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Story Notes:
Tags: Omake/Out-Take Complete, Not Beta, Cursing, AU
Author's Chapter Notes:
A small what if muse set in Vo's Triple Threat Universe. Written with permission.

Author’s Standard Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, movies, TV shows, books, comics, Anime, cartoons, music or other copy righted materials used in this fan fiction. No money, jewels, gold or other monetary assets were gain from the writing of this fan fiction. All works have not been edited by individuals other than myself, expect spelling errors, grammar errors and possible random rants in odd directions. The author is also not a profuse writer and suffers from ADD, she really misses her sanity some days.

Tags: No Beta, Adult Language, One Shot, Complete

Muse based upon Vo's story: The Triple Threat at

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Horatio looked up in mild surprise from the case Speed and him were pursuing as his office was suddenly descended upon by his two brothers.

"I take it, your not in for lunch?"

"Not exactly."

Homer muttered as he slumped down on the cube of modular plastic masquerading as a couch. Watching as Honor stalked around the small area in a right tizzy.

"Maybe I should go."

Speed started to gathering up the case file.

"Actually I would appreciate it if you would stay and help me keep these two from storming off to take the castle as it were."

"Ha! As if they would ever find the bodies." Honor muttered as he firmly caught a hold of the door and locked it.

"Ok... Now you got me curious"

Speed said with a smirk as he plopped down on the offered spot next to Homer.

Horatio leaned back in his chair and regarded his two brothers for a moment before asking dryly.

"I take it this something to do with your ex?"

Homer rubbed the bridge of his nose and replied with a touch of irritability.

"His mother."

His ex-husband was currently sitting on death row. The evidence the trio had gathered had been more than enough, to expose the other man's sordid life as a contracted killer and international drug runner.

"She's on her second appeal for leniency. Now claiming that her poor boy would never have gone this route, if not for my infidelity. "

"You're kidding right?!"

Homer shook his head, amidst the looks of disbelief.

Everyone present knew dam well how seriously he had taken his marriage vows. Flirting to be pounced on by his husband yes but to cheat, never.

"She never really thought I was good enough for her sweet Keith."

"I knew that the old lady was off her rocker."

Speed groused as he leaned over to give his buddy a hug.

Honor rolled his eyes as he finally settled down to perch on the corner of Horatio's desk.

"Like her son's such a stellar example of humanity. Besides we like your new beau a hell of a lot better than we ever did that ass."

Harry was pretty much the complete opposite of Homer's ex. Coarse, weather beaten, cursed like the Marine and could pretty much tear apart and repair just about any type of machinery set in front of him. Sharp as a tack, the man had been able to tell the brothers apart on first sight. Earning him the unspoken approval from the three of them. It had taken nearly 4 months of amusing pursuit and happenstances before Homer had finally agreed to date the man.

"You better tell him the rest of it."

Honor prodded. Reaching into an inner pocket of his suit jacket, Homer drew out a couple piece of paper and handed it over to Horatio.

"This was filed as part of the plea."

It only took was a moment for both Speed and Horatio to identify one of the sheets.

"The hell?"




Alleged Father: Homer Cain

Probability of Paternity: 99%



Certificate of Live Birth

Sex: Male Full Name of the Child: XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX
Birth Date: April 17 19XX

Mother's Name: Claudia Stilinski
Mother's Maiden Name: Claudia Gajo

Father's Name: H. Cain

Horatio carefully put the paper down, he hadn't recognize the name. However after mentally doing the math, the age did match. Both Honor and him had been much wilder in their youth and it wasn't that uncommon for the two of them at the time to share a lover. Looking over he cast a quizzical look towards the other, knowing he would have already had one of his numerous contacts investigating the matter.

"Summer after senior year, spring break. That dark hair thang with the great ass."

He replied bluntly.

"Must you?"

Earning an evil grin.


"So let me get this straight."

Speed interjected with a smirk.

"The two of you had mé·nages à trois as it were and somehow psycho boy's mother finds out about an previously unknown love child. But because you guys are triplets, DNA testing hasn't yet advanced enough to differentiate between exactly who the actual father is."

Homer huffed out a laugh.

"Well we can definitely rule me out."

Speed couldn't hold in the guffaws of a laughter anymore.

"Oh My God it's like one of those contrived plots from a soap opera.
Chapter End Notes:
Tags: Omake/Out-Take Complete, Not Beta, Cursing, AU
A/N the original son was written to Alexander Lavelle Harris however I changed it at the last moment to Mieczyslaw Stilinski.
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