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"Fuck you, you miserable old sack of shite. there is no way in *Hell* am I attending Hogwarts." The howler said icily in a quiet tone of pure venom. "I am attending a school that has more than one teacher for a subject, one that *doesn't* double as a dorm monitor, and offers more classes. Don't bother to try to track me down and force me to Hogwarts, it wouldn't go well for you. But then I'm sure you're going to be busy explaining to the ministry how you kept me in a home where you *knew* I'd be abused for years. And kept the reports the non-magical authorities kept filing to try to get me out of that hellhole.

The doors of the great hall slam open and an out for blood Amelia Bones slams her fist down on the table. "Albus Dumbledore. . .and that *is* your name. You might add middle names to make you look like you're so damn special, you are under arrest for theft, accepting bribes, misconduct. . ." the list of his offenses grows as he is grabbed from his chair. He tries pulling his wand and he's hit by a dozen stunners, slapped in magic binding manacles, and dragged off to the ministry to be dosed with purgatives to make sure there's no potions in his system and questioned under veritaserum before going on trial.

"Severus Snape, you are also under arrest. If you so much as breathe funny I've been authorized to use the killing curse."

"Dumbledore. . ."

"Is in no position to save your mangy hide. I *saw* the memories, I know how you tormented any student who's not one of your precious slytherins. And I am so disgusted with your attitude I'd as soon hex you right here and now as look at you." He looks like he dearly wants to rant, rave, and sneer at them but he's dragged off.

Amelia hits her throat with a sonorus. "Students, classes are canceled for the rest of the week. Your teachers are going to be very busy. They're going to be busy showing *all* their teaching plans to the wizarding education authority."

A pair of twins that would be familiar to Harry even as first years whoop. "No more Binns."

Percy glares at them and starts to open his mouth to complain but closes it and shuts his eyes, shaking his head violently. His eyes open again and his eyes look a thousand years older as he looks around the room.

"It worked?" He asks nobody in particular. "What's the date?"

"31 November, 1989." Charlie says, looking at his brother. "Percy, this isn't funny." Percy looks at everybody around the room and stands up.

"Percy." Charlie tries to grab him.

"Madam Bones, I have a ministry emergency code 118--unauthorized time travel." Percy says quietly as he walks over to her.

"Yes Mr. Weasley, I am quite aware that Mr. . . " Amelia's voice trails off. "You as well?"

"As well? I just arrived."

"Harry Potter arrived three years ago." Her voice goes quieter and she pulls him closer. "Is your rat here?"

"Yes, he *should* be up in my dorm room." Amelia sends him off with a young auror and they return with the rat asleep in his cage thanks to sleep spell. "Mr. Weasley, why are the aurors taking away your pet rat?" Professor McGonagall asks icily. If somebody doesn't tell her what's going on she's going to start hexing first and ask questions later.

"I am sorry to report Professor McGonagall that Scabbers is in fact an unregistered animagus. . .in fact the unlate, unlamented Peter Pettigrew."

"That's not possible." She says. "Black killed him after betraying the Potters."

"No, it was Pettigrew that betrayed the Potters. That bastard Dumbledore *knew* that and left an innocent man in prison without a trial for years." Amelia snarls.

"Black was the secret keeper." She hisses.

"No he was *NOT*!" Amelia snarls. "And Dumbledore bloody fucking *Knew* it. He was *there* Minerva, he cast the damn charm."

Minerva blinks and drops back into her chair, her Scots dander that had been rising up as she was ignored falling to the wayside. "He knew and deliberately allowed Black to go to Azkaban without a trial because if he was out, he'd take care of Harry and not allow him to fucking get his damn claws on him or his money. It was only the fact that the goblins immediately froze the main potter accounts has kept him from stealing everything he could. Dear god woman, the man has stolen every damn cent in his trust vault every year. . .for his damn greater good."

Amelia leaves with Scabbers as the WEA people arrive and start pulling the teachers aside to talk to them.

"The students?" McGonagall splutters.

"Will be looked after by others in their common rooms. I'm surprised you're worrying about them now, you don't seem to take your duties as head of household seriously. When was the last time you did a headcount to make sure all the students are there?"

"That's the prefect's duty." She splutters.

"No *professor* McGonagall." The man in charge says icily. "That is *your* job. You are their head of house. The prefects are there to help you, not do your job."

"Percy, what's going on?" Charlie asks as his brother drags them into an empty classroom and sets up wards that he's never seen before.

"Tell me everything that happened before I asked you what the date was." Percy tells his older brother firmly. Charlie looks at him but this isn't the twins playing a joke. "Headmaster Dumbledore got a howler from somebody. We don't know who but they do *not* want to dance attendance to the Headmaster by coming to Hogwarts. They say they're attending a school that has more than one teacher per class. And that the Aurors were going to be *talking* with Headmaster. He and Professor Snape were arressted and Madam Bones announced the WEA was taking over our classes just before you asked the date. Now tell us what happened?"

