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I'm not cruel. I'm just evil.

All the good males are either involved, gay or fictional characters

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Challenges by Lady FoxFire
Summary: Xander Harris is gay and has finally came out to his friends but instead of
expecting him with open arms like they did with Willow they decide to 'cure'
him. And one way they did that was by raping him (yes women can rape men)

So after 'curing' him they tell him it's like being in AA that he needs support
and if he starts to slide back they'll be there for him, which means in Xander
mind that they will rape him again.

So Xander follows the train that was give Soldier Boy in case he had been ever
capture by the enemy; do what they tell you to do within reason, tell them
nothing and when give the chance escape. So Xander pretends to be cure, even
dated Anya for a bit until his friends had dropped their guard then he ran as
far away from them as he could get.

Xander start a new life of the East coast (New York City, DC area or Miami) but
he fears his 'friends' will come after him to drag him back and 'cure' him again
so he keeps to himself.

Now one day someone sees Xander and he catches their interest. The person
decides to see if Xander is interested in return but Xander is freaked out. At
first the person thinks Xander is homophobic but after a bit they realize it's
something else. So they decide to gain his friendship first and slowly drag out
of Xander why he freaked.

Slowly the person learns what happens and decides to help Xander recover. But
what will happen when Xander's past comes knock on his door once again?
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Summary: Tony has had the plague (SWAK)

Xander has had malaria, smallpox and syphilis (Pangs) and whatever he caught
while searching for Slayers (if set after Season 7) (Assuming Riley reported
back to what he learns to the government)

Add in one mad scientist who learn about our heroes and decide he needs them for
his research

So now it's up to the Scoobies and NCIS to the rescue… expect that the Scoobies
think that Xander is pouting someplace because he's the normal one and Gibbs
team is on down time and think Tony is out 'playing'

So our heroes do the only thing they can do… torment their kidnappers
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Xander/7 Days 

In 1947 the United State's government started Project Backstep and by doing so
they developed a device that would allow one person, a chrononaut, to travel
back in time 7 days and change the future.

In 1998, LT Frank Parker was selected to become the world's first chrononaut; to
be doomed to be the only one to remember the horrors he prevented from
happening… except someone else remembers everything.

In the small town of Sunnydale, CA a young man by the name of Xander Harris
remembers everything. He remembers destruction of the White House and the
deaths of the President and Vice President. He remembers watching his friends
and himself died from the Ebola virus.

Believing that someone might have used magic on Xander in order to drive him
insane, the Scoobies try to figure out what happen.

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This is based on the Transformer Movie - 2007

While doing slaying research Xander came across a story about two metal demons that fell from the sky. One demon was in search of a magical item that could be used to rule all. While the other demon, an Atobo, was here to stop the other metal demon and return the magical item to it's true home.

With the aid of the Slayer the Atobo was able to destroy the other demon but not without it's own lost of life.

In the book Xander is reading he also find woodcarving made of the Atobo and the symbol it wears.

When Xander visit Ethan's, he fined out he's out of luck as the last toy gun walks out the door. With nothing left to lose, Xander decides to dress up as Atobo. So after buying something from Ethan, Xander makes a costume including the symbol that Atobo wore.

When Ethan completes the ritual Xander is turned into a robot, to be exact an Autobot. Since he was a generic Autobot he does not have the memories of any other Autobots but he can transform into a vehicle of some type.

After the spell is over Xander retains the ability to transform into a robot and into a vehicle.

Fast forward to the present. Megatron is dead. The Allspark is gone and the Autobots are starting a new life on Earth. And of course someone stumbles across Xander when he's in his robot form.

The rest of the insanity is up to the poor soul this bunnie decides to adopt.

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The Slayers have been spread across the global in order to fight evil. Some of them even settled in Chicago were they report back the have a mouse problem, a demon mouse problem.

It seems as if the Chi town has a case of Sunnydale forgetfulness. The citizen of the city ignore the mice destroying public and private properties, disrupting traffic, ball games and other forms of entertainment. The mice have been known to eat all of the food in restaurants too. And the biggest sin the mice have done was ruin a girls brand new outfit and her new shoes.

Well since Xander is the one who deal with any mouse problem at Slayer center, Buffy decides he would be the best one to send to deal with these little mice.

Of course someone forgets to tell Xander these mouse walk on two legs, ride motorcycle and can talk.

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Riddick has had a long life. He has fulfilled the prophecy and has leaded the Necromonger to their destiny. And now as Riddick approaches his next great adventure, he's soul is stolen by the Power That Be.

