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Story Notes:

Second in the Encounters of the Passionate Kind universe/series. Since people couldn't understand how Cam would 'let go' like he did in the original one shot fic, I got talked in to a multi-part back story, plus sequels. *sighs* Muses and Fans are dangerous at

Disclaimer: I do not own or have rights to SG1 or any of the characters there of. They're the property of Sci-Fi Channel, MGM, etc.

I'm just borrowing them for now and will return them, undamaged...mostly, later on.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Characters/Pairing: Cameron Mitchell/Bryce Fergusson

Portrayed by (opt) Cameron Mitchell (Ben Browder), Bryce Ferguson (Reed Diamond)

Rating: FRAO/NC-17

Warning: Small, light and minor D/S (Dom/Sub) play. Nothing too over the top  or too terribly kinky. Emotional Hurt/Comfort  themes abound out the  wazoo. Yep plenty of smut and some other minor adult themes including drinking/being drunk. Nothing too major, but it's there. 

Acknowledgments/Notes: Many thanks to the wonderful  Kathi  C  who  was  kind enough to help me out with beta-reading this longish fic.  *smiles* Any screw ups, errors, etc are solely mine. Please be kind though. 

Sitting in his apartment on base, Cameron just stared miserably at the blank screen of the TV in front of him. The half drank beer sat on the coffee table in front of him, along with several others that he’d already finished drinking before that one.


All that he could think about was how the mission had ended up so FUBAR. His orders had been clear from the start. It was all supposed to be cut and dry; a quick surgical strike to take out a major drug dealer, the Intel had been detailed and was rated as perfectly accurate.


He’d been in position, radioed base for confirmation of target and to confirm that he had a green light to eliminate the target. He’d received confirmation, confirmed his lock on the target and then fired. As fast as all that, things had gone to hell. Barely a second after the bomb had been dropped he’d received the orders to abort the run. But by then it was too late. He’d already fired and there was no way to abort the bomb.


He’d returned to base as ordered, been debriefed, and was told to remain on base until further notice. Apparently whatever the source of their Intel had been had gotten it wrong. Instead of taking out a major drug dealer something had changed, and it had been innocent civilians who were there, instead of the target. He still couldn’t believe that he’d been the one responsible for killing a mother and her kids. All because of faulty intelligence.




Knocking at Cameron’s door, Bryce waited impatiently for his friend to answer the door. After a short time, he knocked again, this time even harder and more aggressively. His patience was fast expiring. Ever since the mission two weeks ago had gone to hell and the various reviews Cameron had been cutting everyone out of his life.


While Bryce could understand his reasoning, he also knew that it wasn’t doing his friend any good at all. This deliberate course of action was making the other pilots in their squad regard him less with sympathy and more with suspicion. The full details of what had happened weren’t available, but the damn rumor mill was working overtime.


Growling in impatience, Bryce dug out his key ring and quickly picked out the key belonging to Cam’s apartment. Cameron had given it to him back when they’d both been assigned to this base, a gesture of trust and faith in his friend and occasional lover.


They’d been in the same class at the academy. After graduation,  on a drunken weekend pass, they’d crossed a line that neither of them had dared to cross before. Drunken fumbling had led to a night of so-so sex, but the next day while both had dealt with their hangovers, they’d sworn a pact. Neither would speak of this to anyone else, but they also would always be there for one another.


Since then they’d had times when they were both free, which was rare or that they’d been assigned to the same post. Always they had kept it beyond discreet and been careful not to get caught.


Bryce was military through and through, as his father, grandfather and great grandfather had been before him. It was almost expected that any son of the family would serve in the military regardless of which branch, but they would serve.


Cameron on the other hand was the odd ball out in his family. It had led to a number of family arguments over the fact that he’d chosen to join the Air Force, especially with the fact that his father had been a test pilot and horribly injured in the Air Force.


His parents had expected him to stay local and one day take over the family business. Marry a nice local girl, and so on. Of course for Cam, that wasn’t the life he’d envisioned. He wanted to see the world before he eventually settled down. That was if he settled down. Besides which, Cameron had always known that he was bi, not that he’d ever told anyone at home. Oh no, that wouldn’t do, especially not in rural Kansas.


