Castiel said the idjits that descended you did it. That's what he called them."

"Huh. I have no idea about that."

"It'll come," Bobby assured him. "Go get a shower. Been almost three days." Daniel nodded and walked off, glancing at the couch. Bobby walked out and carefully moved the blanket, finding a small black and gray mouse. "Cute, Xander."

"Is that," Daniel asked, coming closer. "Is that him?"

"Yeah, he can do this form and a dark phoenix form." He petted the mouse, getting glared at. "You're the one in mouse form, boy. Why don't you go to bed and sleep?" Xander shook his head and changed into a bird, going outside to sit in his tree and nap.

"Did I upset him?"

"The boy barely sleeps," Bobby admitted. "He's a mite grumpy today. Again. He'll be fine later." He smiled. "It's not you or me. It's more that he can't always feel things the right way. Hugging him hurts him like hell."

"Overloaded nerves?"


"Interesting. I remember someone was doing something on some sensory overload work. I'll see if they're in this realm too." He went up to his shower, thinking the whole time. He didn't know anyone who changed to an animal form. That he remembered anyway.

Bobby put up the groceries and brought something out to the tree, which woke Xander up. He tossed up the treat, earning a bird grin as the boy changed back to eat his pink snoballs. "Thought you might need a sweet thing since Sammy's off on a hunt. You could come rest."

"I'm fine. Thanks, Bobby."

"Not a problem, kid." He went back inside to start dinner. Dean had pointed out that Xander kept forgetting to eat and things. It was upsetting his fragile system.


Daniel smiled at the young witch that was helping him phone home, and then at Xander, who was powering the spell. Which he still wasn't sure about but if magic worked in this realm, that was fine he guessed. He wasn't used to it as far as he knew but hey, to each their own. She nodded and Xander fed her power by touching her shoulder while she intoned the small spell. He had no idea who the woman in the mirror portal was but she looked pleased to see him. "Hi. Do I know you?"

"You do," she said. She looked at Xander. "His memory?"

"Whoever descended him," Xander said with a grin. "He's got some stuff back but not a lot of personal stuff."

"Okay. We can handle that. We're having very little luck setting the quantum mirror we have for your realm." It suddenly went dead. She huffed.

Xander looked at the witch, helping her sit down. "Are you all right? Sudden surge or something?"

"Nausea," she admitted with a grimace.

He swatted her on the head. "If you're pregnant, you shouldn't be doing any heavy magic! You should've told me!"

"Sorry," she complained, letting him help her stand up. "We consider it a natural thing."

"Yeah but that means the baby's going to be more attuned to magic and especially the stranger powers I can call up, which would mean someone or something hunting the kid." She blanched. He stared at her. "We'll find another way." She hugged him and he walked her back to her husband to tell him why she shouldn't be doing more than simple things at home. He agreed so that was nice.

Xander came back, shrugging at Daniel. "We'll figure it out."

"Sure." He smiled at the younger man. "What's a quantum mirror?"

"It's like the portal only it goes to different realms as far as I understood it."

"Huh." Daniel nodded and they walked off to Xander's house. "So why do I work with those?"

"No clue, man."

"I guess I'll remember sometime." He yawned. Xander smiled as he shooed him up to bed. Daniel did need a nap. He had some very strange dreams last night about a ring and people trying to capture him. He had no idea if he knew anything about the meaning of dreams but he was sure it meant something.

Xander leaned against the kitchen counter while he finished off the last of the milk jug. Maybe Draco would know? He sent him a letter and settled in to do his own research from the books he had stolen out of Hell's libraries.


Draco got the note and tipped his head, going to look up that subject. His family had an extensive library. It held most subjects. His mother was in there and gave him an odd look. He held up the note and she pointed one shaky finger. He smiled and kissed her on the cheek before going to look up anything they could help with. Including memory return spells. Maybe if that one remembered more he'd be able to help himself. He had no idea how that *science* thing worked.


Willow, locked in a cell in the new Council building, was making a prayer to undo what harm she had done. "I wish things were as they should be," she murmured. She knew about wish demons and one had to be over this screw up of hers. That way she wouldn't have hurt people. Xander wouldn't be mad at them. Nothing like that.

A senior wish demon heard it and winced, going to tell D'Hoffryn. Who was probably not going to be happy with the way he was gulping mylanta. "Rosenburg?" she guessed. He nodded, opening a new bottle to take some. "It could help change things."