After forming a new body for Riddick, the Power That Be inform that him that they have a job for him and if he completes the job then when he dies the next time he will be allowed to pass on. But if he does not complete the job for them then the consequence will be unpleasant.

The job is rather simple, Riddick needs to kill the Slayer's White Knight, kill Xander Harris.

Of course the Power That Be have forgotten a number of important things like Xander is very hard to kill and that Riddick follows his own rules and not someone else.

So while the Power That Be plot the next course of action for after Xander's untimely death the higher Gods make beats on how long the Power That Be will live before Xander and Riddick come after them

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Summary:  was rereading Vo's 'A Child to Guide Them' when I started to think of all the
fic in Xander was cross with the Sentinel and then cross with something else.
And I realized that in a majority of them Xander ends up being the Guide while
some other character from another series ends up as the Sentinel.

And then I though what series have I yet to see cross with Sentinel… answer
Supernatural… and puff twin bunnies were born; one named Easy and the other
named Hard.

Easy Bunnie - Sometime before or during Supernatural Dean become a Sentinel.
(Ok I admit it I'm a Dean-girl so I picked him but come on doesn't Sam have
enough on his shoulders lets not add on being a Sentinel to the list) Of course
Sam notice that his big brother is having problems so of course he researches
and discovers Blair's paper.

How you find out that Xander is a Guide and gets him hooked up with Dean is up
to you.

Hard Bunnie - Xander is the Sentinel and Dean is his Guide.

What makes this hard is I have no clue how to set this up but you also have to
deal with Dean not wanting to be the Guide and resisting his Sentinel. Dean is
not someone who wants to 'stay in the truck' but would rather lead the attack.
Also because of how he grew up, Dean is emotionally closed off to almost
everyone so he would have problems being there for Xander at times.

Of course in either bunnie if John Winchester is still alive he would think that
his son has been curse and will try to save him.
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Ok this is a pretty easy bunnie, first pick how old is Xander. Is he on his post-grad trip, after Sunnydaale fell in, returning from Africa or some other time. Then pick the universe he's in. CSI Miami, CSI New York, M7 or something else.

Then have them find Xander who is suffering from amnesia. They take an interest in Xander and trying to help him find out who he is but a problem arise as people (Order of Taraka) keep trying to kill him.

Figure Xander got amnesia from either a head injury, too much stress and the brain rebooted or Willow deciding that Xander should no longer help.

I can see Xander helping hunt down people in Miami or with M7 using his hyeana sense. Or see him with Gibbs, soldier meet soldier.

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When you're addicted to something you'll do almost pay any price, do anything for your next hit.

When the Powers That Be realize that Willow has become addicted to Dark Magic they realized they had the perfect opportunity to kill off two birds with one stone.

The plan was simple; they would give Willow a chance to get a really good hit of magic in exchange for doing a spell. The agent to the PTB told Willow the spell was to protect a loved one when in reality the spell would send Xander out of the realm that the PTB ruled, never to return.

The agent supplied Willow the items she need for the spells which are thing that Xander had lost, were stolen or Anya had sold.

The PTB were not interested in whether or not if Xander survived wherever he was sent, just so he was forever out of their way. The rulers of whatever realm he arrived in can do whatever they want to him.

The magic hit the PTB will supply will be too much for Willow to handle and will either burn out her magic pathways so that she will never be able to use magic again or kill her.


The realm that Xander ends up in will be the author who takes this fic.

(Yeah I know it's not much of a fic but it's a good set up for a crossover in which you don't' want to involve magic later on. Possible crossover includes the Charmed Ones, StarGate SG-1 or Riddick's universe (Pitch Black) I just think that people don't use Willow's addiction to the full potential.)

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Summary: Ok Vo likes turning Xander into a baby so what happens if a witch turns Gibbs
into a baby/toddler and either Tony, Xander or both of them have to take care of the new baby.

The transformation can be temporary or permanent and how much Gibbs remember from being an adult is up the the other.

If a baby can he please pee in someone's face.
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Riley entered the Magic Shop with Graham following him. 

"Giles," Riley called out as he spotted the older man stocking shelves. 

Giles turned around to face the two young men. "Riley," he said as a greeting while give Graham a nod of his head. 

"We came as soon as we got you message," Riley said. "Is it true? Is she gone?" 

Giles nodded his head grimly. "I'm afraid so," Giles replied. 

"How?" Riley demanded, his voice betraying the feelings he was trying to his. Graham reached out as gentle squeezed his friend's shoulder as a show of support. 

