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Disclaimer: I do not own, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Stargate, nor Lord of the Rings

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Stargate SG1, and Lord of the Rings Crossover Challenge:

The Halloween episode happened in the Third season, instead of the Second.

Where Buffy and the others(Willow, Xander, Oz, Cordelia, Giles, Jenny, Angel, Faith, Drusilla, Wesley,(More people can be used too)) are dressed as the Valar of Middle Earth and keep the skills, memories, and powers, or, they are the reincarnated versions of the Valar.

Xander, instead of just being "Donut Boy" and "the Zeppo" he secretly goes to train at a Martial Arts facility in the town. He goes as Manwe.

Oz is still dating Willow, along with Tara(it can be made a Threesome for anyone who wants to, if you decide to do the Fifth season)

Drusilla is actually pretending to be crazy, but kept her soul because it was needed and also because she saw what would happen to them on Halloween, or whenever who writes this decides to put it.

Darla can also be put in there too, if you want, but, she has to be Good.

In the versions they are going as or are turned into or reincarnated into, the story of Middle Earth, the Silmarillion and the War of the Ring accually happened but was sent to the future in the form of ideas, it was just that Melkor(Morgoth) was redeemed when he secrificed himself when all of the other Valars' lives were threatened due to them accidentally unleashing something more powerful then all of them to contain the threat, but enough for them to make it incorporeal(you could even make the threat the First Evil), thereby proving that he was still Good. The Maiar didn't like that, so they used their combined might and powers to put the Valar in either a deep sleep, or killed them, believing them to have been corrupted by the "evil" of Morgoth, in a moment of weakness while they were recovering from the fight and from them mourning the now dead but redeemed and Good in their eyes Melkor. The Maiar then eliminated or erased the memory of the method of anyone who could have gotten the Valar back. (Like Chaos Magic or the Vengeance Demons).

The Powers That Be are the corrupted Maiar, from having been in charge of everything for so long.

The Powers That Be can also have a hand in why the Ascended Ancients have the 'No interference in the Lower Planes' rule. With the whole, Power corrupts if you start to interfere too much thing.

(Side Note: I think because the Valar didn't go all out insane with the power they held, was because they were created to handle it.)

Mandos and Vair didn't get put to sleep because he was safe in the Halls of his Domain(No one but Him has the power to penetrate the Halls of Mandos, his wife included), and also because, who else would send the Dead to their final resting place but him?

It can also be made for anywhere in the Fifth or Seventh season, and, bringing in a Vengeance Demon for a 'Wish', and include Gunn, Fred, and Lorne.

It can also be combined with Stargate SG-1, for anyone who wants to do that.

For whoever is writing this challenge: Please send me an inbox when the first chapter is out/posted.

This challenge can also be made by however many people want to, no limit.

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Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer nor Charmed.

On Halloween in Season 2, Buffy, Willow, and Cordelia get turned into Phoebe, Paige, and Piper, Xander get turned into Leo, Angel into Coop, Giles into Gideon, and Jenny into Patty Halliwell.

-They -must- have a complete Book of Shadows, with blank pages to write in

-Their must be doll versions of toddler Wyatt and baby Chris

-Joyce and Jenny must be either Patty Halliwell and Penny (Grams) Halliwell

-Xander gets turned into the Elder/Avatar version of Leo with all of both the Elders' collective knowledge and powers, along with all of the Avatars' collective knowledge and powers

-Gideon -must- be Good

-They must have complete control over their powers and they are fully developed

-They -must- have their own plane/realm of existence, like Elder land, Valhalla island or Magic School. Or they can have their own sub-dimension that is an exact replica of Earth but they are the only ones there. They have complete control over how much time passes there

-All of them must keep -everything- they got from the spell

-They are all Immortal, because, what's the point of having control of how many years pass in their own dimension/plane/realm of existence and get old from being there?

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After hearing about the Powers that Be and Their Messenger Whistler, and how they only care about 'protecting the balance' of the world/universe/dimension, Xander, instead of going as a soldier for Halloween, convinces Buffy, Willow, Giles and Jenny, to dress as the 'Light(Good)' 'Powers that Be'(So there can be 'Light(Good)', 'Balance(Grey)', non-interference(Ascended Ancients), and 'Dark(Evil)', instead of just; 'Balance(Grey)', non-interference(Ascended Ancients), and 'Dark(Evil)'), with Angel as their Messenger, not knowing that they were going to actually -become- the 'Light(Good) Powers that Be'.

