Imagine: The List
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Story Notes:

Prompted by an ad for the Golden Girls on my Facebook feed. It's not a Drabble, more of a Dribble as it passes the 100 word mark, but not by much.

Darcy Lewis walked in to her current bosses’ office to drop off the last stack of files of the day. Jane is still a good friend, but a girl can only be an unpaid intern for so long before she runs out of funds.

Thank goodness for that lottery ticket she bought on her 18th birthday, it paid for school and gave her a nice nest egg to start off life in the real world. Unfortunately, she’d never hit that kind of win again, so back to needing an actual income. Food, Netflix and Rent need to be covered each month after all.

“Darcy, you’re doing the internal monologue externally again.”

“Sorry Coulson, I come by it honest, my Dad does the same thing.”

“You know who your Dad is? Your birth certificate doesn’t list a father.”

“Yes, I know who he is, I thought you’d see that in my background check? Do you NOT know who he is?” Darcy half gasped.

A bored looking Coulson, she can tell these things, he’s slightly more frowny than normal, says, ”If he was important, an asset, or on the threat index, we’d know by now.”

Darcy smirks and replies, “Oh absolutely, my Dad is pretty easy to handle anyways, feed him massive amounts of pancakes or Mexican food, let him watch all the Golden Girls he can handle, and don’t touch his katanas and you’ll get along just fine next time you see him.” She says as she leaves the office and heads back to her desk.

Coulson who had previously been nodding faintly jerks his head up at the word katanas and starts typing much faster than normal while doing a system search in the SHIELD files.

He pauses when his door cracks back open, “Oh by the way, I know there’s an op in his current neighborhood next week. If you’ll float the petty cash for cheesecake, tacos, and a Hulu subscription I should be able to keep him busy rewatching all of the Golden Girls episodes in order for a few days.”

“Just to confirm your father is Wade Wilson aka Deadpool?”


“Granted, save all of your receipts and I’ll assist with filling out the forms to cover the expenses, but I reserve the right to call him in if needed.”

Darcy nods and pulls out her phone to send a text.

“Dad says that’s fine, but any help that takes more than 3 hours means covering breakfast at the local diner as well.”


“Thanks boss! I’m going to head out now. Since the op is starting Sunday, I’ll either see you after the op is over, or if you call us in sooner. Thanks for the Daddy/Daughter vacay!”

Coulson shakes his head and pauses, “That’s supposed to be a 2 week op!”

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