"She died stopping a hell goddess from destroying the world," Giles replied. 

"Your message said you need help," Graham said as he gave his friend a chance togather himself. 

"We need Faith," Giles said simply. "The Hellmouth needs a Slayer." 

"She's dangerous or have you forgotten what she did?" Riley snapped. 

"No. No I haven't forgotten and neither has she," Giles replied as he looked Riley directly in the eyes. "She is trying to make amends for what she has done. That is why she's allowed herself to be placed in prison." 

Riley looks away as he struggle to control his emotions. 

"So what do you want us to do about it?" Graham asked. 

"We need you, your superiors to free Faith. Return her to the Hellmouth so she can do her duty," Giles explained. 

Graham nodded his head. 

"I can't believe that Xander or Willow is agree with this," Riley snapped. "They've seen how dangerous she is!' 

"And that brings us to another matter," Giles said as he glanced toward the door to the backroom. 

"What do you mean?" Riley growled. 

"After Buffy died… Willow decide to try to being Buffy back," Giles said. 

"From the dead? She was trying to bring her back from the dead?" Graham exclaimed. 

"I'm afraid so," Giles admitted. "Luckily Xander was able to stop her beforeshe was able to complete the spell." 

"I feel a but some place in there," Graham said. 

"Unfortunately so," Giles said grimly. "Both Xander and Willow were caught inthe backlash. Willow is currently coma, trapped in her own mind. I'm hopeful that someday she'll be able to wake up." 

"And Xander?" Riley demanded. 

"Yes… well…" Giles said nervously only to interrupted by a baby's wail from the back room. 

"Giles?" Riley said as he looked at the older man in surprise as he hurried to the back room only to return a moment later with a young baby in his arms. 

"And this is what happened to Xander," Giles said softly as he looked down at the baby. 

"That's Xander?" Riley said in disbelief as he stared with wide eyes at the baby. 

At that moment the bells on the door chimed as Anya, Dawn and a woman Riley recognized as Hallie. 

"Giles," Anya whined. "You were to call us when they arrived." 

"They just arrived, Anya," Giles sighed. "Besides I have my hands full at themoment." 

"I'll take him," Dawn said as she walked over at took Xander from Giles' armsand hugged the child towards her. 

"Have you told them?" Hallie asked. 

"Told us what?" Graham asked having recovered from the shock faster than Riley did. 

"The Hellmouth is not a safe place for anyone let alone a small child," Giles explained. 

"We're going to wish Xander a new family and you're going to deliver him to them," Anya explained excitedly. 

"What!" Riley sputtered. 

"Hallie is the Justice demon over Lost Child," Dawn said from where she sat with Xander. "We can wish Xander to have a new family, parents who would love and protect him. He would be safe with them." 

Graham stared at Hallie in surprised 

"And I got a new job!" Anya exclaimed. "D'Hoffryn agreed to make a new position. I'm now the Justice demon over Stolen Loves." 

"Stolen Loves?" Riley said nervously. 

Anya nodded her head. "I help those who's loved ones have been killed before their time like when a drunk driver kills the wife and kids but leaves the husband behind. I can help him get justice on the driver." 

"Ummm… that's a good thing, right?" Graham said as he looked between Giles and Dawn. 

Giles nodded his head. "D'Hoffryn did agree to some limit to Anya's new duty. She can not punish those in war unless for example a soldier killing a prisoneror an accidentally that is truly out of human's hand." 

"But that still leaves me the fools who cause accident because they're too busy playing with the radio and stuff like that," Anya said excitedly. 

"Right," Riley said as Graham and him edged towards Dawn and hopefully safety 

"And our part with Xander," Graham asks. 

"We're already choice Xander his new parents," Hallie said as a folder appears in her hand. She handed it over to Graham. "You're part will be explaining tohim how Walsh made Xander." 

"I've heard of this guy," Graham said as he read the folder. "He's said to be a real bastard. A good guy but not someone you want to be on the bad side of." 

"What about the mother?" Riley said looking up from where he was reading over Graham's shoulder. "Who is she?" 

"He," Hallie asked with almost evil smile. "Walsh used the DNA of two men to create Xander." 

The color in Riley and Graham's faces drained away. "She… she wasn't really doing that, was she?" Riley stammered. 

"She had started the process but had let created a successful zygote," Hallie replied. 

"And Xander's other father, who is it?" Graham asked. 

"It's not your concern," Anya chimed in. "You'll go to Xander's new father… and you'll lie. He'll be the one to find the other father. But if it helps the other father was a sperm donation from someplace in Ohio. He was told it was destoried." 

