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Jim frowned as he stared out into the storm, something about it didn’t seem natural. A cut off scream from outside had him grabbing his jacket and a shotgun. Stealing himself he headed out into the downpour, flashlight in one hand and gun in the other. Finally the beam of light landed on a suspicious lump on the ground and Jim picked up his pace, fighting against the howling wind.

He dropped to his knees and reached out. His eyes went wide as he rolled a teenager over. Even in the rain he could see the growing puddle of blood surrounding the boy. He was freezing cold to the touch but a hurried search revealed a weak pulse and warm breath. Slinging the shotgun over his shoulder he lifted the boy as gently as he could and then headed back to his house.

Jim lay the boy down in the spare room and then dashed into the bathroom for his first aid kit, warm water and all the towels he owned. He cut the blood-soaked clothes from the teen, leaving his boxers on to preserve his dignity. He wet the towels in the water and began washing the blood away, trying to find where it was coming from. He winced as he found the jagged wound across the boy’s stomach but he needed to check for more. Jim found a few more smaller wounds but the main one was the stomach one. Jim set out his supplies and set about cleaning and then stitching the wounds. When he finally finished he redressed the teen in sweets and a jumper and then wrapped him up in blankets t6o try and raise his body temperature.

Jim bathed the teen’s forehead with a cool cloth, trying to break his fever. The storm still raged outside or he would have called an ambulance but that was just as likely to make more people need the ER. It had been three days since he’d found the boy and other than developing a fever nothing had changed. If his fever didn’t break soon he may have to risk a call to 911.

Jim tensed as the boy groaned and then glazed green eyes drifted open a few inches. Then they went wide and he was struggling to keep the boy on the bed.

“Calm down, I won’t hurt you. It’s alright you’re safe.” Jim soothed and the boy slowly stilled.
“Can you tell me your name?” Jim asked and the teen blinked groggily at him and opened his mouth only to cough. Jim grabbed the glass of water and slowly tipped some into the kid’s mouth. There was no reaction to the holy water thankfully.

“Harry.” The kid croaked and Jim smiled.

“I’m Pastor Jim Murphy. I found you in the churchyard a few days ago, patched you up. You’re running a fever though and it won’t break.” Jim explained and the kid nodded before dropping back off to sleep.

Jim looked up from where he was making lunch to see Harry clinging to the wall for support but awake and mobile. Jim moved to his side and the teen shied away before letting Jim help.

“Think you’re up to eating?” Jim asked and Harry nodded.
“Anything you won’t eat?”

“No sir.”

“Call me Pastor Jim son. It’s good to see you’re feeling better. Fever gone?”

“Feels like it. Thank you.”

“No problem. Helping those who need it comes with the calling.”

“So you’re a priest?” Harry asked as he took the sandwich and began to slowly eat it.

“Yes, the church is just over there, can’t see it through the rain though.” Jim pointed out one rain blackened window.

“Um, where am I? You don’t sound British or European.” Jim blinked in surprise. How had harry ended up in his yard?

“You’re in Blue Earth, Minnesota. In America.” Harry’s eyes went wide in shock.

“But how? I was in London.” Confused green eyes met Jim’s and the Pastor frowned.

“What was the last date you remember?” Jim asked, if he’d lost time he could have been anything from possessed to kidnapped.

“May ninth 1996.” Harry answered and Jim winced.
“What?” Harry asked nervously and Jim sighed, handing over a local paper. Harry stared at the date in horror. He shook his head in disbelief.
“That’s not possible, it can’t be 2001. I’m fifteen, well actually I suppose sixteen since it’s its August. For it to be 2001 I’d be twenty one. So how do you explain that?” Harry stood up, backing away from the table. Jim stood and approached the spooked teen slowly, hands up.

“Harry just calm down, we’ll work this out. But you need to calm down before you pull your stitches. I promise, I will help you find out what happened to you.” Jim soothed and then reached out to gently push him back towards the table and the chair Harry had abandoned. Harry collapsed into and Jim sat down next to him.
“Harry what is the last thing you remember? Maybe we can figure it out from there?” Harry frowned in thought, trying to sort out his foggy memories of what had happened.

Harry thought about it and then remembered. There’d been a battle at the Ministry. Voldemort had shown up and their duel and the Veil Room. He remembered killing Tom, fulfilling the Prophecy and then...Greyback. Partially transformed he’d tried to gut him and he’d lunged back to avoid being eviscerated. He remembered a shock of freezing cold and hen blackness. He must have fallen through the Veil but then why wasn’t he dead?

“Harry?”Jim called, worried at the teens silence.

“There was a fight but I won and then he was there. He slashed at me and I dodged back, then it was cold and I was falling and it all goes black.” Harry stated softly. Jim nodded though he was confused.

“Other than you appearing younger than you should be there could be many reasons. Drugging, kidnapping...”

“Except I’m still sixteen. Bugger.”

“Language.” Jim chastised and Harry blushed.
“As a priest there are some tests I can run, try to see if you were possessed. Is there someone back in England you can contact? See what they think happened?” Jim asked and Harry nodded.

“Do you have a computer? I know a friends email address.”

Harry sat on the river bank throwing stones into the river. It had been three weeks since he’d woken up in Pastor Jim’s spare room and they still didn’t know what had happened. Jim had put him throw a lot of weird tests and chants and had come up with nothing. At least the Pastor had relaxed when his tests had come back negative. Hermione’s email address didn’t exist, he’d even tried ringing his Aunt and the number came back as nonexistent. Harry was beginning to believe he really had fallen through the Veil into some alternate reality or something. One in which magic, at least how he knew it, didn’t exist. But his magic still worked, he could feel it coursing through him but he kept a tight lid on it.

So now he had some tough decisions to make, he couldn’t live of Jim’s charity forever but he had no useful skills. He’d never even attended high school. But maybe he could now? Graduate and go to college or get a job somewhere. He was free now, with no prophecy hanging over his head, no one looking to him to save the world.

Jim watched Harry as he worked on the placement test he’d gotten for the teen. What sort of family kept a child from attending high school? Even John had made sure his boys went. He’d had a friend run a search though, there was no record of a Harry James Potter ever being born in England in 1980. There were some boys with similar names but not that exact one. So he had had a new identity created for the teen and put his birth date up a few years since there was no way Harry could pass for eighteen let alone twenty one. He’d also had himself put down as Harry’s legal guardian, he would look after the boy until he was able to go out on his own. He knew the boy was hiding things but everything in him said Harry was no threat.

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