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Story Notes:

I put the blame for this story firmly on Vo's snickering shoulders, she told me that she was happy I was writing Greta stories again, then she got bit by a bunny of what might happen if Vinnie and Greta met and lobbed it in my direction.

Crossover with Voracity's Chicago series, which is a Spy Games/Biker Mice From Mars/Buffy:The Vampire Slayer crossover, with appearances from Due South.

Story takes place in a first person (Greta)/third person format.



Author's Chapter Notes:
Disclaimer: Vo writes the Chicago series, she just gave me permission to borrow her characters from the series. Greta is mine, but if you recognize anybody else, they don't belong to us.

I look at the phone number a classmate had written down for me and pick up the phone, looking around at the hotel room I’m staying in while in Chicago. Grabbing a can of Mountain Dew with my tail, I open it and take a sip while the phone rings in my ear.

“Last Chance Garage, this is Throttle. How may I help you?”

“Is Charley there? Dawn gave me the number when I asked if she knew a good mechanic here in Chicago. I’m here for a couple of months while attending a special class.” I ask him, grabbing a piece of paper and pencil from the desk.

“Charley’s at lunch right now, do you know what is the matter with your car?” Throttle asks, pulling a notepad in front of him as the door across the room opens and Vinnie, Charley and the baby behind him on his bike, return from a picnic in the park.

“I know I need an oil change at least, but I’m staying at a hotel right now and can’t do it myself.” I say, “other than that, my car is running just fine.”

“Okay, I think Charley can fit you in this afternoon. She just came in from lunch, let me ask her.” Throttle says, putting the phone down. “Charley girl, there’s a phone call about an oil change. She says Dawn gave her the number for the garage when she asked about a good mechanic here.”

“Yeah, Dawn told me she’d given my number to a classmate. She lives in New York, but she’s in Chicago taking that special class Micah enrolled Dawn and Rimfire in.” Charley says, walking across the room and taking the phone from his hand. “Hello, this is Charley Davidson, did you just want the oil change or something else?”

”Probably just the oil change, but if you find something else wrong while you’re looking at it, please let me know.” The female voice on the other end of the line says, “Throttle said that he thinks you can work me in this afternoon?”

“Yeah, I’ve got a clear afternoon.” Charley says, “Do you need directions?”

“Dawn drew me a map to the garage yesterday at campus.” I say, finishing the can of pop and tossing the can in the recycling bin in the corner of the room. “I can be over in about an hour, I need to stop and fill up first.”

“I’ll see you then,” Charley says, hanging up the phone and taking Victor from his father’s arms to keep the baby from chewing on his father’s ear. “You little guy, need a bath, a bottle, and a nap.”

“PPPPPPPoooooooooooooooffffffffffffffffffff,” Vic whines, holding out his arms for his father.

“No, nap first, father later.” Charley says calmly, heading up to the bedroom.

“Charley said that she’s attending the class Micah enrolled Dawn and Rimfire in, right?” Vinnie asks Throttle as the two mice walk into the lair.

“Yeah.” Throttle says, dropping into a chair, one of the cats immediately jumping in his lap as Vinnie grabs the phone.

“Call me paranoid,”

“You’re paranoid.” Throttle, Xander, and Modo say in unison.

“Ha, ha, ha, very funny.” Vinnie says, dialing Micah’s number, “But after the military kidnapped Charley, I’m making damn sure that she’s protected.”

“Yeah, Charley’s about ready to brain you and Xander, you’re going so far overboard ‘protecting’ her.” Dawn snorts from the door, returning from the library. “I’ve talked with Greta, she’s on the up and up.”

“Hello?” Micah Simms says, picking up the phone. Lorne and Max, who had been in his office being debriefed, turn back to the desk.

“Micah, it’s Vinnie. Charley got a call from somebody attending the special class you enrolled Dawn and Rimfire in. I’m just calling to see if she’s on the up and up.”

“Micah,” Dawn says, grabbing the phone from Vinnie and putting it on speaker. “Vinnie is just being more paranoid than usual since Charley got kidnapped. Will you please tell him that Greta Logan is okay so he’ll calm down.”

“Greta Logan and Vincent VanWham, both in Chicago?” Lorne asks, heading for the stairs at a fast walk that’s half a step from running in sheer terror. “I’m going to be at the bar, tell me if Chicago survives.” He calls over his shoulder. “You are NOT getting me involved in this.”

“Micah?” Vinnie asks.

“Greta’s okay, she’s just a bit of a hell-raiser.” Micah says, pinching the bridge of his nose as the headache that he’d had earlier after a call from the president comes back full force. “She’s not one of my agents, but she’s worked with us in the past.”

“Then her calling for an oil change is just a coincidence?” Vinnie asks, relaxing slightly.

“Yes Vinnie, it’s just a coincidence.” Micah sighs. “I don’t think it’s an evil plot to drive me insane, but with Greta, we never know.”
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