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Willow goes off the deep end and decides to take out Xander the demons use this as an excuse to take over and the world goes boom when the humans fight back using everything in their arsenal.






Strife sees what happens and interferes enough so that Xander can have help.  He saves Xander’s pets and whatever else he can for him and makes sure that Xander is safe and has his markings on him when he arrives so he can call on them.




Day after the Harvest:


Xander wakes up next to a dusty Jesse and about has a heart attack until Jesse gets him calmed down and tells him what had happened.


That Willow had gone off the deep end and had sent him back in time and that the demons had used that as an excuse to attack and end the world.


Because of this, in this world, Willow was the one that got turned and dusted by Xander not Jesse, though he remembered both worlds since he had been watching in the other world.


Jesse has Xander use his marks to contact his Gods who bring them up to Cupid’s Temple where they find Ares, Cupid, and Strife waiting for them.


Xander reaffirms Jesse’s story and then asks Ares to destroy the Master’s tunnels and the Master as well as kill off the Mayor for him please.


Ares smirks and snaps his fingers sinking half the town and opening the tunnels to sunlight while one of his snipers gets the Mayor.




Xander takes some paper and draws out two characters (one for Jesse and one for himself [See Halloween + being able to blow glass and use a forge and that the berries worked for them]) and then writes up wishes for himself and Jesse before summoning Hallie.


When she arrives, he hands her the wishes on behalf of himself and Jesse and after she looks at them, she grins, “this will stop a lot of plans you know.”


Xander grins and nods.


She looks at the character sheets and nods her head, doable, “Granted.”


She disappears and they find themselves feeling lightheaded and bouncy with a lot of knowledge.


Strife and Cupid get a buzz letting them know she had activated the GHS gene in both of them.


Xander asks to try one of the berries to see if his wish came true and the berries now worked on him so Cupid warily let him have one and they waited…but no surge so they gave him another…and another…soon he was able to have enough to get him out of backlog, much to their relief.




Xander checks with Ares to see if Jesse is a Pre-Immortal like he is and Ares says yes so Xander asks that they be aged up to 25 and be zapped and made immortal.


Strife does so.


Next he asks for identification under the names Alexander Hunter and Jesse Potter born their birth days 1971 in LA with the proper paperwork filed in the proper places. They are the children of rich tycoons who had recently died in a private plane crash (with proper paperwork) and left them their heirs since Strife had said he had saved all of Xander’s money and gems which he splits with Jesse. He asks that Steve be first to be pulled up and memories be returned.




Steve Ellison was just starting out in business after graduating from school and had just gotten home from looking for work when he found himself in a Greek Temple and then with memories of a past life.


Ares handed him what they had of Xander’s and Jesse’s money and told him it was now his to take care of till Xander or Jesse could take over.


He showed him the history they had come up with so far and Steve helped them flesh it out further with schooling and such with Strife and Ares imputing the records into the databanks as needed.


Finally all that was needed was pictures for the driver’s licenses and ID’s and they were done.




Xander told them that he wanted to move to his house in the Cove so they looked and found not only his house, but crazy lady and the house behind it empty as well as noise lady empty so they bought them as one with Steve wincing at the land taxes that were going to cost.




Steve was let go with the admonishment to move to Florida and be ready to work.




Xander told Ares that since he had horses that he needed a place to have them so they had Steve look for stables or a farm where they could hire hands.




Next Xander had Ares bring up the Winchesters and return their memories including how to get rid of the yellow eyed demon and after telling them that he was back at the Cove in Miami if they needed him they headed back to take care of the demon.




Next Xander had them bring up Horatio and Speed.


They had just gotten together and once they were up Aphrodite comes and gives them back their necklaces and kisses her favorite couple and then sees Xander and Jesse and squeals over Xander finding his match and hugs them both.




Xander introduces Jesse to them and they sit down to discuss what to do now.




Xander has them bring up Ryan next while Horatio and Speed are still up.