-Janus, knowing how much Chaos that there was going to be, blocked the different Sides from knowing or interfering in the Gangs choice of costume, and tweaks the spell so that for the Gang, it's permament.

-No Warren.

-There can be as many crossovers as the author can think of.

-It can be of any length

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On Halloween, Xander loses a bet and has to dress as a Octopus-like costume. Instead of a Squid, he turns into an Ascended Ancient version of himself. While he is transforming into his costume, his costume needed extra Energy to finish the transformation, so it absorbs the "endless" Energy of the Hellmouth, and because it has links to all of the other Hellmouths around the World he ends up absorbing those too, making him a literal Ascended Hellmouth.

-Because Xander tranformed into an Ascended on his own(the way he subconsiously absorbed the Hellmouth energies to complete the transformation under his own power, even if did do it unconsiously/subconsiously), the Ascended Ancients/Alterans can't get involved with him, I mean they can get involved with him but not in the "You can't use your powers in the lower planes to help(etc...)" and their whole "non-interference" policy, because he wasn't technically Ascended by them. Basically, he can start his own Ascended Group, with it's own rules and regulations.

-There -have- to be real Gods and Goddesses, not just Ascended Ancients/Alterans pretending to be them, like the Ascended Ancient/Alteran Janus.

-The Powers that Be have to be fakes, they only want balance because it keeps them in charge. If there is only balance and neither good or evil can win, then they can still be in charge.

-When Xander gets Ascended because of the costume he gets the status of an Elder God

-When Xander interferes on the Hellmouth, it's only as a last result, otherwise he would be just as evil as the bad guys, what with not letting them get fulfullment for a job well done, or, Xander could have made a clone of himself and set it loose in Sunnydale that has his memories up until he transforms into his costume and he just alters their memories so that things contunie like they did in the series only with an occasional help here and there, while he's elsewhere in the Galaxy, getting things ready for the SGC.

-(A) Xander has to secretly go back in time to when they were setting up the constituion of the U.S. and have them make the SGC officially independent from the US Governent in his time, and its own unlimited funding, etc..., that he won't let anyone know about until when they(The N.I.D. through Kinsey) try to excert their "supposed" authority over SGC. And everything from Cheyanne(?) Mountain, all the way too the Antartica Outpost. Or, he can have the Founders of the U.S. make an independent section of the U.S. Government totally dedicated to Aliens, like England had the Watcher's Council there for Magic. George Washington could have even been an Ex-Watcher if you want him to be, and he could have even put it somewhere in the Decleration or Constition about a Slayer getting the highest clearence level possible, and diplimatic immunity.

-Because of the nature of the Hellmouth, Xanders power is literally endless, he gets the memories and knowledge of anyone and everyone who has ever been in contact with a Hellmouth, and when one is destroyed, he gets/absorbs that endless amount of energy

-For anyone who wants to put Dawn in, they have to have her an Ascended Key, even if she did unconsiously pick a Green Octopus costume that matchs the Green color of the Key.

-Xander and Dawn, -have- to have their own dimension/plane of existence/realm/etc..., that is protected from any and all threats, kinda like a safe haven like the Elders realm is/was in Charmed.

-Any number of crossovers you want.

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A few days before Halloween, Xander, while looking for costume ideas in Giles' books came upon a passage about either: "Astria Porta" or "Chappa'ai", and, being who he is, decides to dress up as ""Astria Porta" or "Chappa'ai" personified. It can be adapted however you want with as many crossovers as you want.

-Xander has to have the knowledge of each and every Stargate and complete control of them, be able to sense and deny someone access based on their(whoevers) intentions, interact with anything and everything it/they is connected too, have a completely adaptable brain, able to adjust to the knowledge it is being given, and the complete knowledge of the whole of where the location/destination/planet/etc of the Stargate(s) is/are.


-Can be whatever length you want, because I know people have their own stories to write and stuff.

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The challenge can be either:
1. When Q feels bored, he decides to go to the Buffy-verse(with however many crossovers as anyone who writes this wants) to play as a human, namely, Xander Harris.


