Imagine: The List
Fic posted by members of Vo's Imaginings YahooGroup
Reviewer: voracity (Signed) · Date: 2011.03.28 06:49 pm · On: Chapter 1

why didn't you tell me about this? i would've put it up on the site. it's a good job though. thanks. vo

Reviewer: Cat (Signed) · Date: 2009.08.01 06:09 am · On: Chapter 1


Author's Response: Thanks, Vo's bunnies and muses hopped over to pick on me, so I'm hoping to pass them back to her <eg>

Reviewer: sabinbc (Signed) · Date: 2009.07.31 02:38 am · On: Chapter 1

Great start I hope someone continues.

Author's Response: I'm hoping Vo will take it up, since it was her story that spawned this Encourage her to keep that fic going. If she doesn't *shrugs* I might, but I'd rather give this as an oversized bunny to her <eg>

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