Ryan is just finishing his last year at the University of Miami and looking to go to the Academy when he is pulled up.


Once his memories are returned, he remembers all the overtime and Xander’s constant backlog and rethought that and decided to go back and go for his degree in business instead to help Steve.


Xander hugs him and welcomes back to the family.




Next up is Greg and Tony.


Greg is just finishing school and Tony is getting ready to move to a different department when they find themselves in the Temple.


Horatio tells Greg that if Tony moves down to Miami as a detective then he would have no problem taking him as a tech as well, so they are set, and Xander tells them that once his house is built they could have a room there as well so no need to look for a place to live.


They are sent back to their homes and Aphrodite sets things in motion so that Tony is immediately hired on in homicide.




Finally, he calls up Ray and Methos who are quite relieved to find out that Ray can get out of being called up for the undercover as Veccio.


Xander tells them that he had bought the properties of noisy lady and crazy lady so if they wanted one of them he would let them build on it and he would pay the taxes on it and pay for the house so they just had to design it to their liking.




Aphrodite and Cupid come out with Amelia and Toby and hand the children off to their daddies now that they were up and together, their paperwork was filled out naming Ray as Toby’s father and Horatio as Amelia’s Father.


Now Ray had a legitimate reason to retire, he had a son he wanted to raise.




Horatio, Speed, and their daughter, as well as Ray, Methos, and their son all head home, while Ares takes Xander, Ryan, and Jesse, to the Goblin bank and introduces them to their account manager Pidem.


All of their money, gems, gold, silver, bronze, etc… had been put in their vaults and no demon could take it out or put anything in, their accounts were safe from hacking as well.


They spent an hour filling out paperwork with Ryan and Jesse doing most of the work and Xander just signing where they told him too, and then onto getting their picture taken (after Ares grew out Xander’s hair again like they liked it) for Passports and Xander a California State Driver’s License since he knew how to drive and Jesse didn’t.


Then Pidem makes a few phone calls and hands them over wallets with 2,000 dollars cash in each wallet as well as credit cards with 50,000 dollar limits and tells them that the taxi is waiting to take them to their rented house. The house has been prepaid for 6 months.


Ares walks them out and then tells them that he would see them in the morning and disappears.






When they get to the house Xander is happy to see his pets waiting on him with the ferrets in their Ferretopia and Hubert and the three dogs waiting on the couches.


Xander’s bed was in the Master bedroom so the tired trio headed up to bed to sleep, with the dogs following.




Find out on the news that WRH LA has been sucked into a sink hole and disappeared.






Two days later, Xander was meeting with the head of the construction team and the architect for the house he wanted built, handing over the plans he had made on the computer with the help of a program he had bought for it.


By this time Methos and Ray had decided on keeping the Crazy Lady house the way it was for now and just redoing the insides later so Xander authorized them to knock down the three other houses and begin work.




He wants a large kitchen with a dining room this time (Ferretopia will go there for now), a large living room, a room for the computer server that they will hire a company to come in and help build so it is specially shielded and the server is specially built to their needs as well.


Several bedrooms with balconies on the second floor and on the third floor a dancers studio.


Over at Noise Lady’s house goes a Salle and work out gym and in the back yard neighbors house goes an Olympic pool with steam room and sauna.


Solar panels on the roof of each building for help on the electric bills and most of the heating and air conditioning to be electric except for the forge area which will be propane.


Fruit and nut trees will eventually decorate the yards making for a small forest area with benches and picnic areas as well.




Steve has found a farm that needs tender loving care to bring it back to its past splendor so Xander buys it and hires a crew to rebuild it






Head back to the Temple and summon Wade, giving him his memories, he tells them it is getting close to the time he would have been given to Max as a gift so he had plans on retiring and heading deep under cover.


Xander uses a trick he learned from Lavelle and digitizes an imp and puts it onto the web to find all of the holdings of Max and lets it go, and then takes Max out with two hellhounds like before and a digitized hellhound to take out all of his information on the web so he no longer exists.