He stared at her. "If things are as they should be, Harris takes up a spot." She shuddered and he let her have the bottle of antacid liquid. "If she would word that better...."

"Want me to go prompt her?"

"I'd hate to lose the only one that knows what she's doing at the moment," he said dryly. He summoned one of the younger wish demons. "Go prompt Rosenburg to use different language. Her present word choice is bad and will end the world." He nodded and left. And promptly died when Buffy spotted him. But he did gasp out his message. Buffy screamed and ranted at Willow for even daring to think about making a wish to cover up the booboos she had created. Buffy was even nice enough to point out that she hadn't used one to cover up where she had sent Xander to hell.

The wish demons both winced, getting a vision of what would have happened if she had. Actually, a lot of demons got that vision. A few even went to complain to Sam. Who was very confused why all of hell was having antacids on their dinner menus. Then Dean found out why and called Buffy to tell her to stop it. They got back to their steaks and beers, better with the world for now.


Daniel came down the stairs, finding Xander staring at a tapestry in the library. "Do you have any idea why I keep dreaming about a stone or metal ring with hieroglyphs?"

"Well, partially because you're a language nerd," Xander said dryly. "And I'm pretty sure you worked around one of them. You can probably read it fluently."

"It doesn't say anything. It's random symbols."

"Huh." He got up and looked in a section that had to expand. "Let's see." He did a small spell and found the book he needed, sitting down with it. "From one of Hell's lesser libraries. I raided." He smirked. He found the section and looked it up. "Huh, and that explains what an ascended is. Bill!" he shouted. He appeared, looking startled. He pointed. Bill looked and grimaced. "I rescued him from our hell. Any idea what your other kind are doing?"

"Not really," he admitted. "I can see that they tampered with his memories." Daniel nodded with a grimace. "I don't know why."

"He was ascended from what I'm told," Xander said. "And he dealt with this thing." He held up the book so he could see it.

"That would explain how he knew about us," he admitted. "I have no idea. The people here who deal with that are in a mountain. I told you to beware of them because they'd screw you up worse, Xander, and you'd do the same to them."

"Can they help me get back to my own version?" Daniel asked.

"I do not know." He left, going to browse that way. There was someone there throwing an absolute fit. He faded into view, startling the general who was taking the fit. The guy who was ranting just glared. "Um... quick question. I know what you guys do. I know that somehow a person who works with that abomination of a ring on another realm is here in this one. He got saved from hell."

"Hell is allegorical," the ranting one snorted.

"Xander?" he called. Xander appeared. "He doesn't believe in hell." Xander let go of his shields. The scientist gasped and backed up. Then Xander turned into a phoenix. "He actually escaped and rescued the guy who's from your project there."

Xander changed back. "Is there any way we can get Daniel back?" Xander asked. "He's still got memory gaps and beyond a spell breaking I don't know how to help him. I mean, we're treating the infection from his time in hell and all the wounds, but he's still screwed up thanks to Bill's people from what the angel Castiel said. We called his realm but the witch I had helping me is pregnant and shouldn't do that. I like the company and I'd gladly let him stay if he wanted but it's making him hurt to be here."

The scientist finally shut his mouth. "How did he get into hell?" the general asked.

"Apparently the people who descended him stuck him in a hell realm and they decided he was a neat toy." He shrugged. "Sometimes they take for status and I'm guessing a former ascended being warped is pretty high."

"Sounds like Danny boy," the general decided. "McKay, go wherever and see if we can help him get home."

"Where are you?" the scientist asked. Xander wrote down the address and grinned then flashed out.

Bill smiled. "Fussing over him has helped settle Xander down. He's still recovering from being sent there and making his own way out." He faded off. "Thank you."

The general looked at him. "At least this is one other-him that isn't evil."

"He might know where yours is too," he said dryly. He looked at the address. "He's in California." He left, going to make travel plans and pack a bag. Surely they had some sort of motel near there. The general made a report and told the rest of Daniel's present team. They had wondered if he was all right.

Their Daniel floated in looking ghostly. "We can't interfere with him, even though he's not me." They stared and he smiled. "They screwed him grandly. Memory blocks, chemical issues that were caused by his time in hell trying to unscrew what they screwed up. And yes, magic is real. The ascended all like Xander. He's very... blunt action. No one else dares to walk up to an angelic being and tell him he's being a dumbass for wanting to start an apocalypse and then blows him up for it." He beamed. "He's like a damaged, mentally warped, physically action oriented version of me." He faded out.