Fitting the key to the lock, he unlocked the door and slipped in quietly. Closing the door behind himself, he locked it again, to ensure that they had privacy.


Slowly he took the time to look around and see what had been going on.


Spotting the pile of dishes sitting in the kitchen sink did nothing to reassure him, as Cameron was a neat freak most of the time. Along with the pile of beer bottles in the trash pointed towards the fairly obvious conclusion that Cameron had been getting drunk off his ass and not bothering with anything else.


Heading in to the living room, he spotted Cameron sprawled half on, half off the couch, and looking like the worse half of a weekend pass from hell. Shaking his head, he did a quick mental review of his own schedule.


He wasn’t scheduled for anything for the next 24 hours and was on call for the 48 hours after that in case another pilot was injured or ill.


Picking up the few beer bottles that were still sitting on the coffee table, he headed back out to the kitchen to throw them out, before returning to deal with Cameron.


Leaning down, he gently slapped Cameron across the face a few times to get his attention.


“What…who…” Cameron managed to groan out.


“Time to get up Sleeping Beauty,” Bryce said. “Rise and shine, time to get a shower and some real food in your stomach.”


“Bry…” Cam muttered. “What the hell?”


“Yeah it’s me, Cam. As for hell, well, you certainly are looking like it. So time to get up and get cleaned up. Then we’ll be having a discussion about this stupid pity me act of yours.”





Bryce let out an annoyed sounding sigh. He’d finally managed to get Cameron up and moving, headed to the bathroom, where he managed to finally help him shave.


Now he found himself stripping down and climbing in the shower with his friend. Under more normal circumstances, he would be enjoying himself, but in this case it was an uphill fight to get Cam moving and cleaned up so he looked human instead of like something the proverbial cat had drug in.


Shaking his head in exasperation, he quickly got the water set to the correct temperature before having to shove Cam into the shower and followed behind him.




“Cam, just shut up,” Bryce said cutting him off mid protest. “It’s obvious that you’re not taking care of yourself,   I had to fight up hill to get you up and moving so deal with it.  I refuse to loose you to stupidity or self pity.”


Grabbing the shampoo, Bryce squirted a small amount into one hand before putting it back in the rack. He slowly worked it into Cam’s hair and worked up a solid later, before rinsing it out.


Grabbing the bar of soap, he ignored the wash cloth, in favor of doing the job much more directly.


Shifting position so that he was almost standing right on top of Cameron, Bryce took the soap and began to slowly scrub his partner’s chest gently, taking the time to do a thorough job, without quite crossing the line into playing games. That would come later.


Slowly he worked his way downwards past the furry chest, and defined pecs to work on the flat stomach. Even as he slowly soaped and scrubbed the stomach, he teased ever so slightly at the treasure trail leading downwards, smiling as he felt Cam jump slightly under his attentions.


Reluctantly, Bryce slowly stepped back so he could start washing Cameron’s back. Starting with the shoulders he slowly worked his way slowly, steadily down, taking the time to appreciate the sight before him.


Pausing after he finally reached Cam’s waist, he worked up a reasonable later in his hands, and slowly started working on his lover’s rear. Gently he caressed, showing it the same care he would if they were in the bedroom.


Slowly he got the cheeks scrubbed before spreading them apart and gently washing down the center, trailing a finger teasingly over Cam’s hole.


“Fuck,” Cam said, followed by a low groan, as he felt Bryce start to gently tease at his tight hole.




“Shhhhh, just trust me(,) Cam. I’m not going to rush this,” Bryce replied softly, barely audible over the sound of the shower.


Still working on Cameron fully cleaned up and ready for what he planned on doing later, Bryce gently slipped a finger into Cam, drawing forth a longer, louder groan.   Smirking at his response, he slowly teased Cam, working it in and out, oh so slowly and gently.


After a few minutes,  he withdrew the finger and worked up a bit more of a soapy lather, and returned his attentions to Cameron’s hole, this time slipping two fingers in to tease him, as he gently reached around to grasp his lovers balls in his other hand, having set the soap down to one side.


He played with Cameron’s balls, drawing louder and longer moans from his partner, taking the time to fully tease him and scrub him at the same time.


“Bryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyce,” Cam said. fighting hard to stand still. “Don’t tease meeeeeeeeeee like that.”


“Not teasing lover mine, just getting you thoroughly cleaned up for later on.”


Letting go of Cam’s balls, he shifted his attention to Cam’s rock hard cock, and started to gently tease it, making sure to scrub him thoroughly, even as he worked him steadily closer and closer to the edge.


Cam’s harsh panting, as he drew closer and closer to the edge, along with his moans and groans had Bryce hard as a rock as well.


Suddenly, Bryce stopped mid stroke, having felt Cam tense up even more. He knew he was just shy of coming right at that moment and didn’t plan on letting him off that easily, not yet at least.


Reluctantly, he slowly withdrew his fingers as well from Cam’s now slightly loosened hole. “Not yet lover, soon though,” Bryce said, hearing the growl from Cameron as he realized that he’d stopped.


“Tease,” Cam shot back.


“Maybe, but you’ll get off more than once, I promise you that.”


Cam whimpered at that. The last time Bryce had been in this playful of a mood, they’d both been exhausted by the time it was over.


Picking the soap back up, Bryce went back to what he’d been doing before and quickly finished scrubbing Cam’s legs, fighting the impulse to go back to teasing his lover. That would happen shortly.


Straightening back up, Bryce quickly scrubbed himself up, before leaning in to nip at Cam’s ear. “So shall we get rinsed off lover, and move on to the rest of our fun?”


“Hell yeah,” Cam said, his voice filled with a husky growl, as his accent deepened. “I want you Bryce.”


Reaching up past his lover, Bryce aimed the shower head so that they could both get quickly rinsed off, their hands each teasing the other as they quickly and impatiently washed the soap off and got ready for the rest of what lay ahead of them.


Finally having gotten the last of the soap off both of them, Bryce leaned in closer and stole a kiss from Cam, which had his lover grabbing at him, to keep it going.


Bryce just chuckled, as their tongues met and dueled. Cam often took the more aggressive role, which was fine with him, but tonight he planned on reversing the roles, which they did every once in a while as well.


Breaking off the kiss reluctantly, Bryce slowly dropped back down to his knees. Kneeling in front of Cameron, he smiled at Cam’s startled expression.


Leaning in he quickly swallowed Cam’s still hard cock into his mouth and went to work on it. Knowing his partner wouldn’t be able to last very long, he made sure that he would enjoy it. Sucking and licking, he teased the length of Cam’s cock, even as he steadily took more and more of it in.


Throwing back his head, Cam let out a deep groan, as he felt Bryce manage to swallow his whole length down, letting out a soft whimper as he felt his lover slowly back and start teasing just the head of his cock, he fought to keep from grabbing Bryce’s head and forcing him to go all the way back down again.


Almost as if he’d read his mind, he felt Bryce swing back into action, swallowing his length back down again before starting to bob up and down on him again deliberately having increased the pace to push him closer to the edge.


Feeling Cam start to tense up again, Bryce sped up the pace of his teasing, wanting to taste Cam once more, he slowly pulled back and went back to just teasing at the head, even as he heard Cam swear under his breath, and felt the first blast of his orgasm erupt.




Having finally managed to somehow make it out the shower, get dried off and dressed, the two friends sat on the couch in the living room.


“So you want to explain what that was all about,” Cam asked, his voice still husky from all the groaning and moaning that he’d been doing just a little while ago, and fighting not to scream.


Bryce just snickered at that. “I’d think it was rather obvious. Then again, you always were a little slow on the uptake.”


“Uh huh, so why don’t you fill me in then, oh most wise one?” Cam shot back, finally feeling a bit more human.


“Well first off, it was obvious that you needed something to shock you out of the slump you’ve been in. Second, it’s also obvious, at least to me, that you need someone to show you that they still accept you for who you are.  Regardless of how damn FUBAR that mission went. It’s not your fault, or you wouldn’t still be sitting here in your apartment, you’d be in the base jail,” Bryce answered back.   “Third, and most important, in my view at least, I wanted you and wanted to remind you that I’m here for you regardless of whatever else may happen. I’ll always believe in you, Cam.”


