Imagine: The List
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Story Notes:
A/N: My keyboard doesn't like some of the letters, so any mistakes in spelling are because of it and myself. In other words: Not Beta'd!

Frank and Yelina were talking just outside the door when they see a girl sitting under a tree across the street from the station.

"That is the fourth time I have seen her in as many days." commented Yelina.

"Yeah, I've seen her there too. She never does anything but sit there and read."

"Perhaps one of us needs to find out why?"

"What, you think she's casing the place? She comes and sits there. Doesn't move except to stay in the shade. Besides, she's not the usual sort we get in Miami. Too full bodied. Not enough tan either."

"Still, I want to know why she's been sitting there every day for the past four days."

"Then you go ask her. I don't care what she does unless she's committed a crime in the city somewhere."

Yelina rolls her eyes. "Fine."

She walked over to the girl under the tree. "Excuse me."

The girl looks up, "Yes?"

"Why do you come sit here? Wouldn't you rather be somewhere else?"

The girl gives a small laugh and looks past Yelina. "That's why." she says in a southern drawl and points to the front of the building.

Yelina turns and sees Horatio, Speed and Eric have just met up in front of the doors.

"I like the eye-candy y'all have around here. I get my favorites all the time and all together: Red Hots," she points to Horatio, "Caramel," she points to Eric, "and DC." she points to Speed.


The girl nods and smirks, "Yep. Stands for Dark Chocolate," then she sighs. "But, I only get to look at them one more day before I go home. So, I gotta get my fill of eye-candy."

Yelina starts laughing and shaking her head. The girl was scoping out guys! When she stops she grins down at the girl. "You know, all three of them are single."

"That may be, but like I said, I'm going home tomorrow. Today's not a good day to start getting to know someone when you're leavin' tomorrow. Besides, long-distance relationships of any kind don't work that great."

"I guess I'll let you get back to your watching then. Have a good trip home."

"Thank you."

Yelina still had a grin on her face as she went past the boys in question, and went to tell Calleigh. She'd tell Frank later, if he really wanted to know.


The boys in question watched Yelina walk past them, grinning like a loon.

"I wonder what that was about?"

"She probably finally asked the girl under the tree what she was doing there."

"She's obviously watching the hotness that is myself."

Speed rolled his eyes at Eric's statement. "She's watching all three of us, doofus."

"Yes, Speed, she is." Horatio slips back on the sunglasses and puts his hands on his hips. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees the girl laugh to herself.

"She's laughing at the 'move', H. You might want to quit while you're ahead."

Speed grabs Eric around the neck and pulls him down for a noogie. "Quit getting a swelled head every time a girl looks at you, and you might get one that'll stay for a while."

"Hey! Quit messing up my hair. I got a date tonight."

"Of course you do. When don't you?"

Horatio just shakes his head at the two young CSIs. He heads on in the precinct, calling back, "Gentlemen, we have a job to do."

"You heard the man, Eric. Let's get back to work."

Eric looks at the girl, finding her laughing still. He'd get Speed back for that later.


Horatio passed ballistics and heard Yelina and Calleigh laughing. "She actually called them by type of candy?"

"Yes. Red Hots, Caramel, and DC."


"Dark Chocolate."

The girls laughed again. Horatio shook his head and went on to his office. 'I'll deal with it if I need to.' After he started on some paperwork, he had another thought that made him groan out loud. 'They're never going to leave us alone about those names.' He thought about banging his head on the table, but it wouldn't help. 'Well, Calleigh won't say anything, especially around here, but Yelina... I'm never going to be rid of it.' He groaned again and put his head down on the desk.

Chapter End Notes:
Whoops! Forgot the disclaimer.

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