Wade is now free as are the Losers and all the others he had f’ed up.


Wade still decides to retire just in case.




Next up are the Losers who are told about Wade and Max, they decide to retire as a team and sign up as a retrieval team for GHS in Miami again.






Tired of taxis the trio go car shopping with Ryan there to be mediator of good taste; Xander gets his bullet and bomb proof  stretch Range Rover in pale blue color and charcoal grey leather seats and an Audi in Cherry Red with grey leather seats, and wood trim.


After he buys it and gets the license for it, he takes it to a racing shop to have a racing engine put in with Jesse telling them what he wants.




When he picks it up and tests it out, he takes it to a place to get a new sound system in and then feels that it is ready.




Jesse passes his driving test and gets use of the vehicles as well as getting his motorcycle license and getting a motorcycle getting a dark blue Kawasaki Ninja and Ryan getting and old Indian to fix up and get running as well as getting a white Ford Truck of his own.




The puppies pass obedience class and go on to intermediate class.




For spring quarter Jesse has Xander take the berries so he can take a community college course in auto mechanics with him so he knows what he is talking about with cars.




June 1996:


The house and other buildings and pool are done so Xander and family move in and call in a landscaping company to landscape the yards with trees and put in a sprinkler system.




He designed the kitchen of his dreams with three ovens with one of them a wall oven with double doors and a pizza oven in the island, a large stove with grill and oven, electronic upper cupboards that allow you to move things to be within reach, extra cupboards just for his baking racks, cupboards just for his pots and pans and lids, two dishwashers, lighting that was as close to daylight as possible and adjustable so it can dim for cozy later, a walk-in pantry, built in spice rack in the pantry where heat and light can’t get to the spices, a walk-in fridge, walk-in freezer, big work table with pull out marble cold boards and cutting boards (interchangeable), a breakfast nook and chairs for the island, and LOTS of counter space and drawers. Industrial sized: stand mixer, blender, food grinder, food processor, bread maker, and pasta machine.


Stoneware pizza pans, crock pots, fondue pots. Iron skillets in various sizes. Dutch ovens; various sizes, in cast iron and/or stoneware.


Full set of chef's knives n kitchen tools. Measuring cups n spoons for dry n liquid.


NO aluminum anything! Stainless steel (magnet tested to be sure it really is), cast iron, stoneware, glass.


Double layer cookie sheets for better cookies, glass bread pans. Thermometers for meats n candies, n thermometers inside all the ovens so he can be sure they are heating to the correct temperature.


Candy, cake n Jell-O forms; spring form pans, Bundt n fluted Bundt pans. Large salad bowls w lids.


A good supply of igloos, for picnics n such, n travel cozies for hot foods.




The soundproof entertainment room is a small theater with velvet seats that rocks back and forth from an old theater also has video game controls with video games and controls.


A projection booth in the back with the videos and DVDs. In a room next to it is; a fountain drink dispenser with cups, lids, and silly straws, a slurpee machine with cups, lids, and straws, a popcorn maker with tubs, a butter machine, and salt shaker, candy, candy dispensers, hot dog rollers and buns steamers, nacho chips and cheese and chili dispenser, ice dispenser, napkins and plastic utensils, fridge and small freezer, ice cream machine and toppings. In between the two rooms is light blocking doors to keep the light from the entertainment room when it is in use.




The study has a z shaped table that Xander built himself that has places to hook up your computer and lights. Like the kitchen it has lights that mimic daylight and are adjustable so that they can be turned down too cozy and nap time.


Ergonomic chairs, and shelving for the magic books and research books and magazines, a couch for naps and company, floor to ceiling windows with blinds in between the window panes and special remotes to darken the windows as needed.


Next to it, in its own temperature controlled room is a computer server specially built for their needs and over seen by Jesse and Xander.




The living room has an extra large flat screen TV with a table in front and ottomans and sectionals around it enough to sit 12-14 people done in dark blue microfiber.