"Good to know," the general said, calling McKay to let him know that. It could only help.


Xander heard the knock. "Hold on," he called. "I'm in the bathroom." A few minutes later he came out drying off his hands. "Sorry, was in the potty. Daniel's actually sleeping. Let him."

McKay blinked at him. "You still say potty?"

"She's a female, that means I have to use company manners." He stared at him. "Upstairs, last room on the left." The woman walked up there. He looked at McKay. "I gave the people in his realm something with native power from here so they could tune whatever a quantum mirror is. Apparently it didn't work."

"Those things are a pain in the ass," McKay admitted. "Magic's actually real?"

"Yeah. Though I'm not great at it, but yeah."

"Prove it!" Xander changed him into a six foot lizard person. He looked at himself then gave the boy a horrified look. "Change me back this instant!"

"You said to prove it." He undid him and shrugged. "There's all sorts of types of magic." He closed the door and let him into the living room. "By the way, don't touch the bottles in the library. They can start a bad apocalypse for the most part." He heard complaining. "Daniel, I have the feeling she knew you."

"She said she did." He came down the stairs pulling on a t-shirt. He stared at the guy. "I know you. I saw you in a nightmare." That got a snort from one and a snicker from the other. "I only seem to have bad dreams."

Xander gave him a short hug. "It's all right. I have many of those." The doctor looked at him. "I fought my way out." He saw Hannah show up and went to talk to her. "Hi, Hannah. How's the new tentacles coming?" She told him and he giggled, hugging her. She petted him and asked his opinion. "I think it'd be very nice if you could get people who wanted wings to play with you and the kids. They could use the catching practice and you need it for when you finally find that male tentacle again. That way you don't miss when you pounce." She cackled and petted him then left to go tell Sam how her babies were doing. He saw the two confused faces and Daniel making coffee. "That was Hannah. I freed her. She just had two baby tentacles." He smiled.

"Where was the rest of her?" McKay asked.

"That was the rest of her."

"Huh," he said slowly. Clearly his mind was grinding to a halt.

Xander smiled at him. "I've met some really nice demons and killed a lot of the not-nice ones." He shrugged. "It's the life of a demon hunter, ya know." He went in and got a soda. "It's too hot for coffee, Daniel."

"I'm craving coffee."

"That's because between you and McKay you kept the legitimate export business in Columbia in business," the doctor said dryly. "Why are they still infected?"

"Hell-bourne and mystical wounds are bitches to get uninfected. Mine took three weeks," Xander told her. "He's mostly uninfected. He's still got two infected spots, one he won't let me clean, and the one on his back." She showed him one. "That just needs cleaned, Doc. Sit, Daniel, let her see your inner thigh." He huffed but did that. She grimaced. "That's about seventy-five percent cleared up." She shuddered. "I've had him on some good antibiotics. I know a healer that prescribed them for him."


"No, a doctor with a touch healing gift."

"Oh. That's interesting." He grinned. "You were...." He took off his shirt and she nodded. He put it back on. "Any lasting damage?"

"Well, it hurts like hell when I'm touched in too much area at once," he admitted. "Which means I miss being hugged and between that and the taint I can't get laid. He shouldn't have that problem. I was a lot worse than he was when I got free and I had been working on getting free for a while. Most people who know say three weeks of healing the infection then healing the cuts themselves, which are a bit slower."

She made that note, looking at Daniel's wounds. "You've done a good job keeping them clean." Xander grinned.

"What is the stone ring?" he asked the other person he slightly felt like he should know.

"That's classified."

"He has books on it."

The scientist looked at him. "Excuse me?"

Xander smirked. "I did a few library raids. I'll let you see the collection but you're not allowed to touch the bottles or the tapestry."

"Fine," he decided. He could scan them probably. They walked in. It was a nicely compact library until he opened a shelf and he found a whole library's worth of shelves behind it. He blinked. "How did you do that?"

"Not that hard," Xander said a bit sheepishly. He shrugged a bit when he got stared at. "It seemed reasonable so I didn't have to add on."

Rodney McKay, biggest brain in three galaxies, looked around. Things were churning in his mind and not always in the best possible way. "The bottles are what?"