Cameron just nodded slowly, before looking away. Even now, it was hard for him to accept how wrong that mission had gone.


Bryce let out a sigh, and shifted closer to Cam. Reaching over he pulled the other man close, and just held him tight.


After a minute or so, Cam started to slowly cry, letting out all the pain, fear and hurt that he’d been keeping bottled up inside of himself.


“It’s all right Cameron, just cry it all out,” Bryce said softly, holding his friend and lover even tighter. Knowing instinctively that this was what he most needed.




Shifting ever so slightly, Bryce continued to cradle Cam in his arms. He’d finally cried himself out and fallen asleep in his arms a few hours ago. Bryce had just continued to hold him close, knowing how much he needed the comfort of someone’s arms.


Leaning in closer he laid a gentle kiss on the top of Cam’s head, and smiled. Sometimes it was the simplest of things like this that he missed the most of all.


The stupid idiot regs forbade anyone from being in the armed forces if they were gay. The stupidity of the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy wasn’t much of an improvement. All it did was ensure that the ignorant attitudes kept going on and everyone looked at any one who wasn’t bragging all the time about this girl or that with suspicion.


Hell, he’d known since he was a teen that he was gay. But he’d never found the courage to act on it or to tell his family. If he’d told them he’d known exactly what would have happened. The tears and wails from his mother, his father would have kicked him out and his grandparents would have been crushed.


Feeling Cameron start to stir in his arms, he whispered softly, reassuring him that he was there and he was safe.


“Bryce…” Cam said softly, stretching as he slowly woke up. “I…I thought it had all been a dream.”


“Nope, I’m still here and very real lover boy. I’m not leaving you, unless you want me to.”


“No, never that Bry. I trust you completely. Hell, the fact that you still want me after that last mission,” Cam said slowly trailing off.


“Hey, that wasn’t your fault. You did everything by the book, there was no way that you could have changed what happened,” Bryce said firmly, “so quit beating your self up over that. I’m here and I always will be. Hell, you keep going like this and I’ll just have to prove that won’t I?”


“Uh huh,” Cam shot back. “You just want to take advantage of little old me.”


“Yep, you betcha,” Bryce shot back, shifting ever so slightly so he could lean in closer and steal a kiss. “Mmmmm, I think maybe I’ll just have to tie you down to the bed then, won’t I?”


Cam let out a soft groan at that thought. As much as he hated to admit it, he did like occasionally being tied up and helpless. Bryce had managed to wiggle that deep, dark secret out of him once and had indulged him that way a few times.


“Please,” Cam said softly, his voice a barely heard husky whisper filled with longing.


“Well, I suppose I could indulge you this one time.” Bryce said after a moment's consideration. “But what should I do with you , that’s the question?”


Cam let himself slip into the role that he needed on some weird level. “Please sir, I’m all yours. I’ll do whatever you say Sir.”


Bryce growled softly at that, Cam was definitely pushing his buttons at the moment. “Hmmmm so shall I tie you down and tease you till you beg for mercy, or shall I enjoy the delights of your mouth, or maybe I should just fuck you long, hard and raw….”


Cam shivered as he considered each of the possibilities but the last one made him groan loudly. “Please, please sir. I’ll do whatever you want sir.”


“I’m sure you will little boy, after all you’re going to be tied up with no where to go and no way to get loose. So that leaves me free to enjoy you any and every which way I want, doesn’t it,” Bryce asked, letting a hint of danger infuse his voice.


“So for now, time for you to get up and take your punishment like a man.”


“Yes sir,” Cam said slowly getting up and standing in front of Bryce, with his hands clasped behind his back.


“Strip boy, leave your boxers on, and make it quick,” Bryce ordered. Shifting slightly so he was sitting further forward on the couch, he made sure he was positioned just right to support Cam’s weight across his lap.


“Once you’re done stripping, you’re going to lay down here across my lap and take your punishment for being so naughty of late. If you do well, then you’ll get an extra reward later on. If not, you’ll get more punishments.”


Swallowing, Cam swiftly got into position across Bryce’s lap, and made sure to keep his hands held behind his back, above his waist so that he couldn’t interfere. He was already anticipating what was going to happen and sporting some wood about it as well.