2. When Buffy stops Larry from punching Xander in the Halloween episode, instead of going as a soldier, he decides to go as the All-Powerful, All-Knowing, Q(from the Star Trek-verse). Q, after viewing Xanders life -past, present, and future- tweaks the spell so that Xander keeps all of the power as a Q along with the knowledge of how to control it and (so he doesn't have to be told off that he didn't) the rules/laws/regulations/etc of the Q Continuum.


1. It can have as many and any crossovers as they want.
-I've gotten quite fond of those crossovers with the Percy Jackson universe, so if whoever writes this wants to, Xander/Q can help out there. He can even make the Gods of that universe/reality their own plane of existence and teach them how to shed their physical forms like the Ascended Ancients/Alterans did in the Stargate universe.

2. When/If he goes to the Stargate universe(if it's not already in the Buffy-verse, because that episode with the alien in season five of Buffy can explain the connection between the Buffy and Stargate universe), he has to make sure Daniel is exempt from the Ascended Ancients rules and non-interference policy, like, oh, i don't know, give him his own group of loyal Ascended Beings maybe.

3. The Balance- There is no Balance, that's just the Powers that Be passing information to both sides and so they basically make sure niether Good nor Evil wins, wanting to keep their jobs and the power that comes with being the PTB.
-Whistler can't suffer punishment- He's only the messanger.

4. Anything and everything goes

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Crossover Challenge of Percy Jackson, Xena: Warrior Princess and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

Someone from the Xena reality ends up in the Percy Jackson reality. Preferably someone with Powers and is Good and not evil, either a Demi-God or a God/Goddess.

It would be funny to see what Strife could get up to in the Percy Jackson series/reality. Or maybe Joxer, he could have been made a God then was trying out/practicing his powers and somehow ends up in the Percy Jackson reality, since he causes a lot of Chaos no matter how small, or maybe both Strife and Joxer get stuck there.

It would also be funny if Xander was thrown there too.

There was never any Twilight of the Gods, or Eve, or anything of the sort. They only did that plot-line because the actress was pregnant at the time.

Joxer: God of Peace and Chaos. Or something along those lines.

It has to be light hearted, during a time of peace in the series, maybe to just before Percy says No to godhood.

Sometime during the story Strife conjures up some Ambrosia and a bowl of Golden Apples to teach Joxer how to conjure some and Percy accidentally eats some.

Anything else is fine.

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'"Should any official/unofficial/know/unknown section(s) of any Government(s)/Kingdoms/Sovereignty/etc. in the World(s) employ and/or support in any way (political/financial/ect.) a group/section/project/lab/ect. that promotes/exemplifies/personifies/enforces/engages in anything/anyway similar to the Nazi's DRI, Demon Research Initiative Project(the predecesser on BtVS(atleast I think so, there's too many fanfics out there that say it, so I sometimes get canon and fanon mixed up) of the Initiative Project that was run by the Nazi's.)) shall Surrender any and all Power (Diplomatic/Political/Financial/Name/Royal/Mundane/Magical/Technological/Corporation(Wolfram and Hart)/Company/Religious/Supernatural/Demonic/Terrestrial/Extra-Terrestrial/Independent/Intra-Terrestrial/In-Realm/Out-of-Realm/Sub-terrestrial/Ect.-Terrestrial/In-Planet/Of-Planet/Out-Planet/etc.)*they had a Seer help with the writing of the Law/Amendment/Whatever you want to call it.*)) to the Person(s)/Group(s)/Organization(s)/etc. to personally take down the Project/ect."'

-All Technology must be moved up to the current year.
-Their Halloween costumes have to be different from the show, they must be suitible to their Roles in all of the canon seasons(Examples: Slayer-Unification Spell at the end of the canon Fourth season in the takedown of the Initiative, Xander-One-Who-Sees, etc...)
-As many crossovers as you want:
*Naruto, Harry Potter, Ranma 1/2(?), Oh My Goddess! -OR- Xena: Warrior Princess/Herucles(For the purposes of this, there was no Twilight of the Gods'/Goddess' or anything like that.) -OR- Percy Jackson series, Stargate SG-1/Atlantis, Highlander, Sailor Moon(For comedic purposes. Imagine their reactions to no Crystal Tokyo. Come on, can you see the Scoobies allowing that to happen to the world?), Tenchi Muyo(I like Washuu in fanfics and the potential tech she could create.) etc...

