Imagine: The List
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Story Notes:

Greta in a Sunnydale Kid in Eureka, let the chaos begin.



Author's Chapter Notes:
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The door of the Sheriff office slams open, Jo and Carter looking up. They stare, stunned, when they see . . .Jo looking back at them.


"No, I'm not a clone, alien, or any of a dozen other things GD has been up to, at least my version." the other Jo says, making a slashing motion in midair. "I have no fucking idea how it happened, but there seems to be a dimensional rip somewhere since I wasn't in Eureka when I went to bed last night, and I woke up in a field outside of town a couple hours ago."


"Call Stark?" Carter asks, already reaching for the phone.


"Call Stark." Jo agrees, Carter blinking when both of them speak at the same time. "I have some clothes you can wear." the Jo sitting at the desk says, looking at the dirty clothes the other woman is wearing. "Where did you wake up, have somebody run out and see if there's anything out there?"


"In my world, it's my family's farm, here it's probably still the old McGuire place?" Jo says. "We did some renovations when the family brought it, that's the first thing that made me think that this isn't my Eureka."


Fifteen minutes later both Stark and Allison come into the sheriff's office. The Jo in the chair by the desk, who'd run into the office's bathroom to change her clothes and wash up, blinking at the heavily pregnant woman. "Okay, that's the second thing that tells me I'm not in my Eureka, Dr. Blake was not pregnant when I went to bed last night." She suddenly stops, staring at the Jo from this world. "What's today's date?"


"April 30th, 2009."


"Okay, it's still the same date." Jo says, patting at her pockets then the bag that she'd brought in with her. Carter and this world's Jo had looked through it when she was in the bathroom, the objects inside seem identical to her own possessions, a PDA, her gun, a laptop, newer than her own, her wallet . . . She pulls out the PDA, flipping to a program that's not on this world's Jo's computer.


"Damn, I'm not connecting. . ."


"You're not using the Global Dynamics intranet?" Stark asks.


"No, I'm trying to contact to my family's servers. Which is the third thing telling me I'm not in Kansas anymore, I'd be able to contact it anywhere in the world back home. The family made damn sure they could find me after I dropped out of sight on them a few years ago."


"Global Dynamics." Stark orders. "We've had experience with dimensional vortexes, maybe we can find a way to figure out which alternate reality you're from."


The ride to Global Dynamics is quiet, the Jo from this dimension driving while her passenger looks around trying to see differences between this Eureka and her own.


"What were you doing before you went to bed? You said you weren't in Eureka." Deputy Jo looks over at Visitor Jo.


"Spending some time with my family." Jo looks out the window again as they pull into the parking lot. "GD doesn't look any different."


"Yeah, things rapidly got back to normal since Thorne was removed as Head of Global Dynamics and Dr. Stark and Blake took over."


"Thorne? Who's Thorne?" Visitor Jo asks.


"Global Dynamics didn't send in a corporate Head-Hunter to take over GD because we weren't showing enough of a profit?"


"That's the stupidest thing I ever heard, how the hell can you show a profit when most of your projects are classified?" Visitor Jo asks. "No, GD is working on a partnership with my younger sister's company, I think the DoD is going to bring Dayton in to take over eventually, Stark will be happy since he'd be working with my sister again."


"You have sisters?"


"You don't?"


"No, I just have two older brothers."


"You're lucky," Visitor Jo drawls, "I have nine brothers and three sisters." Deputy Jo turns off the ignition and stares at the other woman. "Nine brothers???" she asks stunned. "And three sisters?"


"Nine, brothers, three sisters." Visitor Jo nods. Carter, Stark, and Allison stare in disbelief at the visitor as they hear her words. "And our three dads of course."


"Your world sounds a lot different than ours." Deputy Jo says as they finally get out of the SUV, ID's scanned as they head up to the infirmary.


"Well, the more things change, the more they stay the same." Visitor Jo drawls as the elevator door opens to find Chase pressed against the wall next to the doors, House kissing him passionately as Wilson sighs and shakes his head. "Boys, I'm sure you have somewhere else where you can be doing that." Nathan says in mock irritation. "And you're setting a bad example for our son." he takes the car seat and diaper bag from Wilson. Wilson smirks at him and kisses Alex's forehead before grabbing his mates and shoving them into the elevator.


"You know Gregory?"


"Yeah, we're related. Nice to see he's molesting Chase and Wilson here too. But . . .your son?"

"It's a long story." Stark says. Allison hisses and stops in the middle of the hallway, Carter immediately walking up behind her, absently rubbing her stomach as the baby settles down.


"Thank you Carter," she breathes in relief. "The baby's been active today for some . . . " her voice trails off as a gush of water hits the floor. "Ohhh shit!" She grabs Carter's arm as a contraction hits. "Damn it," she hisses.


"Deep breath, let it out slowly." Visitor Jo says, quickly grabbing her other arm. "Pant if you have to."


Stark shoves the carrier and diaper bag in a nurses' arms and lifts Allison into his arms. A nurse rushes in front of him as he carries her to the delivery room.


"Looks like my arrival isn't the only thing that's happening today." Visitor Jo says as she looks over at her counterpart.


"Dr. Blake's nearly two weeks early." Deputy Jo says as she taps on an office door. "Carlisle, are you busy?"


"Just updating records." the blond man behind the desk says, looking up with a smile. He blinks when he sees the identical brunettes in the doorway. "Fargo?" he finally asks with a sigh.


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