“Oh I see, you think this is for you to enjoy do you boy,” Bryce asked sarcastically feeling Cameron’s partial erection pressing into his lap. “Well we’ll just have to see about that. Keep count and if you loose the count, it means we will have to start all over again.”


“Yes sir.”


Bryce held back a smile at that. Cam was definitely enjoying himself, as was he. Still he needed to make this part realistic for his lover. Afterwards he could be a lot more gentle, as well as demanding but he could tell that Cam felt the need to be punished for the mission that had went so wrong.


Reaching up, he took a firm grasp of Cam’s hands with one hand, while the other hand gently caressed the tight rear spread out in front of him.  Bringing his hand up he brought it down in a swift sharp blow, making Cam jump at the intensity of it.


“One sir.”


Bryce swiftly repeated the action going fast and furious, barely allowing Cam to keep caught up with the count, never bothering to hit the same spot twice in a row.


“Twenty sir, twenty-one, twenty-two sir,” Cam barely managed to gasp out, his ass feeling like it was on fire at that point.


“Good boy, you managed to keep up and didn’t loose count even once,” Bryce said gently. Releasing his grip on Cam’s hands, he gently caressed the abused rear end. “Now, do you know why you were punished boy?”


Cam gulped and considered the question. There were any number of possible reasons but he couldn’t be sure of which was the right answer. Choosing to be completely honest, and risk more punishment he spoke up at last. “I’m…I’m not sure sir.”


Bryce let out a soft chuckle at the hesitant answer. “Well at least you’re honest boy. Would you like to know why I punished you so severely?”


“Please sir.”


“The reason you were punished so badly, is because of your behavior of late. The mission wasn’t your fault, but afterwards you chose to withdraw and refused to behave like a proper soldier. That’s why you were punished. You can consider yourself forgiven by me, for the fact that things went so wrong. Especially as it wasn’t your fault.”


Cam drew in a slow breath, and let out a shuddering sigh. He hadn’t realized how badly he’d been screwing up. But now that it was shoved in his face so bluntly he had to admit he had been screwing up.


“I’m sorry sir. I just…I don’t know what to say.”


Bryce shifted his touch, to gently stroke up and down Cam’s back in a gesture of comfort. “You could have come to me Cam, I’m always here for you, just like you’ve always been there for me,” Bryce said softly. “Now just let it go. If you don’t it’s going to drag you down till you do something truly stupid and get killed.”


Cam just nodded, reluctantly at that.




Bryce couldn’t help but smile at the sight before him. Cameron looked oh so delightful sprawled out on the bed, with ropes holding him in place, lying there naked and helpless.


“You look so perfect like that Cam,” Bryce said softly, his voice barely a whisper. “Such a tempting sight, the only question is what to do with you?”


Ever so slowly, taking the time to make it a long drawn out tease, Bryce slowly stripped out of his own clothes. Carefully folding them and setting them off to one side. Once that was done, he took his time getting out the lube and condoms, setting them in easy reach and clear view of Cam, knowing how much the anticipation would drive his lover mad.


Finally he climbed up on the bed, and lay down alongside of his partner. Gently, oh so idly, he reached over with one hand and gently ruffled the hair on Cam’s chest, deliberately avoiding his nipples for the moment, wanting to make his partner beg for each bit of his attentions. His whole purpose being to drive Cam made with want and need.


Smiling ever so slightly, he let his hand trail ever so slightly southwards, teasing the hair further down as he followed that lovely treasure trail. Pausing at his lover’s belly button, he traced a swirling pattern around it, letting out a soft chuckle as he heard his lover gasp.


“All you have to do, is tell me what you want Cam,” he whispered softly. “Give in and you can have whatever you want from me.”


“Bastard,” Cameron managed to grunt out, fighting against the feelings Bryce was awakening in him.


“Not really,” Bryce shot back, leaving off teasing Cam’s bellybutton and choosing instead to reach up and gently trace the outline of Cam’s lips ever so gently.


Smiling at the gasp that action produced, he leaned in and laid a gentle kiss on his partner’s forehead.


Bryce bit down the groan that threatened to erupt, as he felt Cam’s lips suddenly part and suck in his finger that had been idly tracing his lips.