"But he'll ask questions," Graham said. "And he's one who doesn't take no for an answer." 

"I'm sure you'll be able to lie successfully," Giles said as he took off his glasses. "It is possible to simply tell him that those who know the truth are dead." 

Graham and Riley looked at each other, then back at Giles, Hallie and Anya. "Alright. We'll do it. Just hope we survive it." 

"Now if someone would make the wish," Hallie said as she ribbed her handstogether. 

"I will," Dawn said. "I wish that Xander had loving parents, who will care for him, love him, be there for him whenever he needs them." 

"Granted," Hallie said happily. Dawn looked down at Xander and notice that his deep brown eyes were now greywith little specks of green and brown in them. 

"I'll miss you Xander," she said softly as she kiss the top of his head as tears ran down her face. 


Two days later, Graham and Riley marched into the bull pit of NCIS with Xander sleeping in Riley's arms. They came to a stop before Gibbs' desk. 

"Can I help you gentlemen?" Gibbs said as he looked up from where he sat. 

"Special Agent Gibbs?" Riley asked nervously. 

"I am," Gibbs said with a nod of his head. 

"Ummm… sir, I…. I don't know how to say this…" Riley stammered 

"They spit it out, Captain," Gibbs snapped. 

"Congratulations, sir. It's a boy!" he said as he held the baby in Gibbs'direction 


I figured on making Tony the other father. This bunnie can also work with SG-1 (Jack/Daniel) and other series 

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After Buffy finds out about Xander's lie about what Willow said about Angel, she curses him so that he would never experience love. But as ususal magic didn't work right on Xander so instead of never knowing love Xander is curse to never grow old until he finds his true love.

Xander is forced to watch those he care for grow up, have a life and finally die as he remains the same age as he was when Buffy cursed him. Any wounds he recieves to his body is healed almost immediately but no magic could heal the wounds to his heart and soul, so after a time Xander closed his heart to everyone expect to children.

As mankind left the Earth to explore the universe so did Xander. He made it a habit to drift from planet to planet to keep people from noticing that he never aged.

Having settled on a new planet, Xander once again started his life when they arrived. After being captured by the Necromonger, Xander is dragged before their leader.

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Buffy has been described many times as someone who 'shot first ask questions never'. So when a man with eyes that seem to glow suddenly appear in the school's library, Buffy attacks and severely injuries the man. Xander and Giles are able to stop Buffy from killing the man.

Left with an injured and unconscious man and a Slayer who wants nothing more than to kill him, Xander offers to take the man and care for him until they can figure out who and what he is and more importantly what he wants with the Hellmouth.

Willow points out that if the stranger is dangerous Xander won't be able to stop him if he's a bad guy. In order to bring order back to his library and to keep Buffy from killing someone who appears to be more or less human Giles offers to cast a spell on Xander that will incapacitate the man if he tries to harm Xander by physical or magical means.

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A while back Katrina challenged me to write a Xander meets Sherlock Holmes bunnie with time travel... well I was going to until my bunnies bite me HARD. I've been writing ever since.

Now Katrina challenge has always been at the back of my mind waiting for it's chance. So not to long ago while reread DCIS I started to thinking... if enough people believe in something it becomes real (Hell House from Supernatural and from other works of fiction) And I know that some people believe Holmes is real and some people actual write letters to him.

So what would happened to Sherlock Holmes suddenly becomes real? I can imagine the local law enforcement would call DCIS. Now Holmes would be returned to base where this poor Victorian age man would have to deal with Slayers, female cops, modern age, Xander and House.

I can see House and Holmes getting along like Nitroglycerin and a sudden stop

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There is word circling the hunter community of a human who consorts with demons on a regular basic.

It is said that the man willing sleeps with them. That he lived with a vampire that was famed for kill everyone in an orphanage. That he works with a sorcerer and witch that raises demons and the dead for their own enjoyment and use. And that the man work with young girls who are possessed by demons and he does nothing to help from the girls from their horrible fate

And finally it is said that in exchange for the ability to see the future he allowed his eye to be removed so he could help the demon possessed girls to fulfill their dark goals.

The hunting community decide the best thing to do with such a evil person is to kill him, so now it's all hands out to end this bastard's life before he ends the world.

Categories: Buffy/Angel Crossovers > Supernatural Characters: None

Sorry just saw a commerical for either Disneyland or Dinsey World, never can remember which one is which, and the idea Xander at Disney fighting demons.