There is a large sliding glass window that leads to the back yard where the back patio is and the hot tub; there is a small outdoor fridge near the hot tub for cold drinks and a large grill.


A small building is situated near the house to hold the patio furniture till needed.


Xander’s work room is situated at the back of the garage.


Book shelves hold the boys collection of sci-fi and fantasy books as well as magazines and there is a desk with a computer on it as well.


On the wall near the door is ferretopia where the ferrets George and Beauty are and Strife has made sure that the closet has the mini realm in it like before since he liked the fruit from the trees there.


The guest rooms are on the main floor and the family bedrooms are upstairs.




Master bedroom; Xander’s bigger than king size 4 poster bed, a small fridge in the corner of the room near the bed, bed tables on each side of the bed, two walk in closets with the dressers inside the closets.


The closets are tech. meaning that the hangers and rods are situated like dry cleaners, you press a button and they rotate till what you want comes forward. Suits and dress pants and shirts on the right, jeans and dress down shirts on the left with the appropriate shoes underneath and the dresser at the back; leathers in an endless trunk next to the closet.


A floor to ceiling window looking out on the back yard with blinds in between the panes and with blackout capabilities with remotes,


With a door leading into the separate bathroom and commode room.


The commode room just has a double wide sink and toilet with rack for towels and a small cupboard for linen and toilet paper, while the bathroom itself has a large tub (large enough for 5 people) with jets and cushioned along the sides. It has heaters on the bottom to keep the water warm.


There is a multi headed shower as well, and a linen closet for the towels and wash clothes.


Between the Master bedroom and Ryan’s room is the indoor hot tub with tropical plants, then Tony and Greg’s room; on the other side of the hallway is four more suites with their own bathroom.


The first suite belongs to Amelia and the second one to Toby each done in a fantasy theme of castles and dragons.


Each bathroom had a jetted and heated tub as well as a multi-headed shower.




Cupid places Xander’s pool with its toys in the basement when house is finished.




In the backyard hidden later by trees is Xander and Jesse’s forge and glass blowing building and then further back is the indoor pool, sauna, and steam room with massage room.


Also back there is a small greenhouse where Xander grows his herbs for cooking and the berries he uses to stay out of backlog.


To the left of the house is the salle and the gym; again hidden by the trees.




The front yard has a half circle driveway that has an entrance and an exit gate and next to the house is a 6 car garage for all their vehicles.




Xander puts down wards:


All wards placed on and in the property include: Non Violence (Anyone who wishes to harm a resident in ANY manner including kidnapping them can’t seem to find the property), Anti Theft, Anti Vandalism, Fire Protection, Pest Control, Hurricane protection, and Flood Protection.


Set up comfort spells on the building: Heating is electric and set to comfort spells, Central Air is run on comfort spells, Electric is run aided with magic (½ and ½).






The puppies graduate and so does Greg who moves out to join Tony in Miami and joins the team as a CSI Field Tech and Chem person.




The house and property is finished and Xander celebrates everything by cooking a big meal for first the station and then the house warming party. Inviting the lab and the detectives.




The farm is ready to be moved in Steve has hired some hands to move there to take care of the place and the horses, Horatio talks Yelina into bringing his nephew out as well and then talks her into allowing Ray Jr  to have riding lessons at the place.


Xander secretly has Ray over and has Ares return his memories and then they talk about the future




Xander begins teaching the dog’s drug and bomb sniffing with police training.






In his spare time, with Horatio’s approval, Greg does allergy tests for GHS increasing their knowledge of what herbs and chemicals GHS can and can’t have.






The Monsoon demon tries for Xander by taking him, Jesse, and Ryan.


Xander goes berserk and pulls up his new Rosenberg at her worst powers and destroys him and his realm.


Ryan is brought across and Ares has to reconnect Ryan and Jesse with Xander to get him to calm down.




The demon realm sees this as a good idea NOT to try Xander right now and gifts are given to try and placate him.




Xander asks Jesse to marry him / handfast him.


