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Summary: Originally going to be part of the Secret Lives themed series but, well, I'm stuck.

Xander's parents have a history of trying to find a way. Which leads to Xander having to escape.
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Series: The I'm Stuck WIPS
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Published: 2019.05.27 Updated: 2019.05.27
Story Notes:
Notes: this is going to be a 'themed' series. Meaning that they all share the same theme, but they're not really a *series* series. Inspired by TexasAries, who does some wonderful photo manips on TtH. Minor crossover into Numb3rs.

As usual, if anyone wants to steal this to continue, just let me know. It probably won't be finished without that.

1. I'm stuck: Cult by voracity [Reviews - 0] Liked (7858 words)