"I'm a time traveler Charlie, I came back from over twenty-five years in the future. And it was a bad future, I turned my back on the family to try to protect everybody. I can't tell you more, I *won't* tell you more. Just it was bad, the war came back and the government didn't do a damn thing to stop the death eaters. We saw a lot of deaths. I was a self-centered jerk who *hated* Harry Potter, the boy who lived. I thought he was a massive rulebreaker and a bad influence on Ron." His brothers bray with laughter. "I was an idiot letting the opinions of the ministry rule my world. The ministry and that fool Fudge did not want to admit that Voldemort. . ." He gives his brothers a disgusted look at their gasps. "Oh grow up, it's just a name. A made up name at that. His real name is Tom Riddle. And for all the death eaters spout pureblood supremacy, he is half-blood, his mother was better more than a squib and his father was a muggle. And Dumbledore *knows* this, he kept everything close to his chest to make him look oh so magnificent when he *deigns* to let some of his plans be known."

"Please tell us this is nothing more an elaborate joke."

"Dad nearly *died* Fred. You *did* die." Fred drops into a seat. "No, this isn't a joke. I'll be *damned* if I let you get killed this time. And for gods sake, see if we can get Mum and Ginny off that the boy who lived crap. And that's what it was, pure crap. There's not a word of truth in it. Harry Potter was put with his muggle aunt and uncle and did not have a very good childhood, they're the worse kind of muggles."

"If the howler was from Harry Potter, he says the muggle authorities were trying to get him away from his family but Dumbledore blocked him. Why would they have taken him from his family?" George asks quietly.

"Abuse, not just a slap here and there. Abuse."

The twins are quiet when they, Percy, and Charlie walk to the Gryffindor Dorm. The WEA personnel looks at them, there's no doubt they're all related.

"Weasleys, Charles, Percy, Fred, and George?"

"Yes sir."

"Sixth year prefect, third year, and two first years."

"yes sir."

"Good job on getting your younger brothers back to the dorm but you should have stayed with the rest of the students."

"The twins are known trouble-makers." One of the other students snorts. "It probably took both of them to drag them off from whatever they were planning."

"Celebrations at getting a competent history teacher." George smirks. The other students sigh but nod.

"But if we get a competent teacher, we'll miss our naptime." A student whines in the corner of the room. The official looks at them. "Binns is a ghost and all he has talked about is the goblin rebellion since the day he died, if you want to actually pass your tests you study it on your own."

"Oh dear god." The man moans.

In the great hall the head of the WEA is staring at the teachers in disbelief. "A ghost, you just let a ghost blather on about the goblin rebellion instead of actually hiring a new teacher? Dear gods, how long has this been going on?"

"Only a few. . .decades?" McGonagall ducks her head at the explosion. "But Albus *said* that he had everything covered, that having to study a class on your own was making you a better person." That excuse sounds bad even to her own ears.

"Dear god, did none of you even *care* about your students?" One of them sighs.

"Of *course* we cared." Minerva yelps.

"Really, it sure the hell doesn't look it. Did any of you check on your students nightly to make sure they were in the dorm after curfew? I know McGonagall couldn't be bothered, she was too busy with her *other* two jobs at the school. Dear god, every other school has at least two teachers for every class, One that handles the younger students and one that handles the older students. And employees who's only job is to handle the dorms, what happens if a child is too sick or injured to go to classes but not sick or injured enough to need the hospital wing? Do they just sit in the dorm all alone?"

"I guess we never thought about it that way, we make sure another student brings them their assignments but. . .normally wouldn't that be the job of the medi-witch?"

"No, that is the job of their head of house to have somebody to be able to sit with them. "What are the classes you offer students from a non-magical background to teach them how to write with a quill. . .and really, a quill? The other students have gone to at least fountain pens over the years, let alone muggle pens."

"Muggle pens?" Sprout asks.

One is pulled out of a bag and tossed to her. "the ink is right in the pen. There's a roller ball on the tip to make writing smooth. No ink blotches. The more expensive pens you can take apart and install new ink cartridges when they're empty, the cheaper ones are meant to be thrown out when they're empty. They cost anywhere from a pound to a package of ten at a Tesco to a few pounds more for a box of the ones you can replace the ink cartridge at WHSmiths."

"Beyond that though, what are the other classes you teach them? Does anybody make sure they are able to write an essay? The other schools have extra classes students from a non-magical background attend for the first six months of their schooling that gets them on the same footing as their raised with magic fellow students. And it's only here in Europe that schools start at eleven, elsewhere the magic schools start at the age of eight."

"Eight, how can they handle their magic at eight?" McGonagall yelps, jumping to her feet and glaring at them until a look makes her sit back down.

