Imagine: The List
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Story Notes:

Vo lobbed this bunny at me in her comments after part 12 of Family reunions suck, asking why Greta didn't have an AI put on the bike like the Martian ones. the bunny arrived full grown and latched onto my ankle, demanding I write.


Crossed with Vo's Chicago Series.

Charley looks up as a beeping horn is heard outside, opening the garage door for the day. The motorcycle pulls in and shuts off, the rider taking off her helmet and shaking out a head of familiar white hair.

“Greta, we weren't expecting you here. I thought you were in Oregon?” Charley walks over, giving the younger woman a hug.

“Yeah, I was visiting my sister, decided to come visit you guys on the way back to New York. My brothers got calls and headed back to their jobs. So what do you think of her?”

“Looking good, is that an electric battery?” Charley asks, walking around the motorcycle.

“Yep, takes no gas at all. You can plug it in overnight for a full charge or two hours for the bare minimum. It's a Dayton prototype.”

“Guys, get down here.” Charley yells, poking her head into the next building. “Greta's here and she's got a bike of her own.”

Footsteps come down the ramps, a white form launching itself at Greta. Greta catches Spike, ruffles his fur making him growl, and puts him down.

“Looking good Greta, but our bikes are better.” Vinnie smirks, walking around the motorcycle. “Is that a battery?”

“Yup, no gas needed at all. And it can be charged using solar energy. We had solar panels at the farmhouse powering our generator, we charged it off that. I've got an idea of seeing if a single solar panel will produce enough energy to charge the battery, a folding solar panel should fit in a saddlebag.”

Stoker looks interested. “Let me know if it works?” he asks. “The Council has been looking into alternate means of fueling our bikes without having to buy gas from earth.”

“Needs an AI like our ladies.” Vinnie says as the Martian bikes pull up and look at the bike, beeping quietly like they're talking to each other.

“It's a prototype Vinnie, not my own personal bike. If it was, I'd let you guys put one in for me. But this little baby can do something I swear your ladies can't. Sorry girls.” Greta says to the bikes who all turn to look at her.

“Oh yeah?” Vinnie says, his arms over his chest.

“Yeah,” Greta smirks, propping up the kickstand and walking the bike outside. She looks around, the street is deserted this time of day. Waggling a finger at the Biker Mice, she turns the bike on, a soft humming the only sound and pulls up into the street, turning at the end of the street, picking up speed before flipping a switch and pulling up on the handlebars in front of the Garage.

“NO FAIR!!!!” Vinnie howls as Greta takes into the air, flying to the end of the block before turning around and coming into a landing in front of the Mice..
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