Jesse accepts and plans are made for Aphrodite to handfast them in the backyard.






Only family is allowed to attend the wedding and the grooms are decked out in togas to befit the Godly Priestess who is marrying them and Strife who is giving Xander away and Cupid who is giving Jesse away.




The wedding rings are made of Tungsten Steel to show the permanence in their relationship with the Shogun design for Jesse and the Sensei design for Xander.


During the ceremony Ryan is brought in as the Keeper for the two and he is given a simple white gold ring to show he may come and go in the relationship.








Once they returned from Greece where they had visited the old Temples they headed to New York for the GHS convention bringing with them their dogs and Hubert as well as Xander’s smut and Xander and Jesse’s glass blowing projects to sell.




Xander gave a demo of the dancing self defense which caused an orgy and sold out of DVDs which showed how to do the dance and self defense moves.




Xander ran into Danny while out for ice cream but Danny didn’t recognize him so after claiming he was just in for a convention and not to fight he escaped.


He heard later that Don got brought across by a head hunter and was under Danny’s care.






They get home in time to start to preserve the fruit that is coming off the trees and the nuts as well so Xander and Jesse as well as Ryan are very busy and Ryan gets ready to start school again.




Horatio has Eric start to work with Jesse and Xander as well as Ryan on their sword work and in return Xander gives him an illusion earring that adds wrinkles a little bit at a time to fake aging so he can stay longer.




During one of their practices Ares shows up, and, dissatisfied with how Ryan is doing, moves them back to his realm for two years his time 1 hour their world’s time to work with his warriors and reclaim Ryan as his Priest.


Bring back Tumie when they come back.






Getting near end of year tax time so it is time to go through the present giving storage unit and see what was given to the trio and sort it out to sell and give away.




While doing this, Xander meets up with himself again and a new convention happens with Jesse going along as the only Jesse to have survived.






For Christmas Xander and Jesse give Tony a stretch Range Rover of his own in matte grey with satellite link up and emergency gear as well as camping gear just in case.


And for Greg, they give him his own kitted out Hummer with Satellite link up.


They give Horatio his own Hummer fully kitted out with hook up as well so he can give his back to the city and they can’t say a word about him taking his home anymore.


They give the lab and the department a grant for new computers and new cars for the patrols and new Hummers for the lab.




For the pound they give a million dollar grant to update and help with the care of the animals




For the Angel Tree he didn’t just pick one Angel he picked a Tree and fulfilled the wishes of the children on the tree anonymously.


He, Jesse, and Ryan, gave a lot of toys to Toys for Tots as well making sure to hit all the small mom and pop shops to buy as much as possible to keep them in business.




Amelia and Toby get toddler gifts






Xander is kidnapped to the Middle East for New Years and destroys the people who did it, then gets on the man’s computer and destroys him that way, stealing all his money and taking anything of worth in the home, freeing any and all captives he had on the property and then calling the retrieval team to get them home.


When he gets home, he destroys that mans link with the government and the government’s attempt to cover it up, by showing the tapes from the man’s own cameras of his freeing of the man’s slaves, and then the man’s contract with the government to give over so many free labor people for their use; going into their computers and opening them up to the press and bringing down parts of the government and telling them to next time don’t go after GHS, that they weren’t ownable.




The Losers are set as the newest retrieval team for Miami.






Mardi Gras




Xander hires Amanda to teach him how to be a contortionist.




Xander begins to gamble with the Underground when he doesn’t take his berries to gain contacts and to keep an ear out for problems like last time.




Xander takes his first head in this life with Ryan in attendance.




Eric arrests the crazy guy when he comes for him to take his head, when he gets out and demands Xander fight him, Xander fights but doesn’t take his head so the man Tarzans himself taking his own head.


Eric and Xander call in Alexx to take the body and record the death since she is a Watcher.




The Mala Noches find out The General has been cheating at cards and kill him.


The leader is sent to prison.