"They don't moron, they have non-magical classes until they can handle their magic. History of the wizarding world for the students with non-magical families while the other students attend a *real* non-magical world studies class. Your muggle studies is a disgrace, you are hundreds of years out of date and your teacher would die of fright if she ever *met* a non-magical person. Hell, for all his trying to tear non-magical electronics apart to see how they work Arthur Weasley would be a far better teacher. No that class will be taken over by one of ours and the students who were raised in the magical world alone will be learning a lot. Much to their horror no doubt."

"Why has your astronomy teacher never taken your students to the planetarium?" A WEA person asks icily.

"A planetarium? What's that?"

"It's a non-magical building where a viewing of the sky takes place inside, many schools take field trips out to them. Including magical schools. Dumbledore was *told* about this."

"But if we see that the *muggles* are so much more advanced than we think, we can't feel superior to them." A man mock-sneers.

"Probably, for all the old fool bleats tolerance he doesn't practice it himself." Another WEA employee snorts as he comes into the Great Hall. Minerva hisses and spits like her animagus form, recognizing him. "Hello big sister, it's been a while. Too bad it couldn't have been longer."

"What are you doing here? You should be in prison you monster. He stole a young woman and took off with her."

"He left with his *wife* and went off to his apprenticeship. . .as you damn well know you miserable fool." His boss says, getting right in McGonagall's face. "You're angry because he dared marry the girl he loved and *not* the girl your family wanted him to. For a damn business arrangement."

"He killed our grandfather by refusing to marry the girl he wanted him to marry." She howls.

"You're a damn fool, grandpa Henry is currently right now spoiling rotten his great-great grandchildren. Thankfully it's their parents who have to deal with the blighters on a sugar high." Malcolm McGonagall laughs. "*Dad* wanted me to marry the girl he found for me, not Grandpa."

"Grandpa Henry's alive?"

"Yeah fool, he disowned Dad for his stupidity and made me the heir to the family. Didn't you learn any of this earlier?"

"No. . .no. . .Mama just said that you were a bad boy and we had to move away. I came back to school. Then the war happened. Daddy. . .daddy didn't come around after that."

"No, daddy had tried to set up the marriage to recoup money he lost to the goblins and was taken in by them to repay his losses in the mine. Probably the *only* money he ever made honestly, the miserable old fool. Or don't you remember Mum having to work two or three jobs?"

"I. . .I know Mama was gone all the time, she was so tired when she returned home. Then I came to Hogwarts and. . .and. . . then I came home and you were refusing to marry the girl Dad had found for you."

"And you started jumping to conclusions because you take everything at face value. I'm surprised you haven't grabbed students out after curfew, demanded to know what they thought they were doing, and started taking points before they could tell you that they had a legitimate reason to be out." Her brother snorts. She ducks her head. She has done just that in the past. And probably would do so in the future.

Percy is busy over the next few days, filling notebooks with everything he recalls of the old timeline. Madam Bones comes for him one weekend and they travel by international portkey to an undisclosed location.

"Percy? You're the fellow traveler at Hogwarts?" Harry says as he sees the person with Madam Bones.

"Yes Mr. Potter, and may I apologize for everything I did to you in the old timeline. I was a self-absorbed prat who should have been beaten to death for the sake of humanity. I never *did* apologize for you saving Ginevra and father."

"You were too busy sucking up to Crouch and Fudge."

"Yes.I thought that was my fast track to getting somewhere in the Ministry and didn't realize it wasn't."

"and now?"

"I have plans on my own business." He slides over a notebook. "Ms. Granger." He's not surprised that she would have come back to the past. A female half-kneazle is on the chair next to her door and she pets her. she'd found who Crookshanks sire and dam were and had brought them so she could have her beloved cat back as soon as she'd realized she'd made it back in time. Harry had a much younger Hedwig on his shoulder, the owlet had immediately started barking when he walked into the owl emporium and he'd grinned and scooped her up. She'd obviously recognized him and was busy giving him hell.

"Ms. Granger, your parents?"

Hermione's face grows tight for a second. "Dead, they were dead in the old timeline too. I lived with my uncle and aunt, they're both big in the government and are busy working with the non-magical authorities to clean up the wizarding government. They gave custody of me to Harry's guardians here while they're at work. It helps I'm getting a much better education this time around."

"And you're not waving your arm around like a windmill whenever the teacher asks a question. And you're keeping to the inches the teacher assigns on a paper." Harry laughs. His eyes grow dark for a moment. "Who knows on your end? Besides Madam Bones?"

"Charlie and the twins. I didn't tell them all but I told them that Dad nearly died and Fred *did* die. We're making sure to knock the boy who lived crap out of Mum's and Ginny's head and will make sure that there's enough money so that Ron doesn't have to make do with a second-hand wand. that will be one less thing for the prat to whine about." No, he's not the least bit tired of his youngest brother's moaning, why do you ask? "And the WEA will make damn good and sure Neville has a wand of his own and not using his father's."

"I already do." a voice says from the doorway and Neville walks out his grandmother.

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