Hey you could always cross it over with CSI Miami when they're call in to help or Num3ers or maybe Charmed

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Do you remember the rocket launcher Buffy used against the Judge? I know Buffy did, it was her best birthday gift. So does Xander since it was his best double date with Cordiala. And so do some people in power.

The people in power come to Xander with an offer, they want him to do one small job and in return Xander and his friends won't be arrest for terrorism and sent to Guantanamo Bay.

The job is simple; there is a man who stands in the way of those in power. This man is an honorable man and does his best to solve those crimes that affect those who are in military and their family. Sometimes in order to bring justice the man steps on a few toes and upset a few people.

Now the people in power wants this man discredit; to leave the job he loves either by his choice or forced out and they want Xander to make this happened.

Xander can either seduce the man and in turn force him out of the military due the Don't Ask, Don't rule or he could use his demonic contact to have the man believe he's cracking up.

The man's name is L.J. Gibbs.

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Riddick some finds himself in the past/Buffy universe. It's up to the author to figure out how; perhaps a wish that went wrong.

While exploring the world he finds himself in, Riddick discover the most intoxicating scent he has ever smelled. So overcome by the need for the scent that Riddick allows his desire to possess the source of the smell overcome his normal survival instants. Riddick steals the source of the smell, a young man with brown hair and eyes from off the street and take it to a 'newly' vacant home.

In their new home Riddick strips the young man of his clothes and makes its so that he can not escape while he trains the young man to accept his touch.

Note: If you haven't figure it out yet the young man is Xander.

I can't see Riddick as the raping type so I image he's probably blindfolded Xander and is feeding him by hand, bathing him, sleeping next to him. Stockholm syndrome.

I also figure that this happens during a summer that way you don't have to worry about Buffy or Willow interfering since they're out of town. Pre-graduation while Buffy was out of town and Willow was at camp or post they could think he's on his road trip.

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During the first winter in Cleveland, Xander decides to take a page from Calvin and Hobbes and made creative snowmen.

The poor soul... the writer who takes this idea with be left with writing the reactions people and demons have to Xander's snow art. Crossover are very welcome.

Picture this Team Gibbs pulls up the driveway to the house and see one snowman bowling with another snowman's head.

Or LT Caine arrives to be greeted by an army of mini snowmen.

Example of Calvin and Hobbes snowmen (some pages have some of the same strips) l-life/

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Vo used the term 'explosive diarrhea' in one of her fic to describe the effect of eating Xander's cooking.

So I was thinking how long after taking a dump does the shit go BOOM?

Categories: None Characters: None

Yes it's another bunny and yes it's another baby bunnie. Can't help myself baby Xander is so CUTE!

In most of Vo's baby fic Xander is de-ages and he forgets everything (but he sometimes have nightmare or moment when he remember before become baby again) so what if when Xander is de-age he remember everything he has ever learn and then send him to his new family.

To keep him from hunting the supernatural you might send him to a different plane where his type of demons don't exist. (You might do this to Xander when he passes away after many years of hunting and explain that this is his reward) Or remove all knowledge of demons from him. At the least place wards on him to keep bad demons away.

Now you could dump Xander off on anyone but I think Horatio would be the best to become a new day. If you want you could leave Xander's ability to see all. I can see little Xander telling Speed to clean bang bang and when he won't go to Aunty Calli and whine to her until she forces Speed to do it or she does it herself

Categories: Buffy/Angel Crossovers > CSI/NCIS Characters: None

When I woke up this morning this bunnie attacked me... what if the Addams family came to Miama (maybe to visit Everglands) and Horatio had to deal with them.

Or what if Wednesday grew up and is now intering as CSI? Maybe she'll serve under Alexx?

Or what if Horatio really is a member of the Addams or the Frump (Morticia Addams' maiden name)family? It would explain how he never gets hurt doing the stuff he does.

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Summary: As the sun slow grew closer tot he horizon, John Winchester walked towards his
truck, which was parked in the rest stop parking lot.

Opening the driver side door he froze as he stared at the site that greeted him.
Sitting in the passenger side of the truck was a little boy between the age of
3-4. The young boy had his arms crossed over his chest and appears to be

"I hate people who make demonic deals," The child said in a very mature tone of

"Christo," John says.

The boy doesn't react in any way to the word as he continues on more or less
talking to himself. "They always pick on my. They always want to use me as
their human sacrifice. Of course the demons they're sacrificing me to either
want mate with me, to eat me or mate with me then eat me."

John blinks a couple of time before climbing into his truck and shut the door.