"Holding things that are important and mythical, but if released they're dangerous." He got one and held it up. "This one people will start a war over."

Rodney stared at the miniature, sleeping beast. "What is it?"

"A chimera."

"Huh." He scanned it.

"No," Xander said, blocking it. "It might wake it up." He nodded and moved the scanner. "The books about why they're sealed are above them. You can browse them later. This is what I got from Hell's smaller libraries on the ancient stuff."

"How far back does it go?"

"To ancient demon societies."

"Okay." He went to look. "This doesn't match with what we know of history," he said a minute later, looking up from the history book he had chosen. "We know about Ancients, those who built things and ascended."

"Demon societies came before all humans."

"So either the ancients came first or afterward." He looked ahead and found a section that seemed normal to what he knew. Demon societies predated ancients. Huh. He sat down on the couch in there, reading quickly. "Can I borrow this?" He looked up and figured out he was alone. He went to talk to Xander, who was cuddling, petting, and talking to a large blue tentacle. "Is it sentient or a pet?"

"Hannah's very sentient. She's telling me what Sam was getting into when she went to brag on her new baby tentacles." He grinned. "Hannah, this guy works with this realm's version of Daniel." She patted him on the head and Rodney looked around at the giggling. "She's telepathic."

"Huh. Okay." He nodded. "Pleasure to meet you, Hannah. It's always good to meet sentient, peaceful species. Even if you are warping my brain in alarming ways." She giggled again and hugged him by curling around them then Xander and going back to talking to him. He walked inside and upstairs. "Do you have anything for a headache?"

She looked at him. "What did you find that gave you one?"

"Ancient demon societies before Ancients and Xander just introduced me to a new sentient, peaceful species of tentacle."

"Hannah's here? That's wonderful," Daniel said with a grin, going down to talk to her.

The doctor looked then she dug into her bag to get them both some advil. Even with what they did, they weren't used to things like demons being real.


Daniel looked at the man the doctor had called. "I kind of feel like I know you."

"The me there must be more gray than the me here," he said, staring at him. "Any idea if they can undo the memory thing?"

"Xander thinks there's something that'll let me work around it but he's barely glanced at the spell and he's not all that strong. So he's asking around. Though, his supposed therapist gives me the creeps."

"He did when he showed up to us as well," Rodney said, joining them. "Daniel, this is Jack."

Daniel beamed. "I've seen you in those strange dreams. I was worried about you."

"Feeling's mutual," he said dryly. Their Daniel showed up and the healing one beamed at him when he undid something. "The memory blocks?"

"I can't undo most of them. I can ease them some."

Xander leaned out the doorway, staring at him. He changed into phoenix form because it could see magic without a spell and his casting was better this way. He landed on top of Daniel's head. "It'll give you a migraine."


Xander smirked and said something. Daniel glowed. The other Daniel glowed and cackled. Then the healing Daniel moaned and held his head. Xander beamed down at him. "Remember more now?"

"Many more things."

Xander did something else that the other Daniel helped with. Then he got yanked back. Xander looked up. "Don't make me come up there with C-4 like I did the other place," he said cheerfully. He fixed the remaining spells. "That leaves three tiny blocks and I don't know why. One's... it looks like it's protecting a child. Hannah, help?" he called. She reappeared. "Can you undo or feel the blocks and tell me how to undo them?" He got out of her way.

She petted Daniel then gave him a sucker kiss. Suddenly his face lit up and he beamed, hugging her. "Thank you, Hannah. That's wonderful. Even if my head does hurt." She patted him again then went back to watching her baby tentacles catch the flying things.

Xander beamed from his spot on the railing. "That'll fix all but one and it may be permanent or self-imposed."

Daniel considered things. He had the other Daniel's memories so he knew what the ascended him had known. He concentrated and reascended then came back calmer and happier. "There, gone." He hugged Jack then Rodney. He looked at Xander. "I'd hug you but I'd hate to make you ache."

"I'm good without hugs. Any idea how he'd get home?" he asked, turning back into a human.

"How did you do that?" Jack demanded with a hand wave.

"Magic," he said with a smug look. Jack glared. Xander grinned more brightly. "What? You guys go all sciency and forget magic was real for generations, even if you think you can ignore it."

