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Story Notes:

Amanda asked for a story where House called Chase a wombat because he was.  The bunny perked up and howled with laughter.


Takes place in my A Sunnydale kid in Eureka universe.

In Eureka , House snarls as he swings a broom at the . . . thing that attacked his feet when he'd sat down at this desk that morning. The creature runs as House chases him out of his office. A nurse screams and House forgets the creature as he glares at her.


"What's the matter woman, never seen a man swinging a broom before?"


"What is that?


"No damn idea, found him curled under my desk when I arrived."


"I'll call Dr. Taggart, he deals with exotic creatures." she stammers.


"Good, in the meantime. . ." House swings the broom back at the creature, hitting him in the behind. The creature turns and snaps at him, teeth bared. Man and creature are at a standoff when the elevator opens. Wilson steps out and stops, staring and rubbing his eyes. The man who had been on the elevator with him smiles.


"Well, haven't seen one of you in a while."


"You know what that is?" House asks him.


"Indeed, I don't know how he happened to get up here in the infirmary, but you have a wombat on your hands, and a rather riled one at that. What did you do to him?"


"He attacked my feet when I sat down this morning." House snarls. "Wait a second, Wombat?" Taggart nods. "What were you doing, Doctor?"


"Sitting at my desk."


"Ahh, a nice quiet, dark place. You must have startled him."


"I startled him?" House asks. "What about me?"


"You're the one swinging the broom, Doctor." Taggart smirks. "I just wonder how a wombat got into Global Dynamics in the first place."


House stops and stares, Wilson taking the opportunity to grab the broom away from him. "Wilson, will you check Chase's office, he was here when I left."


Wilson, used to House's odd questions walks over to Chase's office, taps on it, and sticks his head around the door. "No, he's not in there House."


House glares at the creature, "Chase, if that is you and you can understand me, get your ass back to human. . . if you can. Otherwise Alex gets a new pet." He smirks. "He can hug you and squeeze you and pet you and call you George."


The creature gives him a disgusted look and waddles into Chase's office, a stunned Wilson holding the door open for him. "Well shut the door Wilson, I don't think he wants to give the nurses a free show." Wilson shuts his mouth and the door with a snap. House looks at his watch and two minutes later Chase pulls the door open, glaring at him.


"Something you wanted to share with us?" House asks in a saccharine sweet voice, his grin positively evil.


"No," Chase says firmly, shutting and locking the door behind him.

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