"What's your name, kid," John asked.

"Xander. Xander Harris and I'm not kid," the boy answered. "And I'm not kid.
I'm 26 yr. old but someone idiot decided to use me as a human sacrifice."

John raised an eyebrow at Xander's statement. "And they need you as a kid?"

"Yeah. De-age me then sacrifice me," Xander replied. "Will admit they were
smart about their deal."

"How so," John asked.

"They wanted eternal young, health and life," Xander replied. "Most morons just
ask for immortality and they forget that they'll still grow old and sick."

John snorted. "So how did you get into my truck," he asked as he started up the

"Magic," Xander replied simply.

John's hand froze on the gear shifter. "Magic," he replied cautiously.

Xander nodded his head. "My friend is a Wicca witch and she created a pendent
for me to use when I'm in trouble that I can't get out of. It's to take me
someplace safe where I can get medical treatment if I needed. But I think she
oops again since it dumped me in your truck instead of one of the houses."


Optional: Xander's pendent actual took him to a higher plane where there are
less demons and the ones there had to take over a person's body to be able to
effect the world.

Think a stack of pancakes. The lower ones are cold and yucky while the higher
one are warm and yummy. The Buffy pancake is mid way in the stack and the
Supernatural one is higher up. In the Buffy pancake magic is like a dog which
tried to do whatever it can to please its master. In the Supernatural magic is
like a cat and it might do what you ask if it like you and if it feels like it.

If you go with the higher plane idea could you have D'Hoffryn appear and explain
that there is no way Xander can go back to his plane. You can only go higher.
Vengeance demons can't work in the Supernatural universe since they don't have
enough magic but D'Hoffryn can appear since he's a Demon Lord.
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When Tony was 9 his father told his nanny to take Tony someplace for the summer so he would be out of the way so she took him up to his grandfather's old hunting cabin by the lake. While there Tony became friends with another boy and his baby brother, their names was Dean and Sam Winchester. It was during this summer than Tony learned that vampires were real when he witness Dean's father killing on that had be preying on the people of that area.

Before Tony left for home, Dean and him exchanged address so that they could write each other, even through both of them knew it would only be a semi regular thing; for Dean because of the traveling they had to do and for Tony because his father would never approve of such a thing.

When Tony became a police officer he started to pass along to the Winchester and a few other trusted hunters information about anything strange that they might want to investigate. His home also became a place for the Winchester to crash at when need or when they needed to be patched up without questions

While Tony never hunted the creature of the night and shadows, he did became a source of information for hunters. He once suggested that someone in Hollywood was in the know about what was out there since some of the movies did come close to the truth or exactly on the nose about some creature.

Tony has always kept the darker part of his life away from his professional side… that was until folder with the name Initiative landed on Gibbs' desk.


Not sure if this is a NCIS/Xander, NCIS/Supernatural or a NCIS/Xander/Supernatural fic. Guess that's up to whoever takes it.

Could see Tony accidentally seeing what was in the folder and saying, 'That's harmless' to a photo of a demon and Gibbs asking what he knows about these.

I can see Tony wondering if he should call his old friend Dean in on this case.


Doesn't that have to be Initiative based. Could be another case in which Tony stumbles across something Supernatural and calls in his old friends while at the same time the Scoobies or New Slayer Council comes to investigate. See a lot of toe stepping while Tony tries to avoid head slaps.

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Summary:  man with red hair climbed out of the Hummer and surveyed the land near the
Everglades only to spy a dark hair man sitting on a rock in the middle of the
area he and his team had come to investigate.

The red hair man walked towards the man. "Sir," he called out respectfully but
forcefully. "I'm afraid I have to as you leave."

The dark hair man on the rock turned to reveal a young man with one brown eye
and one green eye. "How come?" the young man asked as he hoped down from the

"This is a crime scene," the red hair man answered.

The younger man looked around the land. "Then you have come for the bodies,"
the man said.

The red hair man removed his sunglasses. "Bodies?" he said as he studied the
younger man before him. "Mister?"

"Harris. Xander Harris," the young man said happily as he held out his hand.

"Lt. Horatio Caine," the red hair man replied as he shook Harris's hand. "And
what make you think there are bodies here?"

"I was told there was. 10 of them to be exact," Harris replied.

"And who told you that?" Caine asked.

A smile bashful smile appeared on Harris's face. "Ray says you won't believe
me," he replied.

"Ray who?" Caine asked

"Your brother," Harris replied simply. "Ray says remember when you were kids….
Old lady Paracelli. How she would know exactly what you've been up to. Ray
says to tell you that I'm like that but a little different."

