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Title: Alternative Addiction
Author: Border.Travis a.k.a Starshinedogs
Fandom: The Rundown

Type: Pre Slash
Rating: all ages may change

Disclaimer: I don't own them. I’m just borrowing them for a while
Author's Notes: I blame this on Trowa she gave me the prompt

Written for the sylum gathering = Alternative addiction (word count 249)

Most folks would expect Beck to have addiction to drugs or booze or even woman, but years ago Beck had found a alternative addiction. His addiction was sculpting in any medium that he could get his hands on, from clay to sand to stone.

He was drawn to both men and woman, the sculptures of his female figures would pull down a six figure sum easily. From any of the galleries that he showed his work at, but the rare male sculptures he completed usually sold to private collectors and made him far more money.

At first when he met Travis, he didn’t see anything special about him. But then he had taken his shirt off and Beck’s hands started itching, he wanted to sculpt that body at first he contemplated marble but that was to cold, sand had no lasting value it was far to ephemeral to capture Travis’s beauty.

The choice came down to bisque or red clay, and finally Beck decided that it would be bisque  with a pale shell pink glaze to try to capture the way Travis’s skin glowed in the indirect light of the jungle.

But first he had to get himself and Travis out of the jungle and back to the states, then second to some how convince him to hide out in his studio.  Thirdly to get the sculpture done and then fingers crossed the fourth would to be getting Travis into his bed, and if fate was with him he would be able to keep him there.
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