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Challenges by Katrina
Summary: *puts the bunny in the pen and backs away*

I was reading a few of the Childhood fics and got the oddest bunny. Since "I
wish Xander was with someone who'd love and protect him" is vague... what
would happen if he got sent back in time?

While one of the Seven does their patrol of the town.... they come upon a
busted up coach, and hears a baby/child crying. Picking up Xander, he heads
back to Four Corners and gathers the other members of the seven. Xander
latches onto Ezra and Vin, not letting them leave, and slowly begins to
learn their tricks of the trade.....

I can see Xander conning people to help the seven catch those that try to
take over the town... learning Vin's tracking abilities...... getting the
dexterous motions with his hands that'll help in a gun fight, as well as how
to sharp shoot..... also, having Ezra teaching him to read and write, while
helping Vin at the same time.....

I can see the Native Americans being all shocked at seeing Xander... and
doing what they can to help him....

What I wonder about is how the "night life" fits into it..... *looks cute*
have fun!

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