Caine looked at Harris in confusion and disbelief.

"Ray says she used to scare the crap out of you. That you would do whatever it
took to avoid her," Harris chuckled. "I know you don't believe me Lieutenant
but there is 10 bodies buried here and I can help you find them."

"Alright, Mr. Harris," Caine said as he slipped his sunglasses back on. "Show
me were the bodies are."


Harris planted a flag into the ground. "Little Maire. She this many," Harris
said as he held up 3 fingers. "She doesn't know her last name. Says she
knocked down daddy's beer."

Harris looks up from the place he had placed the flag towards Caine. He takes a
deep breathe before walking away. "Over here is Katherine Santee. Her husband
died in a car accident 9 months before she was murdered. She loved him more
than anything. She believed that not even death could separate them. Her
brother-in-law had other ideas. He felt that she should marry him, after all it
was his duty to protect and care for his brother's wife and therefore she should
marry him instead of wasting her life. She said no."


Xander leaned against the police car next to Detective Frank Tripp as they watch
the CSI agents uncover the remains.

"So you talk to dead people," Tripp said with a small smirk.

"Pretty much," Xander replied.

Tripp glanced over at Harris. "And how does that work for you?"

"Sucks monkey balls," Xander replied. "Ever try to take a piss when a ghost
comes up to you asking for help?"

"Can't say that ever happened," Tripp replied.

Xander snorted. "It's not fun, let me tell you."

"What will happen to them? The ghost you say you talked to?" Tripp asked.

"Most of the time they'll move on. Some hang around like Caine's brother and
Speed," Harris replied.

"Speed still around?" Tripp said in surprise.

Xander shrugs his shoulder. "Says he still has a job to do. Trying to be there
for Horatio. Ray's still around more or less for the same reason and for John
Hagen. He feels guilty for his death."

Tripp looks over at Xander, his mouth open as if to ask something but no sounds
comes out.

"People who commit suicide really do go to hell, just not he hell in the bible,"
Xander says. "For them everything that was effecting them is suddenly cleared
away and then they're forced to see what their actions have on their loved ones
and everyone else. Sometimes they get stuck following someone around like a EMS
tech. They get to watch how their death effects them. It can get pretty
nasty. Or they're stuck on one spot. Never being allowed to move from that

Can't they move on?" Tripp asked.

"In time," Xander replied. "You see that's the kick to the head. You kill
yourself then your stuck until every life you have touched as past on. Like the
toy or sock a baby kicked off… if you pick that up and give it to that the
parent, you have touched that child's life, so until that child passes on, you
can't move on. If you save the life of some kid and then that kid has children
and they tell the kids about how you saved their life, you can't pass on until
their kids are dead. And if you're written up in a book… you're screwed. No
one can remember you, you can't have effected the live of anyone, only then can
you pass on."


Ok the idea is that Xander after getting a new eye and returning home from
Africa can see and talk to the dead now and he just happens to visit Miami.
However the members of CSI Miami are affect by this and if they even believe it
is up to you.
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A group of peaceful demons approach Pastor Jim and explain that their Seer foreseen the end of the world. They explain how will happen to a Hunter, Xander, in Sunnydale, which will lead to the end of days (figure Xander did something that cause it or Buffy or Willow's action will lead to his sacrifice.) The only way to stop what has been foreseen is to have Xander leave Sunnydale and never return.

Now the demons had approached Xander and explain everything to him and of course he agrees to leave but shortly after that he forgets about it and goes on with his life. The demons that were sent to explain everything discover that there is a spell on Xander to keep him in town or to force him to return if he leaves on his own.

The demons had approached Giles and Buffy but were dismissed since Xander is a nobody.

In desperation the demons decide to approach Pastor Jim in the hope he can arrange Xander's kidnapping and to be held until the spell can be removed since they can not kidnap Xander or kill him.

Pastor Jim contacts another Seers and confirms what the demons told him, now he just has to decide which Hunters he's send to the mouth of Hell to kidnap a kid and hold him hostage.

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Xander sucks up spirits like a kid sucks up jellybeans (He always leaves the black ones behind)

Dean sold his soul in order to bring his brother back to life. He died a year later and his soul went to Hell.

Xander walked into Hell to stop the First Evil… And when he walked out he wasn't alone.

Xander sucked up Dean's soul and carried him out of Hell and now he's stuck with Dean being a back seat driver. In order to shut Dean up and maybe find a way to free Dean, Xander hunts down Dean's brother Sam.