-The Royal Family of the United Kingdom(There's gotta be someone to show them the ropes/process/ect to running an Empire. If you can work in a way to save Princess Diana, extra bonus points.)
-Switzerland(I figure there should be atleast -one- country that didn't do/try it. And I can't think of any others at the moment.)

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Xander and Dawn(who the Monks inserted as his sister since as the less noticed of the Scoobies they thought he would be assumed to be a member of minority, a 'normal', assumed to be unimportant and thus passed over as the Protector of the Key so she would be safe in anonymity) dress as two Immortal (Magical) Bankers, Lawyers and Scientists (who use Magic to help it along and to create servents to do their bidding) due to a lost bet(make up a bet) who somehow ended up more then a thousand years in the past (Xander and Dawn do have to have time to build up resources, influence, etc.) where Xander and Dawn end up creating the Goblins(Gringotts) and Wolf, Ram and Hart(Wolfram and Hart, hence Dawns inclusion due to Wolfram and Hart being a multi-dimensional, etc. business) after they combined various types of DNA that they found along with various other things throughout the years, they also found a working Stargate/Astria Porta and DHD along with a list of addresses which they replicate being able to do with Magic, thus also creating a Galaxy-wide Bank too.

They also find the real Camelot(Or any other) City-Ship at the beginning of their arrival in(to) the past, afterwhich they use it as a hidden headquarters on Earth or in the Sol System.

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plots are the property of the author. No money is being made from this work/challange. No copyright infringement is intended.

It's logical that since the Alterans had City Ships for Camelot and Atlantis, that since we don't know anything about the Furlings' that the Furlings' could have had their own versions of City Ships, and thus: The Furling City Ship Olympus.

Xander, Buffy, Willow and a passing Amy, Oz, and Cordelia get drafted by Snyder to dress as mythological figures.

Instead of doing -exactly- that, Xander(Comic book geek) and Willow(Hacker and Science expert for Buffy arrived) in honor of Jesse, a Sci-Fi and Fantasy geek, decide to add futuristic objects to their groups costumes, thus giving the spell a basis in the past to empower the group based on their portrayals of their Godly/Alteran/or/Ferling namesake.

When the spell ends they either stay on Earth(The group as a whole gradually leave Sunnydale due to their empowerments effects on the balance of the Hellmouth(Their also basically given gradually free-reign everywhere but where a Hellmouth is by the other Higher Beings/Heavens/Gods/Whoever/Whatever/Wherever.) or something happens that lands the group elsewhere in the Galaxy(Milky Way, Pegasus, or both) where they basically have free-reign.

Xander: Ares
Buffy: Artemis(Nip that Angel losing his soul thing to pieces)
Willow: Athena(For strategy)
Amy: Hecate
Cordelia: Aphrodite(So that if they do get their own followers/minions, so they can keep them calm and peaceful indefinitely)
Oz: Apollo
Dawn: (Pick for yourself)
(And anyone else who you can get in a costume among the group. Giles and Jenny too if you want.)

--They get access to the City Ship Olympus.

--So that it isn't an immediate Power-Up and a really boring fic really fast, they all have to gradually adjust to the Powers, Abilities, Skills, ect, that they all become enhanced with.

--They all -must- have:
*the ability to teleport,
*photographic memory and,
*A limited(growing gradually as the fic goes on or as they become accustomed to the power/ability) awareness/"Omniscience in their domain and/or area of influence" and of their followers/minions in the back of their minds. (An example of this can be found in anotherlostsoul's "Thunder over Smallville: Book One" 'Chapter 46 – Metamorphosis I'. The divine awareness part describes what I'm trying to explain, anotherlostsoul describes it perfectly, with the above characters gradually growing more aware of everything within their domain and sphere of influence.)

--They can also all have a slight empowerment from prayers and worship that grows as they grow accustumed to their empowerments.

--Depending on the different crossovers(Examples: Charmed, Harry Potter, Xena/Herc, ect), any other powers or abilities can be consulted at my forum on

I've found that/those to be (a) helpful guide(s) to base powers off of.

Not to be included:
The comics after Season 7 of Buffy and Season 5 of Angel.

--Dawns involvement.
--If you cross with Charmed: the Charmed comics.

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