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A pair of crazed girls rescues the Team, but Face has a debt to pay .... but it's to whom that's a surprise!


Rated: FRT
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Genres: Action/Adventure, Drabble, Humor, SF/Fantasy
Warnings: Mary Sue/Self Insertion
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Published: 2023.02.21 Updated: 2023.02.21
Story Notes:

This is a work of fiction owned by the author, and may not be reproduced in any fashion without the author's explicit permission.  The A-Team is owned by NBC and Stephen J. Cannell.  Star Trek: The Next Generation is owned by the heirs of Gene Roddenberry. Copyright infringement is not intended. 

This story was published in Plans, Scams & Vans #6 in February 1999 by Sockii Press.

Author’s Note: Pi Pharosi II, otherwise hailed as Direidi, is a real place in Federation history. They are aligned politically with the Federation. There is a large population of Klingons, as the Empire owns the contractual rights to mining dilithium. The planet is literally crawling with the precious mineral. 

For more information, read: Ford, John M., How Much For Just The Planet? Pocket Books: New York, 1987. Star Trek (The Original Series) novel #36. 

Ford owns the rights to Pi Pharosi II / Direidi, and I use them here without permission.

1. Chapter 1 by Evermore [Reviews - 0] (3800 words)