"I thought it got disproved but he's proved me incredibly wrong," McKay complained. Daniel snickered. He snapped a few times. "I was looking over the bottles." Xander stared at him. "There's a miniature sword."

"Yes. That's the mystical counterpart. The other I'm told is dead until you're smart enough to awaken it. That one, if it can be opened and I'm not sure after all this time, will draw you to a castle and all that." Rodney walked off rubbing his forehead. Xander smirked and waved. "Of course, you'd have to go to the wizarding world. That's a whole different form of magic beyond what I can do and they had idiots in charge."

Jack was rubbing his own forehead. "There's a secret society hidden among us?"

"Some are in sub-realms but yes."

Jack looked at Daniel. "I met Draco," Daniel said. "One of the angels had him go see the people in Cleveland that Xander used to know to learn from them and to see what magic addiction was like. She accidentally on purpose sent their whole team to hell, which is how Xander heard about me and rescued me as well. He's back home now."

"Cleveland?" Jack asked, looking at Xander.




"No more word games. What's a hellmouth."

"Thin spot between realms that leaks energy and draws demons. Which is a slayer's job to handle. You should talk to Sam about that stuff. Sam's really smart."

Daniel looked at him. "Are you being mean to Sam?"

"He's bored." He grinned. "And he said I was getting too skinny again." Jack and Daniel both nodded. Xander huffed. "I'm fine."

"Bull," Daniel noted. "You haven't eaten today at all, Xander. Don't make me nag like Sam."

Castiel appeared with Sam, who was blinking rapidly. "Here, to clear up confusion."

"How many demons were protesting that I'm not bending him over?" Xander quipped, looking at the angel.

"Many. Dean was about to shoot them all. Let me go help him." He disappeared again.

"That was the archangel Castiel. We made sure his people didn't want to start an apocalypse either. He's kind of Dean's guardian angel right now while they figure things out."

Jack blinked a few more times. "You act like they're so common?"

"Every spring is pretty common," Sam admitted, grinning at him. "Hi, I'm Sam."

"Good, can you explain what a hellmouth is, why it's in Cleveland, why there's a secret society hidden around the world, and the illogical things that are demons?" McKay demanded as he came back with more coffee.

"Well, hellmouths form whenever there's a thin spot in a depression in the field between realms," Sam said. "That could go to a singular realm, also known as a hellgate, or multiple ones, which is a hellmouth. Sometimes those definitions are blurred but that's the general breakdown." McKay was making squeaky noises. "Ones on a high spot are just radiation leaks and people tend to avoid them. Hellmouths are in dips though so energy collects and draws demons, chaos sorcerer sorts, and other bad things there. Though some use the energy to be able to hide in plain sight.

"Xander said Sunnydale had a lot that were peaceful, they were just hiding." He walked off, going to the library to get the slayer book. He brought it back. "This is how slayers got created." He went over it with them and they were all wearing the headache look. Then he went onto the topic of magic. By then, Xander was napping against his arm and it was nice.

"Is there any way to help him with his pain surges?" Daniel asked once the scientist and general had stomped off to fix the swelling in their brains that had been caused by learning about magic.

"I've been looking but I don't know," Sam admitted. "I'd love to have him healed. He's a really nice guy and deserves some happiness from all that he's done and been through. I'd love to see him find someone really nice, settle down, adopt some kids."

"He can't have kids?"

"As far as we know, the energy warping he shows, that taint, and the mermaid essence he got exposed to in high school mean he can't," Sam agreed."

Daniel blinked. "Mermaids are real?"

"Not like the Disney version but yeah."

"Huh." He went to look them up in the library. "Don't touch the bottles," he reminded them. "I don't want to have to clean up the extreme mess they'd create."

"Me either," Jack said, looking up one in a book. "Huh, fairy societies."

"For some reason that doesn't surprise me at the moment." He got shown the page and nodded once then looked at the bottle. Thankfully she was still asleep. "He said we can't scan them, it might harm the seal."

"That's fine. I don't want any chance of them getting out. Ever." Rodney nodded he agreed. Daniel came in and got a book then left again. Jack followed. This strange Daniel was a lot like his only more fun it seemed. Or at least happier. His could be a bit...pouty at times.

McKay went back to looking up information for the program. Apparently hell had stolen a few libraries way back when and it had the sources he needed. He'd have to see if he could get the others from them somehow. Maybe a contest? That worked in those stupid myths.

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