Xander sits down in the booth across from Sam. "Hi Sammy," he said.

"Do I know you," Sam asks cautiously.

"No, but your brother does," Xander replied before turning to the waitress. "Burger, extra onions and what type of pies do you have?"

"We have cherry, apple, lemon and chocolate," the waitress replied.

"Mmmm… cherry," Xander said as if it was the most delicious thing in the world.

"That will be right up," the waitress said before walking away.

"My brother," Sam said with a steely look. "My brother is dead."

"Yeah I know," Xander said. "He also say you better not have scratched the paint, bitch."

Sam leaned back. "Cristo."

"Won't work after all he's a spirit not a demon," Xander said. "Beside I don't think that will work on me considering where I'm from."

"Here you are sugar," The waitress said as she put Xander's order in from of him. "Let me know if you need anything. "

Thank you," Xander said before taking a big bite out of the burger. "I hate onions but Dean makes me order them. Of course I make him listen to country music."


"Here, drink," Bobby Singer order as he held out a glass of water to Xander.

Xander took the glass and drank the water. "Ah… Methodists. Nice after taste."

Sam looked at Xander then at Bobby and then back at Xander. "You can tell what religion the holy water had?"

"You can't?" Xander replied. "Catholic tend to be a bit bitter. Methodist has a sweet taste to it. Protestants has a bite."

Bobby and Sam stared at Xander in shock "And Dean can't believe you bought that."



You can have Dawn traveling with Xander in order to escape all the 'special girls'. Could have her sneeze up Dean a new body.

If you can figure out a way to get Dean a new body you could make it a Xander/Dean fic. Could make them soulmate and that why Dean was attracted to where Xander was for the battle

If you want it can be a Xander/Sam fic with Dean wondering if it's incest if the spirit of your dead brother shares the body with your lover

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Summary: While on this Post Graduation trip Xander Harris was arrested. The judge at the
trial gives Xander a choice, join the military or go to jail. Of course if
Xander is kicked out of the military he has to go to jail for the full sentence.

Someplace else in the good old US of A Dean Winchester is give the same choice
from another judge.

Sometime during their stint in the military both Xander and Dean are assigned to
Cheyenne Mountain Military Base. Eventual they meet in at the local Pagan
supply store but they don't realize they're both hunters until the meet on a
hunt locally.

Xander and Dean decide to share an apartment together so that they had someone
to watch their back and so they didn't have to hide the other side of their

One day while at the base Xander and Dean has to deal with something not exactly
from Earth (whether it's supernatural or alien is up to you but personally I
like them de-snaking someone). Of course they are found out and have to explain

Now they're not exactly believed when they say that demons, vampires and
werewolf existed but after a visit to the local demon bar the members of SG-1
are firm believers.
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Most of the Star Wars/Xander fics I find have Xander being a Jedi, Jedi in training or a Seth Lord but is there any fics in which Xander is just Xander or the One Who Sees All?

Xander could be a smuggler in training with Han Solo. Or a gambler with Lando. Jabba/Yoda could find Xander amusing/drive him insane.

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Summary: The first year Xander woke from his curse he is meet by the priest he had saved
and had everything explained to him. He explained how Xander had been turned
to stone/crystal and how he is freed only for 3 days per year. He explained how
the cure for the curse has been lost and that even the destruction of his body
when he was in his frozen form would not free him. He also reminded Xander that
suicide was a sin and that live with the curse was better than eternity in hell.

During the second year, the priest realized that some of the comments Xander had
made in passing had some true. So when Xander awoke the next time the priest
made careful notes of what Xander said. During the following year the priest
make note of which one of Xander's comment came true, which one had not and
which one had yet come to pass. Sometime the priest would tell hunters of
problem areas and how to handle them

When Xander a woke for the third time the priest explain to Xander what he had
discovered and he had commented that Xander's foretelling was not part of the
curse but something else. Being the White Knight he was born to be, Xander
started to write down everything that popped in to his mind, know full well that
anything could save the life of a fellow hunter or even the world.

Just as the curse was consuming him for another year, Xander said two words,
'Hunter. Winchester.' The priest having heard of the hunting family named
Winchester summons them for the next time Xander awake. Perhaps the Winchester
clan will have the answer to freeing Xander from the curse or to end it all


Xander ages as normal during the curse, meaning that he ages 1 year for each
Xander ages slower during the curse. He could only age 3 days per year or maybe
a few months at a time.

Xander does not have to turn into stone or crytal. He could turn into other
material like wood, glass or metal
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