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So I was really enjoying Winchester-Colt’s fic Demon King Daddy and was very sad to hear she has passed. So consider this in tribute to her. Though I am changing Harry’s parentage from what she had, if Harry was Crowley and James’ kid how did he get Lily’s eyes after all?
Eventual HarrySam, pairing suggestion for Dean? People have wanted me to do the three together so if you’d like that let me know. Please bear in mind I haven’t seen much of s5 or Crowley, except through fics.

Chapter 1

He didn’t know why but for as long as he could remember there’d been the occasional person in his life whose eyes would flash black. They were never overt in their actions but they always appeared when his life was at its worst in the muggle world, they’d saved his life several times actually. They’d been teachers, doctors, police and even strangers on the street. After he’d entered the wizarding world he’d all but forgotten about them since he’d never seen them after that but every year on his birthday a present would appear, never anything grand, just a small trinket but he knew they were the ones giving them to him.

“Nice to finally see you in person love.” A man called and Harry spun, magic pooling in his hands and the older man raised his hands in surrender. “Easy there, I come in peace.”

“And you are?” The young wizard asked, getting a grin in return.

“Name’s Crowley. Been looking for you for the last few months, you’re not the easiest guy to find you know.” He answered, studying Harry and then he smiled. “See you’ve been getting my birthday presents.” He looked at the bracelet and charm on Harry’s right wrist.

“You’re the one who sends me presents…..did you send them too?”

“Them?” He asked and then chuckled. “Mia thought you’d noticed, didn’t believe her. Guess she was right, what gave them away?”

“You mean other than the flashing black eyes? They actually helped me.” Harry admitted softly and Crowley frowned.

“I’m sorry, I wanted to come to you myself but I couldn’t, not till now. That’s why I had them keeping an eye on you.”

“Why? You’re not a Death Eater or a member of the Order so what use am I to you.” Harry demanded and Crowley sighed.

“No one ever told you, did they? Stupid wizards.” He muttered and emerald eyes narrowed.

“Told me what?” Harry demanded. Crowley sighed and looked around the park he’d finally found Harry in. While there weren’t too many people around he had the feeling that Harry would not be taking his news well.

“We need to talk privately love.” Crowley told him, a bit saddened by the fact Harry backed away. “I swear I’m not here to hurt you.” He promised and emerald eyes that reminded Crowley so much of the kids’ mother narrowed before Harry nodded.

“There’s a diner.” Harry stated and Crowley followed him, feeling the staff watching him closely once they entered, amused but not surprised that they seemed to have taken a linking to Harry. “So talk.”

“Well first, how much do you know about your parents? And I mean their lives outside school and work, not the fact you look like them.” Crowley asked, he hoped Harry knew something about what he needed to tell him. But he doubted, if the boy knew surely he would have said something.

Harry studied the man sitting across from him, he wasn’t blind, he could feel the evil wafting from him but….it wasn’t like Voldemort or the Dementors, this was very different. It was a part of this…’s very being and yet it wasn’t all there was too him. That was why he had agreed to talk to him, he may be evil but Harry could feel the capacity for other emotions in him. Sort of like Remus when the wolf was close.

“Not much, no one ever wants to talk about them unless it’s about my looks or how great an Auror Dad was, or Mum’s temper and gift with Charms.” Harry finally answered and Crowley rolled his eyes, amusing Harry.

“Damn it.” The swearing made Harry chuckle and Crowley flashed him a grin. “Sorry, just makes this a lot more complicated.” He reached into one of the pockets in his suite and then held the contents out to Harry. Harry could only stare at what appeared to be a picture of his parents wedding. They looked so young and happy as they waved and smiled for the camera, Sirius, Remus and……Crowley standing with them.

“You knew them.” He whispered.

“Sure did. First met James….lets see, he must have been about nine at the time. Good kid if a bit spoilt but he eventually grew out of that. Met Lily after they graduated since I hadn’t seen James in years. She was a real spitfire.” Crowley smiled in remembrance and Harry swallowed in pain. Crowley saw and hesitantly reached over to place a hand on Harry’s shoulder and Harry didn’t shrug him off. “Sorry kid.” Crowley stated uncomfortably and Harry nodded, smiling at the waitress as she delivered their food. They ate in silence for a while, Crowley mainly watching Harry but Harry was used to being watched.

“So you knew my parents…..why have ‘people’ watching me, the gifts?” Harry asked once he was done eating and Crowley shifted, actually nervous for the first time in……well a very long time.

“Because it was a bit more than just knowing them Harry. James….he couldn’t have kids.” Crowley admitted and green eyes went wide in shock.

“But I look like him.” Harry argued.

“Yeah you do because he blood adopted you. Lily and James well, they were great people and helping them have you was something I will never regret.”

“You’re trying to tell me you’re my Dad?” Harry asked and Crowley nodded. “That’s crazy.” Harry tried to deny but he could feel it, could feel his magic curling under his skin, almost purring happily at the mans’ presence

“I know you can feel it.” Crowley stated and Harry looked away briefly before staring at him.

“Then why didn’t you take me away?” Harry asked softly and Crowley sighed.

“I’m sorry kid, I really am. I would have raised you if I could have or sent you to safety but I wasn’t in the country when James and Lily died, by the time I got back here you were gone. Took me years to find you and give you what help I managed to.”

“What are you?” Harry asked and Crowley looked him in the eye, knowing this could send his son running.

“A demon.”

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