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Reviewer: DemonChyld (Signed) · Date: 2019.11.30 02:40 am · On: Pre-Curses series Alex Dumass.

Poor Alex, those losses are brutal and being injured at the same time makes me think he was trying to protect them! Kinda hoping you write more so we can see more of cute kidlet Alex!

Author's Response: i wish more would come but it hasn't anytime in recent memory. unfortunately. but i'm glad you liked mini alex. you never know if he'll show up again somewhere.

Reviewer: goblin2142000 (Signed) · Date: 2019.07.06 06:12 pm · On: Pre-Curses series Alex Dumass.

I love how we are seeing how Alex grew up and why he treats his brother justinius the way he did, I hate that his little unicor foal was murdered. Great story can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: There's probably no more of this one Sorry but that one got stuck a long time ago. But i'm glad you liked it so much. and yeah, Justinius is an asshole, and so is Mel.

Reviewer: Cat (Signed) · Date: 2016.11.07 12:49 am · On: Writer 38

Was rereading thus series. Enjoyed as usual :)

Author's Response: thank you!

Reviewer: CaliaDragon (Signed) · Date: 2016.02.25 06:08 am · On: Writer 38

Oops, forgot to leave a comment earlier. Baby pageants are freaking weird and I agree that they are sexualized way to much. There are pedophiles who watch those for the whole bad touch feelings. 


The babies are adorable and the reporters are cracked. New news being their marriage is dopey.




Author's Response: They are really creepy and the mothers they show on that show with them are usually worse. There needs to be a vengeance demon to answer begging pleas from those kids. Because there are ones for boys too.

Reviewer: CaliaDragon (Signed) · Date: 2016.02.25 06:03 am · On: Fatherhood 16

Poor Xander. I'm envisioning the female officer as Aisha, though I don't know why. 




Author's Response: Probably not since the guys came from the movieverse and got pulled to this world. But you never know, it could've been her identity in this world.

Reviewer: ladyholder (Signed) · Date: 2016.02.08 05:49 am · On: Writer 38

I'm with you, the pagents are creepy



Author's Response: yes they are, and disturbing.

Reviewer: ladyholder (Signed) · Date: 2016.02.08 05:45 am · On: Fatherhood 16

That was fun. Thank you!


Author's Response: welcome.

Reviewer: AyameKitsune (Signed) · Date: 2016.02.08 03:50 am · On: Fatherhood 16 that cop flirting with Xander evil?

Author's Response: i have no idea. maybe just a bit tainted.

Reviewer: nchakra (Signed) · Date: 2015.02.03 06:19 pm · On: No Sane Man

I love this story. I have to admit I love all your stories. I am in awe of your writing talent. Also I am a little jealous of your talent. Thank you for sharing your stories with us. I love how you portray Severus, my favourite charactor from the Potter stories.


Reviewer: Paintsy (Signed) · Date: 2015.02.02 12:53 am · On: Daddyhood 2

I didn't catch this in the Yahoo group.  Thanks for posting it, Daddyhood is one of my favorites, and I'm glad to see the sequal. 

Reviewer: grey-shadow-horse (Signed) · Date: 2015.01.31 06:36 pm · On: Daddyhood 2

very nice :) I really like when you write xander as a CSI or agent.

Daddy gibbs is a favorit too :)

I like the pairing. horatio and xander are good together.

Reviewer: nchakra (Signed) · Date: 2015.01.08 04:19 pm · On: Lavelle Tripping Again - LIST ONLY!

I love your stories. I am so envious of your writing skills, also of your story telling. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Author's Response: you're welcome. i'm glad you like them so much. vo

Reviewer: samsas (Signed) · Date: 2015.01.02 12:14 am · On: Possessions Of A Knight.

I really like the twist of Xander using the possessions/haunting to his advantage.

Author's Response: if it had went on, where i wanted it to go, he could've sucked up someone necessary to go hunting. but i'm glad you liked it a lot. vo

Reviewer: samsas (Signed) · Date: 2015.01.01 11:33 pm · On: Threat of Twins.

Wonder what would happen if f the Tony twins met the Xander twins?

Author's Response: insanity. michael might be dangerous enough for a xander though.

Reviewer: Cat (Signed) · Date: 2014.12.29 01:54 am · On: The T-Shirts of Ballistics

Lovely...reminded how much I enjoyed the Ballistics series, so I'm rereading:p Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Author's Response: cool! i'm glad you liked it that much. and happy rereading. vo

Reviewer: samsas (Signed) · Date: 2014.12.27 09:24 pm · On: No Sane Man

Methos as headmaster (cackles).

Author's Response: Someone's got to do it. They probably decided early in the morning before he had coffee so he didn't get to say not it. & hey, creative punishments for naughty students.