Xander and Jesse begin to take belly dancing lessons (now that he has finished his contortionist lessons with Amanda), and they begin to wear ankle bells around everywhere as they try to walk better and quieter.




The puppies have finished their police training and Xander throws and house party to celebrate.


Tony and Horatio now borrow the dogs now and then as needed for cases.






Summer break and Xander wants a vacation so they take Hubert (leaving the dogs in the care of Tony and Greg so they could be used on cases) and head to Europe to visit castles after all a dragon should be with castles at least once and Xander is going to sneak Hubert in, in one of his never ending bags.






Hubert is the hit of the renaissance groups and many want their pictures taken with a real dragon.


But it is soon time to head home and get ready for the GHS convention.






The convention is in LA this time and there is massive guarding going on with the threat from the Middle East after Xander freed himself.


There is a feeling that if we can’t have them then no one can so everyone is on guard.




The trio is taken from the convention by slavers and so Xander pulls up his berserker again and frees them this time after destroying 4 blocks of downtown LA since they had upped the blocks they had on him thinking he couldn’t get free not knowing he could pull from the Hellmouth itself.




The trio head back to the convention and to the cuddle room to calm down.




That night Horatio gets together with ATF and the Florida Governor as well as the Miami Mayor to explain that the incident only happened because he had told Xander he couldn’t have any weapons in Florida and they thought he was helpless so if they allowed him weapons it would not happen as often if at all again.


Plans are made as to what type of weapon Xander is allowed to have and what class and how many with all of them considering this now to be Miami’s Apocalypse Vault.




When the trio gets back, Horatio tells Xander his weapons vault privilege is back and in the same place and with the same security with himself overlooking Xander’s shoulder and the ATF overlooking his shoulder.


Xander gives a shy grin and thanks him.






Xander heads to the Bazaar to look at new weapons for the vault and helps with a demon problem they have and frees some GHS and some other slaves as well as some scientists that were being held there.




Xander heads off realm to look for weapons for the vault.




Word gets out that Xander is looking for weapons and soon his vault is full and he and Horatio and the ATF guy have to weed it out.




Xander begins to sell his homemade jewelry while Jesse sticks with weapons such as swords and knives and sells those online.




Speed gets shot at, but with Xander doing his gun maintenance he is able to return fire and is only grazed by the first shot.






Someone from South America steals Jesse as his own as a way to get even with Xander for ruining his plots at the bazaar with his slave trade, Xander ruins 5 demon realms, and the poker circuit is gone through by the police with warrants using information from Xander finding information on him; and then ruins him and his compound and nearby villages.


No one male over the age of 16 is left alive unless they had been a slave.


When Xander finds out that Jesse was hurt, he salts and burns the ground the compound was sitting on so that NOTHING is left since he used hellfire, then he calls in help from the US Embassy to get aid to the freed slaves.


When help arrives he makes sure the slaves receive the aid needed then portals Jesse and he away home where he gets online and destroys the man’s pipeline where possible and those that can’t be done online he does in person with hellfire freeing more people and calling in more aid from the US.




Word gets out; don’t touch what is sacred to Xander.






Xander, still in a pissed off state since the government is blaming him on the near government coups going on in South America, goes looking for the next Max wanna be and finds her (and him) and destroys them taking all their ill gotten wealth away from them with the digitized imps and hellhounds then sends real hellhounds after them to teach the government a lesson.




The government sends Horatio to calm Xander down so Xander takes his stress out on the forge and makes swords the old fashion way.






Amelia and Toby start pre-school




Begin canning fruits and nuts




Buy place in Colorado for retreat like before


Buy Spain retreat


Buy Mexico retreat


Buy Canada retreat


Pay to have retreats refurbished to fit needs.




Start to buy for Christmas






New laptops for the family which can link up to the upgrades in the Hummers for easy access


Update all the Hummers including the family owned


Grant for more patrol cars


Grant for new computer programs that can link to the new PDAs he bought the departments.


Upgrading the exemplars with the new guns on the market from the bazaars he had been too.




