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2People asked me about doing a merDean story so here it is.

Chapter 1

Sam walked into the building, fighting not to show his disgust. He hunted to protect the innocent, hunters like this sickened him. Turning their kills into trophesy and displaying them…..made them little better than the beings they hunted. Bobby had gotten word of Trent doing something even worse and had asked Sam to look into it since he was closer. He walked up to the internal door and knocked, staring at the panel as it opened briefly and then the door swung open.

“Sam Winchester, wow. It’s an honour! Meeting one of the two to take out Azazel……did you take a trophy?” The man…Trent, Sam assumed, asked and Sam managed a strangled smile for him.

“Sorry but no. Was wondering if I could look around though.”

“Go right ahead.” Trent told him and Sam started looking around, taking in the vampire teeth, wendigo skulls, and other trophies while acting like he was enjoying himself. There wasn’t anything really shocking though.

“What the hell!” Sam blurted out and Trent joined him, smirking.

“I love that reaction. He’s my main exhibit.” The man stated proudly and all Sam could do was stare at the tank. The thing was about seven foot tall and maybe three feet wide and deep and filled with water. Floating inside, dead or unconscious, was a being Sam had heard described but never thought he’d see.

“A merman.” Sam whispered, stepping closer to the tank, close enough to see the bare chest rising and falling with slow breaths.

“He’s a beauty ain’t he? Caught him in a lake in Washington Stare, it was a bitch to get him back here alive but well worth the trouble.”

“And you just keep him like this? That’s barbaric!” Sam spat, staring at Trent who shrugged uncaringly.

“So, he’s just a creature. Besides it’s not like I starve him or anything. Got this mix from a guy I know, adds the nutrients straight to the water as well as a sedative. Not like he’s ever awake or anything.” Trent argued.
“What’s your problem? Not like I’m torturing it.”

“How about there’s never been a recorded death from a mer? If anything they save humans from drowning. Doubt they will if this gets around. People like you make me sick!” Sam spat, shoving Trent into a wall, seeing the fear in his eyes.

Dean could vaguely hear the sounds of humans talking outside his tank, not that he could understand them. He could recognise the voice of the one who had captured him though, the second sounded different from any other he’d heard… or something. But then it was mad and there was yelling. Dean fought to open his eyes but whatever was in his water was too strong, he had enough trouble staying even slightly aware. All he wanted was to go home.

Trent slumped to the floor, unconscious, and Sam moved back to the tank, putting his hand on the glass. The merman was incredible, all tanned muscle and sleek scales. His tale was a dark green/blue and it twitched every now and then, muscle spasms or the poor guy fighting to wake up? Short blonde hair moved slowly in the gentle, artificial current as his body floated limply. Sam moved around to study the tank and then yanked the tube that went to the tank of sedative/nutrient mix. The tank appeared made to be transported on the back of a truck so at least that wouldn’t be too hard but what were the odds he could make it to Washington before Trent got some friends together? He didn’t even know which lake the merman came from but he had to try. No being deserved the kind of life this one was living. Sam had seen a truck when he’d come in and sure enough he found it out in the warehouse proper, obviously there from when Trent had moved the merman in. He got in and backed it up to the loading doors and then went back inside to make sure Trent was still nice and secure. When he straightened up he saw groggy green eyes staring at him through the glass.

Dean struggled to focus, finally making out a blurry figure in front of the tank. The human looked big and Dean felt a flash of fear until he managed to focus on the man’s face. His eyes locked with calm, gentle hazel and he felt a brief surge of hope. He watched as the man placed his hand against the glass and smiled gently at him. His lips moved and Dean recognised the second voice from before. He slowly raised his own hand and rested it where the man’s hand was, pleading with his eyes for help.

“Can you understand me?” Sam called out gently and the merman tilted his head, obviously still groggy but he eventually nodded.
“My name’s Sam, I’m going to get you out of here. Just stay calm okay? Things are gonna get pretty loud.” Sam explained and the merman nodded again.
“That’s good. I’m going to try and get you back to your home. It’s gonna take a while thought, it’s not a short trip and there will probably be people after us at some point but I’m gonna look after you.” Sam told him and then began figuring out how to get the tank into the truck without disconnecting the oxygen; he didn’t want the merman to suffocate on the way. By the time he managed to load the tank Trent was coming round, struggling against the cuffs.

“You bastard!” Trent yelled when he saw what Sam was doing and Sam walked over to him, pulling his gun and aiming it at Trent’s head, making him stop struggling.

“Come after us and I will kill you, got that?” Sam demanded and Trent glared but nodded sullenly.
“Good. People like you make me sick, you’re not a hunter. You’re a monster.” Sam spat and then hit Trent in the head with the butt of his gun, knocking him back out. He then gagged him to be safe.

He finally figured out the machinery around the place and hooked it up to the tank, giving the poor worried looking merman a brief smile before turning it on to move the tank over to where the truck was waiting. He got the tank loaded and got up beside it, kneeling over the now laid down tank.

“Okay I’m going to be up front driving. You all right in there?” Sam asked and the merman nodded.
“You’re gonna be okay, I’m going to try to find your home for you.” Sam promised, smiling when the merman placed his hand against the glass. Sam matched the move and then got up.
“Sorry if the ride gets bumpy but I’m gonna try to stay off the main roads for safety.” Sam told him and then got into the cab and drove away. He kept off the main roads, taking back streets wherever possible. But eventually he had to stop and sleep so he got into the back of the trunk with the merman.
“We’ve stopped so I can get some sleep. We should be safe enough here. Wish we could communicate, I have no clue if you need anything.” Sam said and was relieved when the other male shook his head.
“Okay then.” Sam managed to make up a bed next to the tank, curling up to sleep.

Dean watched the human sleep, agreeing with the wish that they could communicate better. He wanted to ask him why he was helping him. Did he know about the law? Surely he wasn’t doing it out of the goodness of his heart, no human was that good. Despite the fact he’d been kept unconscious for who knew how long it wasn’t much longer before he found himself drifting off to sleep as well.

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