Reviewer: kittydrenden (Signed) · Date: 2014.12.23 10:30 pm · On: The T-Shirts of Ballistics

You've Just Made My Christmas, Love This, Thank You

Author's Response: You're welcome and i'm glad i could make your holiday great. vo

Reviewer: Lolo (Signed) · Date: 2014.12.23 12:01 pm · On: Chaos Night

Excellent chapter. 4,000/10

I'm very confused by this.

Author's Response: It was just a silly little original piece i wrote one day. but i'm glad you liked it so much.

Reviewer: Faramir (Signed) · Date: 2014.12.23 11:24 am · On: Dressing Down.

*pokes Vo and offers cookies*  Any chance of more of this?  I like this hesitant Nick and would love to see how Greg would train him up >:)

Author's Response: sorry, no. that's all that came of it. that's one reason why it's list only and was in the files section. but i'm glad you liked it. ::takes cookie:: i could use a cookie or six. thanks, Faramir.

Reviewer: CaliaDragon (Signed) · Date: 2014.05.30 07:11 am · On: Possessions Of A Knight.

I loved this one and how Xander was so awesome and sassy with everyone while still being polite to the people who he asked for help.  I hope Willow gets the wake up call she needs.




Author's Response: i have no idea. it literally has not gone anywhere in over six months but it was at a good stopping place so i put it up for the list. but i'm glad you liked it. vo

Reviewer: faneka (Signed) · Date: 2013.12.05 03:09 am · On: List Only! Miami Connections prequel, what there is of it

Loved  seeing how Xander met Aiden and Tim.  Wouldn't mind seeing more of them in Sunnydale, before Xander goes to Miami.

Author's Response: Unfortunately, this is all that i've managed to get out of this story. but if i do get more i'll gladly post it. vo

Reviewer: Ninjababe (Signed) · Date: 2013.08.09 04:23 am · On: Sad, Grieving Blippys.

I love the twist with Coulson.


Awesome as always!

Author's Response: thank you. writing that took me by surprise too. but i'm glad you liked it.

Reviewer: gigi (Signed) · Date: 2013.08.06 04:11 am · On: Sad, Grieving Blippys.

More Please.

Author's Response: as far as i know there's not any more, sorry. i kinda miss blippy but i haven't gotten a single idea since then.

Reviewer: fallen_legacies (Signed) · Date: 2013.08.05 01:22 am · On: Sad, Grieving Blippys.

I wanna see xander vs. loki *evil grin*

Author's Response: well, if you go with the movieverse cannon, asgard is just another planet. so who knows if they already knew each other and xander planned that or was acting ahead of things but didn't expect his death to happen. i have no idea but it might be neat to see if another writer wanted to run with it.

Reviewer: white_Sin (Signed) · Date: 2013.08.04 06:26 pm · On: Sad, Grieving Blippys.


Author's Response: welcome

Reviewer: DennSedai (Signed) · Date: 2013.08.04 03:06 pm · On: Sad, Grieving Blippys.

Nah.... that can't be the end <g>

Author's Response: yeah, it may be the end. i haven't gotten hit with another idea from this yet. sorry.

Reviewer: ladyholder (Signed) · Date: 2013.08.04 02:12 pm · On: Sad, Grieving Blippys.

Oh, my.


That is melancholy indeed!



Author's Response: i warned you it was angsty beyond my usual level. ::hugs:: vo

Reviewer: dbascha (Signed) · Date: 2013.04.22 07:53 am · On: List Only! Miami Connections prequel, what there is of it

Thank you. I'm really enjoying this.


The Mayor as a bad guy from the first season Huh? Maybe there won't be an assension after all. And she arrived early in the first season. Wonder what she/they are going to do when they finally meet Angel and the 'but he has a soul so he's good now' argument. Actually I can see both of them dusting him ASAP


Would Speed be affected if he got roped into helping with kiddy herding? He could maybe go as H. Or have Xander go as H who remembers after and comes to check out his weird 'dream' alone. Or have Xander go as Mac who remembers and realizes what he got Aiden into. <g> Or avioding that, have Xander dress as Speed? Get a knowledge download, pass math, maybe see some of what Speede was shown when he first showed up. Realize that they are on the up and up and really start trusting them even more.


All in all, 2 thumbs up. and I can't wait... er... I don't want to wait for more of this story [or any of the others either]

Author's Response: unfortunately this one's kinda stuck. that's as far as i've gotten and i haven't gotten a single hit in months on this again, so you will probably have to wait for a while. though, thank you for the ideas. i wasn't sure if i was going to cover halloween or not. and i'm glad you liked it. vo.

Reviewer: Cat (Signed) · Date: 2012.03.18 08:46 am · On: List Only: Needs of the Family vs. Needs of the Masses.

Love Xander family fics:)  Thanks for the story.

Author's Response: welcome, Cat. glad you liked it. vo

Reviewer: peppermint632003 (Signed) · Date: 2012.03.14 07:49 am · On: List Only! Miami Connections prequel, what there is of it

Love it


Author's Response: thank you. vo

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