“So you want to play Cam, that’s fine. Anything else you have to ask for though,” he added in a less than steady voice.


Reluctantly, Bryce gently pulled his finger out of Cam’s mouth and away from his lover’s ready grasp.


“Naughty, naughty boy Cam,” Bryce teased. “Keep that up and I might just have to leave you hanging for a long time.”


Cam let out a long, drawn out moan at the thought of that.




“Please what Cam, you have to tell me what you want fly boy,” Bryce said softly. “All you have to do is ask.”




“Got to be a bit more specific Cam, do you want me to kiss you, or maybe you want me to lick and suck and nibble on you?”


“Please,” Cam said, with a whimper.


Leaning closer, Bryce lightly brushed his lips across Cam’s. Just the lightest whisper of a touch, even as he let his fingers trail over his lover’s chest. Brushing ever so gently over his nipples, before gently teasing them to peaked mounds.


Pressing in for another kiss, this time a much deeper, more powerful kiss, he nibbled at Cam’s lip, letting his own tongue slip out, when Cam’s lips parted and meeting his lover’s tongue in a demanding duel, as each sought to control the kiss.


Finally Bryce drew back slightly, breaking off the kiss. “I do love a challenge lover mine.”


“So do I,” Cam shot back, after he finally caught his breath. “You’re not going to win that easily you know.”


“Oh I think I will indeed,” Bryce shot back, staring down into Cam’s blue eyes. “After all, I’ve got the advantage here.”


Gently rubbing Cam’s swollen nipple between his fingers, he watched his partner suck in his breath suddenly, tweaking it a little harder brought a low, drawn out moan.


“You do look so lovely tied up and helpless like this, and the sounds you’re making…” Bryce trailed off suggestively.


Cam let out yet another groan, as Bryce pinched down even harder.


“Bastard, just wait till next time,” Cam managed to get out raggedly. “I’ll have you tied down and begging me for mercy.”


“Promises, promises,” Bryce taunted in turn, switching his grip to the other nipple, gently teasing it before pinching down suddenly and with a hard grip.


Just as quickly he released it and went back to running his fingers through Cam’s chest hair. “I told you before, and I’ll repeat it again. You’ll have to ask me for what you want. Otherwise, I’ll just take my time until you are begging for mercy.”


“Not a chance,” Cam said, letting out a low, drawn out moan.


Shaking his head Bryce decided to up the stakes a tad more. Moving slowly, so as to tease Cam all the more with anticipation, he slowly positioned himself so that he was straddling Cam’s waist, their erections pressing against each other.


Oh so slowly he laid down over top of his lover, letting his fingers trace the path from his lover’s waist up to his arms, and then slowly down his arms till their fingers locked, even as he ended up laying flat on top of his partner.


Leaning in he gently nipped at Cam’s ear lobe and whispered softly. “You sure about that?”


The answering groan that was all of Cam’s reply told him exactly what he needed to know. Oh so slowly and steadily he ground down, crushing his own aching erection into Cameron’s, even as he licked and nipped at his lover’s ear.


After a few minutes of this, he slowly released Cam’s hands and straightened back up till he was once again fully astride of Cam’s waist.


“Last chance, lover,” Bryce warned. “Because if you don’t give in, then I’ll just have to stay here and enjoy myself. Leaving you all to your lonesome.”


Cameron’s gasp, as the implication of his words sank in told him, his partner was close, but not quite yet giving in.


Bringing his hands to his own waist, Bryce let them slowly trail up over his own chest, before slowly stretching slightly and throwing his arms wide and stretching towards the heavens. Throwing back his head, he slowly let it roll to one side and then the other before straightening back up.


Bringing his hands down, he began to trace slow, concentric circles about his own pecs, oh so slowly narrowing in as they closed their distance to his nips.


Feeling Cam shiver underneath him, he suppressed the urge to grin. Instead, he slowly began to caress his own nips, teasing them slowly till they built up to their own hard peaks, before tweaking at them and groaning softly at the sensations he was feeling.


Whimpering, Cam closed his eyes and tried to ignore the sounds that Bryce was making, but the image was stuck in his mind. He could recall oh so clearly the times in the past that he’d done just that to his lover, and had it done to him in turn.