1 million dollar grant to the pound for the care of the animals


1 million dollar grant to the ASPCA for the care and well being of the animals under their care


1 Angel Tree


Lots of Toys for Tots




Amelia and Toby get great 3 year old gifts






End of year tax time and time to go through the gift storage unit so it is time for the Xander reunion






Jesse and Xander go to India for the New Year with Ryan, Tony, and Greg, pet sitting.






Spring Break and they come back to take Ryan on a Caribbean Cruise.




They come back to find that Tony has been taken by a Middle Eastern Prince.


Xander goes after him and destroys the palace and the Prince.


Tony now has a nice retirement fund.


Xander goes online and destroys the man’s business as well, and then takes all of his money and sets up a trust fund for Tony and Greg.




Xander gets Debutant bred




Jesse takes his first head with Xander in attendance.




The lab gets a grant to upgrade the building and with it comes a cold case tech (re: mole as Horatio and Speed know)


Xander goes looking for the other mole and finds the evidence needed to get her allowing Horatio to arrest her for stealing the money the treasury agents are looking for.


Xander goes looking for the information needed to get Natalia out of their hair and finds the duel paychecks so they are able to fire her as well and still get the grant but this time they have OSHA on hand to oversee everything that is going on with the rebuilding of the lab so they won’t have a problem with the first hurricane that comes along, and to make sure there is no glass everywhere.




Ray Jr gets a part time job at the farm instead of hanging around his so called friends and thugs.






Ryan graduates with his Bs in Business Administration and begins to help Steve with Xander’s accounts.




Go to the Canada retreat to check it out for a few weeks.




Debutant has her foal, a male Xander names Prince.






Lay the same wards down at the retreat that are on the Miami property




Go to World Con in Scotland in August.


Xander illusions his hair white and goes as Inyushia




Buy property in Scotland for a retreat


Begin building






Canning fruits and nuts




Get ready for Christmas






Get new server for the house




Grant for more patrol cars


Grant to upgrade Hummers


Grant to upgrade computers in Hummers


Grant for new PDAs


Grant for new guns for officers


Updated exemplar for ballistics




5 thousand dollars gift certificate to Armani for Horatio


1 thousand dollar gift certificate to the Las Vegas chocolate store for Speed


100 dollar gift certificate to the local comic store for Ray and a raise in pay (That his mom knows about)


5 thousand dollars in his account that his mom doesn’t know about


New upgrade for the laptops for Methos and Ray so they can use them to get online for courses at Cambridge (prepaid for the upcoming year)


Bikes with training wheels sized for Amelia and Toby




Lots of Toys for Tots


1 Angel Tree




Grant for the Pound


Grant for the ASPCA






Convention of the Xander’s for end of year inventory and tax time.






A spook kidnaps Xander to his hidden bunker to brainwash him to make a soldier out of him.


Xander berserks and kills him as well as all his soldiers and frees his prisoners


Ares has to portal Jesse and Ryan there to calm Xander down since he is in pain and in a rage.


They get him calmed down and to a hotel where they further calm him down and after he falls asleep, Strife and Cupid regrow his hair out to its previous length.






The trio decide to relax by going and viewing the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival


So they head to Japan for a month to see that and tour Japan.






A demon battle ring nabs the trio as they are watching the parade in Chicago on March 15th and it takes them a month to get free, and when they do it’s because Xander was finally able to break the magical bindings they had on him and pull a Rosenberg as he calls it.






Start to work with Prince to make him a War Horse.






Go to LA World Con in August




Go to GHS con in San Francisco










Preparing for Christmas




Amelia and Toby begin Kindergarten


Ray Jr starts High School






Grant to the pound and the ASPCA


Grant for the Hummers


Grant for the Patrol cars to get new computers


Grant to get new Mass Spec




Angel Tree


Toys for Tots




He redid the presents from the year before since they were so loved.


Amelia and Toby get a tree house in the back yard.






Xander reunion time as it is time for the inventory for taxes.


















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