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Summary: John Sheppard doesn’t speak to others about his family. Not because he was ashamed, or disowned, or orphaned horribly, or any of the nonsense the rumor mill seemed to churn out. But rather because he had learned the hard way that his family, the Addams, were… easily misunderstood.
Rated: FRC
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Genres: Humor
Warnings: Original Character Death
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Series: Asmodeus Addams
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Published: 2014.11.01 Updated: 2014.11.01
Story Notes:
Just a silly little one-shot, written for Halloween. Not to be taken to seriously. If it is enjoyed, I may dabble again. It's an Addams Family x Stargate Atlantis Crossover. Partially inspired by the marvelous Caz251's Creep Kooky Spooky... Torchwood series. Not betaed.

1. Chapter 1 by readergirl1013 [Reviews - 4] Liked (1730 words)