“Please….” Cam said fighting not to beg. “Bryce…”


“What Cam,” Bryce said softly, seductively. “Tell me what you want, what you need.”


“You,” Cam managed to gasp out, fighting to keep his voice steady. “Please.”


“I’m all yours Cam,” Bryce said, his voice dropping even lower, a hint of huskiness starting to fill it with equal need. “All you have to do is tell me what you want, what you need...”


“Need you Bryce, please…take me.”


Leaning back down so he was close, Bryce placed a gentle kiss on Cam’s forehead, before kissing his lips gently. “That’s all you had to say lover. Just admit what you want and need. I’ll have you truly begging later on though, won’t I?”


Cam shivered at that thought. The last time Bryce had been in this sort of mood, he’d ended up fighting it, only to give in while Bryce played him like a fiddle. They’d both been exhausted by the end of it and Cam had to admit he’d been damn sore, but it had felt so good at the time that it was happening.


“Just like that Cam. I can see you remember what happened last time,” Bryce said softly, his voice even huskier now.


Feeling Cam shiver even more under him, he just nodded slowly. “Oh yes baby, I’m going to remind you of all that and more.”




Cam fought down the howl, that wanted to break loose from his throat, instead letting a long drawn out whimper loose. “Please….god Bryce, please fuck me.”


Bryce just shook his head ever so slightly, as he slowly worked his two fingers in and out of Cam’s slowly loosening hole. He was being careful to relax his lover enough to not tear him, but not enough that he wouldn’t feel it as he took him.


Slowly he scissored his fingers back and forth ever so slightly to loosen him just a tiny bit more.


“BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyycccceeeeeee,” Cam said with a long drawn out moan, as he felt his lover hit him just right, those long fingers teasing him, making him beg and moan and write helplessly.


Giving his partner’s hole one final twist, Bryce oh so reluctantly drew his fingers out. Grabbing a wash cloth he’d set aside before he had started this, he slowly wiped them clean.


Oh so slowly he spread a little lube on his cock, before putting on the condom and adding yet another dollop of lube.


Shifting slightly, he pushed Cam’s legs further apart, bracing them so that they were spread wide and slightly up, with his hands resting at his partner’s knees, he slowly let his cock rub back and forth a few times before he pressed inward.


With one sudden, sharp thrust he pushed hard and was fully sheathed before Cam knew what was happening drawing out a long squeal of mixed pleasure and pain.


“Oh yeah Cam, mine, all mine, aren’t you little slut?”


“Yes sir,” Cam managed to say, his accent thicker than ever. “I’m yours sir.”


“Such a sweet tight ass, little slut. Don’t often get fucked do you?”


“No sir, only for you sir,” Cam said groaning as he felt Bryce pull out and slam back in, just as hard as the first time.




Cuddling up closer to Cameron, Bryce let a smile grace his face. “So what are you thinking about now sexy?”


Cam let out a wistful sigh. “How lucky I am to have someone like you, especially when things are as screwed up as they are at the moment.”


Bryce just shook his head slowly at that. “It’s still not your fault Cam. Would I be here and with you, if I didn’t believe that?”


Cam paused a moment before shaking his head ever so slightly. “No, I don’t reckon that you would be. That doesn’t change that it’s still my fault, at least partially.”


Leaning in closer, Bryce gently laid a kiss on Cameron’s lips, silencing his argument. “No it’s not. Now quit being so stubborn, lover mine. You only followed orders, and it’s the fault of the scuzball who gave us the wrong information.”


“Excuse me?”


Bryce nodded slowly. “You didn’t hear this from me, or at all for that matter. But apparently some of the information was deliberately falsified. I don’t know all the details, but our ‘friend’ is in one hell of a lot of trouble.”


“He’ll be in worse then that if I get my hands on him…” Cameron said with a growl trailing off softly.


“You and me both sexy. But let it go for now, wait and see what happens, since none of us ‘peons’ are supposed to know about it.”


For the moment, Cameron was willing to let it go.  With a sigh, he moved closer to Bryce and closed his eyes.  He'd deal with it later, he thought as he drifted off to sleep.


The End

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