Imagine: The List
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Story Notes:

Set in my Greta Universe, canon changes for some tv shows.


1. Criminal Minds--Prentiss did join the team but Jason didn't leave. Aaron did divorce, but earlier than he did in the show.

2. Eureka--Set after season two but season three did not happen. Allison is still head of Global Dynamics.


Author's Chapter Notes:
Disclaimer: I don't own CSI: Miami, Criminal Minds, Eureka, Hercules: TLJ/Xena:WP, or Magnificent Seven.  Greta however is mine.

“Thank Gawd,” Greta says, getting out of the car the second Buck pulls into a parking lot. “Why the hell did we decide to let Buck drive?”

“It's his car,” Ryan says calmly, opening the other car door and getting out of the back seat of the convertible. He and Spencer had been taking turns sharing the back seat with Greta to keep her company, and to keep her from strangling Buck for his choice of music. Country music has a place, but not on a 24 hour straight road trip. Buck hadn't even wanted to stop at a hotel or motel for a few hours sleep until Greta had announced that she was going to freeze his car solid for eight hours and had walked off in the direction of a nearby hotel. Spencer and Ryan had exchanged amused looks as they followed her off, a fuming Buck following them fifteen minutes later when the car had refused to turn over.

“So this is Eureka.” Ryan says turning and looking around the small parking lot across from a place called Cafe Diem. “It seems. . . quaint.” he says finally, seeing nearby pedestrians looking at him oddly. “Don't seem too friendly.”

“Small towns can be like that.” Greta snorts. “Newcomers are looked at with suspicion until they start to fit in.” Greta looks across the road to the cafe. “I don't know about you, but I need something to eat before we find Jo since somebody,” she turns to glare at Buck, “only stopped for gas when we were running on fumes.” Buck snickers as he heads across the road, the others following him.

Buck walks into the cafe, the occupants of the building stopping and staring at the stranger as he walks over to the woman in uniform he'd seen going in from across the road.

“Hello Darling Jo. .” he says, throwing an arm around her shoulder. Without moving, Jo plants an elbow in his ribs and he goes down to the floor. “. . . casta?” he squeaks. Everybody stops and stares at the deputy as she continues talking with Henry.

“Ha, pay up suckers.” a female voice from the direction of the door says. Everybody in the room stops to stare at the newcomers. “Jo's already decked him.” The two men with her grumble as they hand over money. Greta smirks as she walks over to the counter. “Give me a double cheeseburger, a large fries, and coffee.” she says.

“Damn it Buck, couldn't you have waited five minutes before pissing Jo off so I could have won the bet?.” One of the newcomers asks, stepping over the figure on the floor and sitting at a table. “Thank you,” he says, taking the menu automatically offered him as Buck, moaning, gets up from the floor and settles in the chair pulled out by Spencer.

“I take it you know our newcomers?” Jack asks dryly as Jo gives the female at the counter and the other two men warm hugs, glaring at the first man as he grins at her before rolling her eyes and finally giving him a hug as well.

“You might say so, they're my brothers and sister.” she says, walking out leaving the building speechless. “When you get done eating, come over to the sheriff's office so we can catch up.”
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